I've always been a little curious about how Kusum became so rich.

I like this kind of apple.

Go ahead to the end of the street.

Rod isn't in any danger.

There is nothing for it but to wait and see.

You got here in time.

Kari thinks Herbert made the right choice.

You spend more time with him than me.

I really wish you hadn't sold our car.


She always prides herself on her academic background.

I love my mother very much.

What's the best university in Germany?

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Izumi laid his hands on Norm's shoulders.

Don't you want to ask me why he was there?

Bullying won't be tolerated.

Hunger urged him to steal.

Only she can use this computer.

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You are Simon, son of John.


It is true that she is pretty, but she is selfish.

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This ointment can kill fungi.

It hurt, but I didn't cry.

You just have to understand what sort of thing the suffix '-osity' is.

Kimberly is mad at me because she thinks I stole her boyfriend.

Francesco's pen is much better than mine.

The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise.

Everyone likes you.

This makes me feel a lot better.

I unexpectedly ran into him at the airport yesterday.

We have to stop this experiment.

He is Japanese to the bone.

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All we know is that Lewis is guilty.


We are happy because there are many cars here.

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When do we hand in the report?

It's an art more than a science.

Mason handed Vijay a box of tissues.

Rebecca is a natural athlete.

Is this a South African accent you have got?

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Why is there a basketball hidden in your purse?


Kees has to pay for everything.

Don't mess around!

He's just kidding you.

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I don't have time for reading this book.

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Your name is still on the list.

Colonel Collins was the first woman to be in charge of a Space Shuttle mission.

Monty accepted my challenge.

She's not a regular employee of this company.

Mehrdad tried the doorknob, but it wouldn't turn.

There are not many countries in the world that abound in natural resources.

How many people are still down there?


Urs knows what would happen if he doesn't stay.

I pretended it didn't happen.

Are all swans white?

Friendship redoubles joy and cuts grief in half.

Moran can't do this to us.

Amigo was hit by a truck.

Ken dreamed of Malaclypse.

Bill dove into the river to save the drowning child.

Who made the sun?

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The hunters aimed their rifles at the elephant.

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Heidi is staying with his relatives in Boston for the next three weeks.

Guillermo doesn't ever come here by himself.

They're at the restaurant looking at the menu.


The production of the automobile started in the 1980.


It has not stopped raining for several days.


Thanks for showing me around last week.

Everyone's worried.

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

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Freedom of speech is restricted in some countries.

Carisa didn't give up.

This dictionary is not useful at all.

Waiter, please give me a cup of tea.

They're going to arrest you.

You're supposed to be resting.

What a heavy desk this is!

The hospital quarantined the infected patients to avoid cross infection.

Get us some water.


May I trouble you to shut the window?

If I can get a book from the library, it saves me from needing to buy it in the bookshop.

We lost sight of them over half an hour ago.


I'm ready for him now.

She wanted my permission to use the telephone.

Which dictionary do you often use?


Duane doesn't like driving in Boston.


I don't want to sound negative, but...


The pharmaceutical company raised the price of a lifesaving drug overnight.

We found to our joy that all the crew were alive.

Newspapers were laid out in the waiting room.

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Rabin wore a dark blue suit.


Robin's a real night owl, and often does his best writing after midnight.

This is too good to be true.

I have something I need you to do for me.

Who's your favorite person to cook for?

Eileen is bound to succeed this time.

Three pieces, including a small one.

Nobody has the right to judge you.

Sir has no right to give me orders.

Kyu and Philippe said they were tired.

It is all I want to do.

Michael is holding a bouquet of flowers.

The car started to pick up speed.

Granville is just trying to survive.

My father's condition seems to improve one moment, but the next moment he sinks again.

The gates were closed.


This accident was brought about by his carelessness.

Traditional viewpoints gave place to new ones.

Jackye is still out of town.

Think studies in Germany, but he doesn't speak any German. As the German language keeps disappearing more and more from the lecture halls, he doesn't really need to.

If you question his sincerity, do not ask for his help.

To the same tune of warmongers dances an English Weismannist-Morganist called Faucet, who said that if no form of birth control was introduced, humanity was left a sole remedy only - "to appeal to the ancient trinity: war, disease and hunger."

We recognized it from your description.

I couldn't finish my assignments.

The pain still hasn't gone away.

(Implied subject) ate.

I'm losing my patience.


It's more than just that.


The natural logarithm of e is 1.


We've come nearer to the sea. I can smell it.

Roland tried to camouflage himself.

If you're sick, honey tastes bitter.

I couldn't care less if others don't like the sci-fi shows I like watching.

How long have you been there?

Takao and I became best friends.

I'm amazed that you're not bored of doing the same thing every day.

His money melted away in Hawaii.

Kayvan doesn't think there is any life on Mars.

I can't get this old TV to work.

Elaine finished doing his homework an hour ago.


Nici killed someone.


Did I put too much rum in your drink?


He wrote this novel at twenty.

Je fais la programmation en PHP.

You were right about them.

I'm not sure anyone can help.

I didn't say I was in love with Rabin.

He did justice to his talent.

Have the children eaten yet?

Set the alarm for six.

The boy got scolded.


How did you enjoy the movie?


However hard it may rain, we will start tomorrow.

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I sort of understand.

I don't want to listen to your explanations.

Julius was wearing shorts.

I voluntarily give up my salary.

I'm prepared to do anything to better myself.


The boy drew a picture on the wall.

He asked me where to go.

Comments must be relevant to the topic.

Why don't you try again?

He doesn't realise that he's tone deaf.


Stay with me here.

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein.

I don't think Dan would do something like that.


Arnold is very ambitious, isn't he?

If you want to throw your life's accomplishments away, that's your prerogative, but I'm staying right here where I'll be safe from your lunacy.

I know it's a risky business.

Do you require any further assistance?

We use words to tell somebody something, that is, to communicate.


Himawan is quite often late for school.