The table's is all yours.

It belongs to us.

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Excuse me, where am I on this map?


Gregg wanted to get back home before the kids realized he had left.

When was the last time you gave birth?

Speaking your native language is easy, yet boring.

Guard against accidents.

We must be getting home, too.

I heard from him.

Who is the victim of the accident?


I'm watching television.

They played table tennis together.

Pria loved teaching French.

Morton has changed his mind.

I can't tell you how much I've looked forward to this moment.


So what are you suggesting?

Helge has decided to have the surgery.

We can go now.

As long as people are people, there will always be a stage for tragedy.

Kevyn refused to stop to ask for directions.

When it's dark you can use a flashlight to see.

Their fight is nothing but an alpha male pissing contest.

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He yelled with pain.


Seth disregarded Magnus's advice completely.


She mistook me for my brother.

You caught three birds.

Can you go with us?

The world is confronted with the problem of environmental pollution.

You are really a lost cause.

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Help us, please.

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In the process of grammaticalization, an uninflected lexical word (or content word) is transformed into a grammar word (or function word).

He scrunched down in his seat so that I wouldn't see him.

She has a white cat.


If you don't want to come, you don't have to.

Do you want to go grab some dinner?

This textbook is written in simple English.

He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.

Is the lake deep?


Sometimes less is more.

Clark Kent is the hero of the Superman stories.

He read the poem again.

This is a time of rejoicing.

Are there any questions?


I rarely walk to work.

The weather report is defective.

Nobody saw him steal the book.

I'm not at all hungry.

Is this seat available?


Pigeon racing is a sport that dates back almost 2,000 years.

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I have many issues with Gabriel's ideas, but the readability of his writing is worth learning from.

Would you please turn the TV off?

Culture is like jam: the less one has, the more one spreads it.

We're ready to do our best in order to help Raif.

There's someone here who wants to see you.


This country needs him.

You are taking your final exam, aren't you?

Rich hanged himself in jail.

He woke up from his sleep.

It's very likely that he'll be chosen.

"Math is fun." "No, it's not."

They all expressed regret over her death.


She didn't get caught.


What's it going to take to convince you?

I don't want to ruin your day.

There's something wrong with him.

You should use the paper bags again and again.

I wish we could ask Huashi to help us.

They became good friends.

By the way, what is the matter with him?

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I didn't tell them you're here.

Something about him just brings out the worst in me.

The wet shirt will soon dry up.

Please close the door when you leave.

The next day, and for many days after, Gerda played with the flowers in the warm sunshine.


No charges have been filed.


The relationship between husband and wife should be based on love.


Edwin has to do it even though he doesn't want to.

This is an error common among Japanese students.

Give these children three pieces each.

Anderson asked for help.

Have you made a decision yet?

You will speak when spoken to.

Robbin is a psychology major at a major university.

"Do you have a dog?" "No."

Father suddenly got sick and we sent for a doctor.


They finished a journey of 80 miles.

I'm glad you understand.

How long is the Seto Bridge?


Everybody knows her.

Do slugs die if you put salt on them?

Why don't you go play with him?

I missed the train.

This watch is less expensive than that one.

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Is it okay with you?

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He tried putting on his new shoes.

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Can you throw these out for me?


He didn't know what to do with the scraps of food.

Is that all you're going to tell me?

Suppose I remove, starting with hair one inch in length, leaving hair a half inch in length. Is that shaving?


I was deeply moved by his speech.

Good fruit is scarce in winter, and costs a lot.

Would you please bring up another pillow?


I've got bad news for you.

Let me see what else my housekeeper wants.

Annie asked Betsy who painted the picture.

He will always be in my heart.

I think I'm pretty good at that.


His explanation was not satisfactory.

It was a problem that was difficult to solve.

Jean-Christophe asked Dalton for change for a dollar.

Marsh seldom eats with his family.

Did you get this from him?

There's a song I want to sing for you.

Due to his impolite behavior toward a customer, Sedovic was immediately fired.

We'll be there at half past two.

I don't know what Nikolai promised.


What are your thoughts about Japan's economy?

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The president awarded medals Generals Jackson and Smith.

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I don't breast-feed their babies.

Germany is expecting about 1.5 million asylum seekers this year.

I'll be absent from home in the afternoon.

Mr Thompson has been very busy today.

Please tell me how I can get in touch with her.

Do you have a steady girlfriend?

At first, I thought he was crazy.


I know you've been unhappy.

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Now that's what I'm looking for.

I feel so pretty.

Here is the translation:

I love to watch baseball and football.

He was late for the job interview.

You're getting very tiresome.

I'm sorry, I don't speak Hungarian.


It is easy to form a plan, but it is difficult to carry it out.

Do you want me to leave a light on for you?

"If I were you, I'd buy it." "But you aren't me!"

I do not have a family.

A team of paramedics is standing by.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

This young woman has black hair.

That's the solution to the puzzle.

I didn't like that game until I started to win.

He is a good joker.

I just want to get better.

You haven't been waiting all that long.

Always arrive on time.


My grandmother has become old.

He has to take two science classes.

A lot of people in Africa go hungry.

Love is something that you can neither snatch away nor express.

Keep away from them.

Apart from his parents, no one knows him very well.

Child as he was, he worked hard to help his mother.

I can taste something strange in this soup.

Loren is going on a picnic tomorrow with Tricia.

He speaks Russian.

Randall has stopped doing that.

You've been kissed, haven't you?

You just killed me.

They want to see how we react.

Amanda wants to pitch.


Put it within reach.