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Moreover, thank you for allowing me to complete a few hours of flying lessons.

The phrase "two people" will replace "a man and a woman" in the proposed bill to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia.

I think you're hot.

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He can't swim a mile.

One rainy morning I woke up to find myself famous.

Per is black.

A gust of wind blew Curdken's hat away, and he had to chase it over hill and dale.

An eyelid opens wide.

But my absolute favorite is not there.

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

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Do you accept Visa?

I can only guess that you must want one.

Her lack of money kept her from going with me.

Guido's pulse is slow.

There is no doubt that enhancing user experience is the last thing webmasters think about when they add social bookmarking widgets to their sites.

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Trespassers will be prosecuted.

An old man broke into our conversation.

How am I close to you?


Dan has the right to stay here after all.


My left arm is asleep.

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I like to invest money in interesting projects.

Can you watch the kids for a few hours?

How long have you been studying the Kadazan language?

Sam's showing us the city.

That's a kind of exploration challenge.

Donovan told Juha about his family.

That car is the best deal for your money.

Ginny and Hwa will know what to do.

This mystery has a plot twist that's completely novel.


She's a feminist.


Correlation does not equal causation.

Nobody really believed what Coleen said.

Come on, Lanny.

I just did what Elliott told me to do.

Iran is not Iraq.


Kelvin wrote carefully.

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Finish the story.

What's your favorite part of that movie?

It has to be a four-star hotel, and central.

You make it fun to come to work.

I can't go back to the way it was.


Matthias's closest friend is Rhonda.


My oldest brother lives in a small village.

I'm busy all the time.

You may go now.

I think Walt gave up too easily.

Let's keep him in the dark until we know more.

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Is anyone out there with Elizabeth?


I tried to get them to tell me.


We're not gods, but mere men.

Have you seen this yet?

Tomas changed the future.

It was a very romantic kiss.

You're sweet.

I met up with her on the street.

I rang the doorbell.


Shawn and Lex went sailing together.


Timo felt tired.


Why are you assuming Kieran is behind all this?


I must put some air in the tire.


The election results have not yet become known.

I carried three books.

I hung up the picture of us even though I hate the smile I'm making in it.


Would you like to see it again?

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Don't misunderstand me.

We went to swim in the sea.

Rodger gets indigestion and heartburn when he eats too much rich food.

Kate had a cold.

Do you have a pair of tweezers?

You have to tell Part. If you don't, I will.

Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.

I will try to sleep again later.

A child should honor and respect his parents at every age.

Where are the cookies?

You're not wearing that to the party, are you?

Linder is like that.

Thomas lives in France but works in Belgium.

Son gave me a couple of free tickets to his concert.

I'm afraid for you.

It's clear that he's at home.

It's a little too early for a drink.

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I would like to have a cup of coffee.

A boy is throwing a stone.

Have you been told where the meeting will be?

The end is the beginning of the impossible.

Do you watch TV?


It's not as if just anybody can write a literary gem.

I'm pretty sure that Juliet would tell us if we were wrong.

I call him Eduardo.


I want to be a movie star.

Arms folded across the chest and upper body bent forwards, the guest showed respect to the host.

Why were you fired?

I'll be your friend.

Let's go for a walk after lunch.

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The hotel has good accommodation.

I think everything is ready.

Being sick is unhealthy.


Workers are on strike.

I took advantage of the confusion and attacked the enemy.

What are you so nervous about?

I think that went really well.

Scot was scared out of his wits.


We should be more talkative.

It's probably still available.

The snail retreated into its shell.

Where the drink goes in, there the wit goes out.

My mother took me to the park.

Milo has lied to me in the past and I don't trust him.

They made us work all day long.

"Cuore" is one of those books whose periodic popularity will be assured whenever--as is certain to happen from time to time--the teaching of virtue to the young is revived.

I'm in a desperate situation.


I'd like to have an answer.

The girl opened up her birthday present and smiled.

Of the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history.

Every precaution is being taken.

Choose any of these pens.

Do you have the money?

It just doesn't add up.

Nothing bothers us.

You shoule speak clearer.


I've decided to leave on Monday.


Does it have a toilet?


Louiqa belongs to the postwar generation.


Marc probably doesn't know what to do.

The room is stuffy.

There are people who know a lot but think they don't know anything, and there are people who don't know anything but think they know everything.

He has mutton chops.

What Diana did was disgusting.

Who can run fastest in your class?

Who do you think will be the first one in our class to get married?

That's what makes this so difficult.

They decided to exchange prisoners.

A traffic accident caused us a lot of trouble.

I'd like to buy that, but I don't have any money.


He can't take it anymore.

Jeannie ducked for cover.

She will be here this evening.


How come you never told Jagath about John?

Let! Second service.

Beverly couldn't help but notice all the beautiful woman on the beach.

He has made rapid progress in English.

I've never liked the way foreign languages were taught at school.


They arrested Lex last night.

The townspeople like to eat thick steaks.

I met David before you were born.

It is pretty warm today.

That has to change.

You should read Rumi's Mathnawi.

I can't put up with this noise any longer.


Critics thought little of the play.

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Mike put the car in gear and drove away.

I haven't yet been told how much they are willing to pay.

I got a parking ticket.

I don't really go out much.

A kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt.

Why don't you come to the zoo with me?

They robbed the man of all his belongings.


Because this is such a highly technical subject, I would like to point out in advance the likelihood that some of what I'm about to say may include information that is incorrect.

I don't know, but I've got time before that.

Naren and Erwin have left.