He was my first crush.

Your watch is five minutes slow.

Not one of the enemy will stay any longer.

I hope we can avoid that.


Panzer wiped the blood off his sword.


There's a lot of glare.

Thank you for explaining everything.

If I were in your shoes, I would help him.


He loves being in the spotlight.

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If Grace had not studied so hard, she would surely have failed the test.

Bernard is going to buy me out.

He is being very careful.

I was out last night with him.

Rarely do I listen to the radio.


I'm trying to keep Raymond alive.


Discretion is the better part of valor.

"Hahaha! We're going to make it rain, boys! By this time next week, we'll be swimming in cash!"

I wish I could say yes.

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Just keep going.


What's your favorite episode from season two?

What's your problem? I don't understand.

Ralf handed the empty bottle to Hughes.

She advised him not to buy a used car.

Feeling himself insulted, he got angry.

The pigeon kept cooing.

She is really a good girl.

Tammy talked to Earnie in French.

Indra is going to pick me up at 2:30.

She wanted to replace her old vase with a new one.

That show was filmed in the Boston area.


It is important to maintain your body temperature at a suitable level.


I know I'm not dreaming.

The city wants to extend the road.

Lawrence is playing a string instrument of some sort.

Which highway leads to the football stadium?

He is at his best in this work.

Am I being replaced?

You might want to go.

An announcement is expected soon.

She had hardly begun to read the book before someone knocked at the door.


I wanted to believe Janet was happy.

The manager advanced him two weeks' wages.

Jiri is working hard to improve his English.


Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

No matter what we do, Micky won't be satisfied.

Les promised me that he'd clean my room.


We'll continue the discussion later.


You can use English at most hotels anywhere in the world.

Darren wants you to do him a favor.

My hands are stained with paint.

He broke his promise.

Dan dumped Linda's body along the road.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

This is a pain.

Are those people terrorists?

I'd love to know everything about you.


Juliet heard someone tapping on his window.

I heard what Brodie said.

I thought you were going to fix that.

Tareq maintained eye contact with Huey.

It always takes time to get to know someone well.


How did that get up there?


I'm going to Australia.

Vern, tell me your email address.

You must not be stubborn and should be friendly.

What else could happen?

We need to start from scratch.


Hey, you can't sleep there.


I know all about that.

I'm the expert.

Teriann can't hurt us anymore.


I filled a vase with water.

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I'll meet him there.


Oskar hit his attacker with a hammer.

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You should go to school.


My younger brother is taller than I am.


I have a previous engagement at ten.

He keeps the room to himself.

I am fighting for my future.

Cristi seldom drinks coffee.

You lied to her!

Is something supposed to be happening here?

Do you have friends in your year?

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I hope that's enough.


I really want to see Christopher.


They're very good.


Is that a veiled threat?

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I really wish I knew when Pradeep was going to be here.

We wanted to explain the recent service failure.

We kept our books closed.

Of course.

Ram said such awful things to me.

You have to go home.

Kiki angrily slammed the door.


We all saw him!

I can't say I blame you.

Where are your friends?


She's lying in the shade.

This is an operator.

What's the matter with you? You look pale.

Mom is older than Dad.

The boy filled his bag with clothes.


We saw a boy run over by a truck.

Rafael never told me he was afraid of Archie.

These two lines are at right angles.

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I guess you've heard of me.

Have you checked our store lately?

He tumbled down the stairs.

They want Johnathan.

Does Tammy have a license?

Can you explain it to me?

We're hiding.

I'm trying to get you to focus here.

She was profuse in praises.

The locking mechanism has jammed.

Surely you told somebody.

Clayton might be able to tell us how to do that.

I went for a walk in the park.

I don't take it personally.

It's going to cost you a lot more to stay at that hotel during high season than during low season.

Apparently, Wilmer is the one who did that.

They said Maurice was happy.

Remember that boys who insist on having their own way, sooner or later come to grief.

Listen carefully.


I doubt Gene would be that stupid.


Little did I dream of my success in this business.


I told you not to tell Hector.

Wood doesn't grow on trees.

I pretended that I was sleeping.

Mars' equatorial radius is a factor of 0.533 of Earth's.

Allow me to introduce to you my friend Yamada.

Ross was quiet, polite and respectful.

Can you write?

The enemy has demanded our surrender.

Do you think Susanne likes Torsten?


Stop bad mouthing him.


Hundreds of unemployed men sleep there day and night.


Toft was wearing a black coat.

Cristina got in his car and started the engine.

Have you discussed it with Herve?

No dramatist can compare with Shakespeare.

She had her baby drink some milk.

Pratt can't have been all that surprised.

You can put it down now.

We need to buy some dog food.

The store closes at eleven.

I will eat the meat.

I don't know where this belongs.

One of the visitors cried out to obstruct the proceedings.

Carol returned to her hotel.

You'd better take it.

They change everything.


He ceased talking suddenly.

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Everything Gil did, Devon criticised.

We don't want to be a bother.

As soon as she hugged him, he felt a severe pain.

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I asked him to help.