Not a few pupils could solve the problem.

I think it's about time we got started.

Mwa seemed to enjoy himself at the party last night.

Deb said there was a party at your place tonight.

He is quite a gentleman.

I need that information now.

He tried to behave as bravely as possible while he was being held hostage.

You don't know how to screw in a lightbulb?

Nicolas hates me.

She always says what she thinks.


Are you planning to stay up all night?


It was almost impossible to get around on that street.

Jimmy walked to the front of the room.

You should've called them.

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I'm still alive.

Adam refused to let Theo go out and play in the rain.

We have named our cats Tao and Jerry.


If you're so inclined, sure, get the fuck out of here.

Do you mind if I join you?

This textbook is designed for beginners.


Who could like this?


Start by doing the books.

Celia told Malaclypse that she had the prettiest eyes he'd ever seen.

Think about your goals.

Good morning, sir! A merry Christmas to you!

I guess that there are fundamentalists and radicals even in the relatively peaceful domain of language...

Kathy is a good athlete.

I met Marlena at the airport.

My bag was stolen.

Life is so unjust sometimes.

The dog was grateful to them for their kindness, and never left their side, whether they were in the house or out of it.

Since it's raining, I'd better go home.

The party's Thursday.

Why are you insulting me?


You look positively ghastly.

I pretended not to understand what he was saying.

I really didn't know what to do.

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She doesn't have to say a word to make me intrigued.

Siping needs to do what I've told him to do.

I was very happy about it.

Do you think I'm beautiful?

I was supposed to do the dishes. My mother will skin me alive.


I misled him.


My shoes are too small. I need new ones.

It was tremendous.

We can't fight this.

The bus rocked heavily up and down.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.


Once you have reached informal agreement, you should enter into a contract with the other party.

I baked these cookies for them.

I'll come now.


Arnold looked through the window.

Linder won't be back tomorrow.

Don't go, Liz.

Next year I want to learn French.

Organic food is usually more expensive.


Sam is serious about his work.

I was a little bit nervous.

The fact that he was a great statesman cannot be denied.


We had so many good times.

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How did you figure this all out?

I really liked talking to them.

Dimitry is clearly attracted to Calvin.

Timo hasn't yet told us what he wants to do.

I came back to help you.

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I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Wolfgang leaned over the bridge.

I haven't yet been to Boston this year.

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Do you think I should tell Boyce what you just told me?

Dean did his best to find a reason to stay.

It was all a silly dream.


She offered her seat to an old woman.


Have you checked your calculations?


I don't see anything wrong with this.

Was the movie good?

Deborah asked me if I would be free tomorrow.


They must have seen us.


I guess I could get a job there.

Have I ever told about how I met your mother?

Chessboxing is a sport for real men.


He participated in the horse dressage competition.

It was a good example.

I'm so sorry for what I've done.


I'm glad that you can come.

I want you all to stay with me.

My suitcase is packed.


Let's get this moved.

He is my go-to guy.

She lives alone in the room.

I will only buy the car if they repair the brakes first.

Lanny says it's a waste of time to try to please everybody.

I won't let her do that.

I just want what I was promised.

You won't regret that, I'm pretty sure.

Feed the bird.

I could've done better.

Who else knows that your house is haunted?

Can you do that, please?

You've got to let me go home.

Political necessities sometimes turn out to be political mistakes.

Can you tell me why Hans came back to Boston?


Emil demanded his money back.

I know I'm alone on this.

How many have you had?

I didn't anticipate that you would be here.

We had a good day.

Can I put this up for you?

I don't understand what you see in Angela.

Morton can't even make a salad.

Olaf's father never came back home before nine or ten.


Siegurd isn't trying to do anything.

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He's a dumb-ass.

She banged the table with her fist.

I've decided to stop eating meat.

You cannot do it tomorrow.

I have to take them home now.


My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it's going to explode.


I'm going to meet her there.


Are you going to die?

That might be impossible.

I'm only bringing this shopping bag.

I should've asked.

Clark said he wasn't happy.


Oh, the train is being delayed.

My house is on the outskirts of the city.

She brushes her hair in the morning.

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Well, if it isn't Raul who comes to save the day.

I've located him.

Take this book.


Don't leave library books here.


You're so thin.

I'm not allowed to leave.

Should anyone call on me in my absence, tell him that I will be back soon.


I hope Metin will come to see me.

I just happened to be there at the same time Rafael was.

I have almost no information about the problem.

With relatives like him, who needs enemies?

Love it or hate it, this vehicle was elected car of the year in 2014 in the U.K.

Gerard felt his heart beating faster.

She fed milk to the cat.

Sorrel doesn't look rich to me.

Now I go to the market.


Sharon drove me to the airport.

I asked Marilyn to be here by 2:30.

Progress was slow.


I didn't understand much of what they were talking about.


Do we care?

This is one of the busiest bridges in the city.

What's Dorothy complaining about now?


I'm expecting Oskar.


I didn't study at all.

Are you still dating her?

Sci-fi readers are adept at hypothetical scenarios.

Tell me a little about him.

How you behave toward cats here below determines your status in Heaven.

This gas station's gas is good and cheap.

Suzanne closed his eyes again.

Bananas are a good source of potassium.

I'm sure I'll be fine.