What are we going to do about this?

Do you have any idea when Kathy plans to be here?

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I met them at the airport.


Roland rang home to see if anyone needed anything at the shop.


Jack knows how to fly a helicopter.

Maria covered her face with her hands.

Nobody wanted to support my country.

Have you told Sanjeev about your back pain?

Chuck doesn't speak any French.

Welcome to our first German class.

Let us pray that this violent crisis would soon be over.


You are hopeless.

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They have their annual conference in May.

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Why don't you tell me?

We use gestures as well as words to communicate with others.

I know you don't like them.

The buildings were draped with snow.

They are wrong.

We set out when the rain had eased.

I'll have to tell Claude.

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Revised failed to impress the young lady.

It isn't a dream.

I have no idea why you want to part with that.

Do Scots have their own language?

The old man lives alone.

Does that frighten you?

Do you know how long you've been here?

The pilot is 30 years of age.

Both of Srivatsan's parents are from Australia.

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It's looking like a treadmill kind of day.


Sridharan isn't planning to stay.

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I stayed up late last night reading a novel.

You have my personal word on it.

Esperanto is a good language because people from different countries can talk to each other through it.

Check these papers over.

Don't you have a driver's license?

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Clifford said he was getting antsy.


Rik hates Huey, but not as much as she hates him.

No, it's false!

I attended the meeting on her behalf.


Do not make a major problem out of a minor one.

Kato's class consists of forty boys and girls.

This is your dog.


You're in love with someone else.

Butter is made from cream.

The man is starving.


We shouldn't confuse solitude with isolation. They are two separate things.


That's not good enough for us.

Don't be so worked up over this thing. It will all blow over before you know it.

Shut the windows and keep that cold wind out.

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We hardly ever agree on anything.

Don't let her scare you.

This is the house in which she used to live.

That sounds like music to me.

I always think of him when I'm alone.

Run for president.

Kolkka really knows his stuff.

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No, you don't know Java. You know JavaSCRIPT.

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She always sees beauty in the little things.


They don't work very hard.

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It can go either way.

I wish my venture would work out.

I couldn't anticipate that that would happen.

It sounds like you will have class on Saturday as well.

It was not long before we knew the truth.


Can Donovan handle failure?

Don't put on weight.

You are always to knock before entering my room.

Unfortunately he refused to come.

I advise you in my capacity as a doctor to stop smoking.

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Who would have been your sweetheart if I had never met you?

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Thuan is lying to her father.

Bob said you cut your arm.

He's good.


The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.

He stooped down to put on his shoes.

The whole nation was sad to hear that their king died.

Sergio handed Indra the clipboard.

A bike path collapsed in Rio.


All I did was repeat what Celeste told me.


A smart falcon hides its talons.

Casper promised Louie he wouldn't tell John what she had done.

Miss Baker knew that the young man would have to leave very soon, so she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, so that she could park hers in the proper place for the night before going to bed.


I hear you're getting married again.

You have won.

Ritalynne heard a rumor that Klaudia had been arrested.

No one was surprised.

A white van pulled up outside the house.

We should be there with him.

When everyone in the boat noticed the water was rising, they panicked.

I feel like translating has become very unenjoyable.

She's a bit tipsy.


Kenneth Starr abused his power again and took away my right to get on-line.

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Lukas wants you to help him paint the fence.

Sabrina pretended to be Starbuck's friend.

How much time does she need to translate this book?


He stepped up to the plate and looked the pitcher straight in the eye.

Newly developed, IT-based, minimally invasive surgery techniques are currently gaining momentum, thereby revolutionizing healthcare in its entirety.

She's up to her neck in debt.

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You should've told me you didn't know what to do.


Russell doesn't have time to do that today.

We're pretty happy.

Markku is too clever by half for me.


He wanted to publish his photographs in the newspapers.

Would you rather eat a mouse or a tarantula?

He's not always at home on Sundays.

You'd be amazed how often Micheal doesn't do his homework.

She told Bryan the whole story.

98% of hungry people live in developing countries.

The bulb has burned out.


He lives paycheck to paycheck.

Come anytime.

Kelly still seems concerned.

I can't listen to stupid people.

I'm following him.

Their first fall there was a trial for them.

She is a little shy.

There's a light switch right inside the door.

Calvin Coolidge was quiet and plain-looking.


That was my big mistake.

Dani and Kamiya met in Boston three years ago.

He had been inconvenienced.

I was encouraged by his words.

Celeste now has a good reason to be happy.

What did he want?

I like the dog.

The project is underway.

Can I have some water?

In the autumn, leaves fall from trees.

It seems like you're in a bad mood this morning.


You make mistakes if you do things in a hurry.


Kelly pulled an envelope out of his pocket.

Before I go to sleep I listen to music.

I was wild with joy.


Carolyn used to have a big house on Park Street.

I'll ask Kitty to meet you tomorrow at three o'clock.

Hello! Welcome to my aquarium!

That's my favorite shirt.

Teruyuki put on a pair of shades.


Carter looked stunned.


Why don't you lead the way?


Eva climbed the stairs to Romer's office, trying to analyse the complex smell in the stairwell - a cross between mushrooms and soot, ancient stour and mildew, she decided.

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That's the real reason Frederic ran away from home, isn't it?


The company is struggling for survival.

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We'll talk things over.


Jussi didn't feel tired.

I told Spencer it'd be no use talking to you.

I asked you last night.


This refill lasts half a year.


I used to be scared of spiders, but not anymore.

We're going dancing.

The pile of garbage is as big as Mount Everest.