Code Expert Products & Services

Code Expert offers out of the box solution for you business needs with our standardized models. We have models related to procure to pay processes, enterprise asset management, capital projects and management of change (MOC). We have the capability to create models for any aspect of business.


Visualize work flow, repetitions, & loopbacks to help identify inefficiencies & bottlenecks.


Slice & dice attribute transactions (location, plant, person) and get deep insight into your processes.


Analyze core processes & remove unwanted costly steps in your process.

Products & Services

Code Expert is the key to success!

Our products are specifically designed to reduce process costs, improve efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction.

At Code Expert, we deliver software that helps you see into your business process so you can improve and adjust your business processes as your organization adapts to an ever-changing environment.

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What Are People Saying About APM?

“This is the way of the future”

“It costs us less to use Code Expert and APM for reporting than to build reports internally”

  • Process analytics and efficiency improvement
  • Fraud detection and e-forensics
  • Automated auditing tools
  • Process mining

Who we´ve worked with

Employee Training and Change Management

Our software can be used to show you where employee training has been effective and where additional work is required. Recently changed something at your company? We can also monitor the effectiveness of your change management programs.

Master Data Improvement

APM allows you to identify areas of improvement within your master data. Our software helps you visualize both the quality of the data and how it affects your business activities.

Crisis Prevention

APM gives you a real-time visualization of issues in your process. We give you the ability to prevent issues and reduce transaction costs.