I threatened to reveal his secret.

You aren't ugly.

Tyler folded his sheets.

Maybe Srinivas won't be at today's meeting.

Stop ordering me around.


I think you're going to need that for a day.


Are you going to show me where you work?


We understand.

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I think you're better off without Matthew.

There is a bench on the balcony.

I don't think we should go outside today.

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Sjaak is sleeping on the couch in the living room.


This town is quite different from what it was ten years ago.

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It's been in there for a week.

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It is said that she is seriously ill.

Ideally, a candidate for this job should have four years' work experience.

Teruyuki is a con artist.


Rik bought a dozen eggs.

I have no energy.

It's our pleasure.

Maybe we should ask Ritchey what he thinks.

The house seemed strangely quiet.

I'll have Niall take a look at it.

This is not so tragic.

I will see to it.

He's fit and muscular.


What's wrong with these people?

I had to make a speech on short notice.

Allan said it's no big deal.

Pat is in your class, isn't he?

I stood my ground and got the contract I wanted.

He kept his sense of humor until the day he died.

Santa drank the potion.


What a night!


She visited her husband in prison.

You can blame yourself.

No one will ever forget you.

Switzerland is a beautiful country.

We did not think her loud dress was appropriate for the time and place.

Larry and Perry got into a fight.

Not a soul was to be seen in the village.

I really like your sweater.

Keep your room neat and tidy.

That would be foolish.

I like taking care of animals very much.

Where did you buy this book?

Have you ever had food poisoning?


Where are my pictures?

I estimate that we'll need two days to finish the work.

Voyager 2 produced images showing the Great Dark Spot, a storm on Neptune, as it approached the planet in 1989. By the time the Hubble Space Telescope photographed Neptune in 1994, the spot had disappeared.

Some Middle-Easterners seek more religious solutions.

May God give us a good day!

Probably he wasn't just playing practical trick on us.

I would rather walk than wait for a bus.

Let's settle this now.

Sherman said he was going hunting.

There are those who think, falsely, that video games are the source of all our ills.

I suppose you'll let him go.

People are often quite skeptical about things unless given believable proof.

Many Jews were expelled by the Germans.


The floor was completely covered by a large rug.

We're working at the moment.

See you later, OK?

Take advantage of every opportunity.

What I need to do now is get some sleep.

I had an old wire bird feeder that I used to fill often with a square slab of suet.

The old man was not as mean as he looked.

Mr Gomez didn't excuse me for my mistake.

Who does not admire Theo?

Fish is expensive.

Big fucking deal!

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The flow of this river is fast.

I go swimming once a week.

We're not staying here.

As an American, this sentence sounds unnatural to me.

She never wrote him back.

I want to fly more than anything else in the world.

We adjourned the meeting until the following Friday.


I want to sort this out once and for all.


A cake was frosted.

How much should you exercise?

Is it what I think it is?

"Lottery tickets are a waste of money." "Not if you win."

They're allies.

We can still be friends.

Orville tried to unscrew the lid.


You need to have a heart-to-heart talk with Jeannette.


Go do something else.

Sjaak was clearly a little disappointed.

Saqib doesn't remember his password.


Mikey jogs every morning.

I'll quickly hang the washing out while you make us a cup of coffee.

A lot of foreigners visit Japan every year.

You like her, don't you?

The boy is swimming with his friends.

She goes to the supermarket every three days.

Not every problem has an immediate solution.


Where is the laundry mat?

They were plainly dressed.

I never realized how much Hurf wanted to go to Boston.

Please be leaving.

Sarah is a wonderful teacher.


In Venice, there are always lots of tourists.


Tollefsen answered incorrectly.

Christopher Columbus once decided to burn absolutely everything in an entire village after one of the natives stole his parrot. He was disappointed that he couldn't burn their water. So he invented fluorine.

Have some enthusiasm for your job.

I just thought of something.

I found my hat in Jeff's car.

The chemical ingredients cause the mouth to dry up.

Kolkka and Anderson often help each other.

She had an easy-going personality.

My knife is broken.

He is nothing of a scholar.

The simplest dishes are often the best.


He is sure to win the swimming championship.

Wilson asked Leads to stop singing.

Only God can help you now.

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Clem hasn't said anything he wasn't supposed to say.


Olof should have known better than to kiss Ozan in public.

It has been the driest June for thirty years.

Jackye and Wayne agreed on everything.

He will cast me a bone to pick.

Is there a souvenir shop in the hotel?


He fell asleep on the train and woke up in Germany.


The meeting will be put off.

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You must be busy.

He is on this ship.

Do people ever accuse you of being conceited?


I brought you the wrong screwdriver.

How can I change your mind?

Tricia was desperate to defend his reputation.

A puff of wind came and blew Curdken's hat far away.

Frank left a message by means of a secret code.


The police are after Jose.

The boy was frightened, and tried to say a prayer, but he could remember nothing but the multiplication table.

I made the changes you asked for.

When you have allergies, eating at a restaurant is a huge pain.

Come over here and help me.

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Use the highest heat settings only when you're ironing fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton or linen.

I could be helpful.

Who doesn't like Christmas?


Who made the highest score?

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We'll come back later.

Doctors should exercise caution when prescribing opioids.

You need to fix it right away.

Neither he nor I speak Spanish.

He must have left.

We'll get married in October.

Footnotes are notes at the foot of a page.

What don't you like about me?

If Jean ate more vegetables, he'd probably be healthier.

Tell Hume everything I told you.

I have no reason to believe Pam is lying.


The little fair-haired lad took a big pin out of his pocket, and stuck it into the back of the Irishman's coat without his noticing it, whereupon he fell sound asleep.

Micheal has always been a model student.

Would you like to try something new?


It's a curse.


Before the race, the runners have to warm up.

That could come in handy.

We study a species of poisonous frog very similar to a stone.

You aren't serious, are you?

Jochen can't get his car started.