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"Know faster, Go faster, Grow faster", with the SYND mobile marketing platform. You've worked hard to build your brand, now is time to empower it using our award wining feature suite.

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No, you can search for professionals without creating an account.
No, our technology allows you to logon to any SYND mobile session and your accounts are saved in our AWS Cloud.
We have strategically aligned our solution with Amazons AWS cloud solution to ensure state of the art security for your profile (so don't worry your safe).
No, any contacts you acquire via the SYND system will be stored in your Gmail Google Drive under the directory "My SYND".
Absolutely! Upgrade to the SYND Pro account and enjoy added features such as customization of your profile sponsorship banner.
Yes, by upgrading to one of our premium packages you have the flexibility of creating multiple profiles
(Tip: Find out more about how leverage premium packages in your profile)
Your profile changes will be pushed to your community....(so don't worry if you change anything your community will be updated immediately)
SYND is Linkedin friendly! So feel free to create a profile quick and easy using your existing Linkedin account.

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