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Water slides are the cheaper option rather than going out to the beach to freshen up. One set of inflatable water slides may cost a few hundred dollars. But you should be able to use it in the next few summers to come.Besides, it is the next best altern ...more

2013-06-01 How to Plan Activities for Kids Headache for Kids’ Activities? Try the inflatables.

Are you anxious about the birthday party for your kid’s 7years old party? Are you contemplative on what events should be held for the Children’s Day in your primary school? Don’t need to be worry. Making plans for childr ...more

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Using the inflatable balloon is a new way of reach your commercial purpose which targets to gain more popularity. We can see the inflatable balloons in many places outdoor and their vivid colors and their size can easily attract our attention. It is obvio ...more

2011-06-07 We make friends with South Korea Customers.

One of our South Korea customers visit our factory together with his wife in Shanghai, we show them around our factory, and entertain them with many delicious Chinese foods, after that we take them to visitThe Bund in Shanghai, when they leave our factory ...(289) 216-4487

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