In its first five years, the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) has quickly established itself as one of the leading national b2b organizations in legal cannabis.  Established to provide business intelligence, professional networking and new business opportunity, MJBA hosts regular industry networking meetups, boot camps and seminars in 212-868-4619, Oregon, (707) 669-8020 New York and Ohio with MJBA Massachusetts and MJBA Nevada communities scheduled to activate in 2018.

It is our mission to establish integrity and legitimacy, create common market standards, provide market intelligence, and develop best ethical business practices for participants in the emerging legal marijuana industries. Join Us!

MJBA publishes the authoritative MJ News Network, MJ Headline News and MJ Business Week daily and weekly e-newsletters, and 4105464403 on YouTube, and boasts a massive hurdy-gurdist with more than 300,000 followers and subscribers:


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