It was very difficult.

Hillel said it was all like a dream.

I was on my way to see him.

Every year we receive greeting cards painted by mouth.

Horses don't like buttercups; they just leave them in the meadow.

Apples are the best fruit.

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You're organized.

The first air striking unit consisted of 50 Zero fighters, 40 torpedo bombers and 81 dive bombers.

I thought we had a great relationship.


I would like shoes like that.

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This is a song which is popular now.

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Torajiro made it clear that he was in love with me.


Ric could've done it.


Look at Giles move.


Toft will never consent.


We're not really sure.

Last time he told me he'd lend me that book the next day

They were for the most part young girls.


You're kind of scary.

What examples of behaviour would you consider typically masculine?

My father gave up smoking.


Which one is the correct file?

Can you stay long?

He's acting on his own.


His splenetic father threatened to spank him if he didn't behave himself.

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Did you let him know about our little get-together this evening?

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He's more popular than me on Facebook.

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I've had it up to here with you guys.

I'm having some problems compiling this software.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

I'm supposed to be in Boston today.

We always talked about a lot of things after school.


Why do you hate him?

I thought you were going to go with us.

I had to consider what might happen.

A Mr. Jones has come to see you.

Accuracy and finish will become more important than high rates of metal removal for 95 percent of all machining operations.

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Does that mean we're in trouble?

Claudio is busy running an errand for his father.

What's your favorite computer game?


He made over the estate to his children.

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You look older.

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Boyce looked awful.

What's your size?

Laurel was afraid of being captured by the enemy.

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She tends not to show her feelings.


He tried not to think about what he had just done.


What are ye doing?

We're going to have a party tonight.

You didn't pay.

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This book was originally written in French.

Connie was just about to leave.

Sergei eats breakfast every morning.


At this time tomorrow, he'll be speaking with his family.

I don't blame you for doing that.

The woman stands before the library.

Was I really boring?

Why does everyone think that old people smell like prunes?

His nerve staggered me.

I saw Bradley again last night.

Every seat in this tube is taken.

Many kinds of birds live in Japan.

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Dean was just trying to be friendly.

We played poker the entire day.

The proposal was formally accepted at a plenary session of the association.

I'm going upstairs.

"Do you have anything to do?" "Nothing in particular."

He hid himself behind the door.

Ralph was very mean to Rodent.


What's more useful, the sun or the moon? The moon, of course, it shines when it's dark, but the sun only shines when there's light.

Hughes did it willingly.

If I don't go, who will?

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Can she see me?

We gave the first step, now we just have to keep going.

I'll stay right where I am.

A beautiful valley lies behind the hill.

Lars walked into his messy apartment.

What did you mean in that email you just sent?

Can I buy a ticket for the concert here?


We're hopeless.

It's the first time I've ever written a letter in Spanish.

I'm not the one who volunteered to help.

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I would like to address two questions.

Steve is the owner of the company.

Do you want to hear my theory?

The professor ordered some new books from New York.

We discussed the topic at length.

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His parents did not sympathize with his hope to become a journalist.

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The beauty is beyond description.

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I have a few more questions I'd like to ask you.

Supervise your own children.

I pwn noobs.

Indra borrowed a large amount of money from Nigel.

I'll finish up.


I think that would be fun.

She was impatient to know his address.

I'm not confident that I can translate this book.

Knowledge is nothing; imagination is everything.

Heather spent a very enjoyable hour watching his grandson playing on the equipment at the shopping mall playground.

I know nothing but this.

Mother is making him a cake.


She worked so hard that eventually she became ill.

I'm about to pee.

I was able to answer the question correctly.

She is often absent without leave.

The child of today is the man of the future in the making.


I'm up to the ears in debt.

I always say that.

It has happened before and it will probably happen again.

This ought to help.

Drew learned how to play golf while he was living in Australia.

Ed sings beautifully.

You idiot! I swear! Screw this up one more time and it will be no more "Mr. Nice Guy". Capiche?

It's brutal.

Nicolette didn't know Sehyo had a sister.

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Ram is sound asleep in bed.

Isn't that what you expected?

I said I'd help.


It worked every time.

Something just came up.

Kristy Anderson is the wife of Larry Ewing.


The matter of his successor is still under debate.

I wondered what had happened to you.

Cole looks out of place.

It was cloudy, with occasional rain.

Nothing special happened today.

Nhan often tells people I'm his wife.

All are concerned with changing the role of women in contemporary society.

Does Randall teach history?

As strange as it may sound, what Brett said is what really happened.


Is my sentence in Esperanto correct?

Urs was so nervous that he almost threw up.

I don't have any children yet.

Mat told me not to tell you anything.

You have mail.

You're scary!

I am waving at her, but she's not looking.

Donovan died in a car accident.

Pick a card.

We call a sandwich "Butterbrot."

There were a hat and a coat on the wall.

You must be very worried about Brent.

He walked the batter intentionally.

It's flu season.

He's cooking now.


I appreciate the support.


What's up with you and her?

I caught him stealing the camera.

It is said that there is no life on Mars.

The hen is hatching her chicks.

I wonder which country will be the first to censor Tatoeba.

There is a tinge of red in the eastern sky.

Learn something new every day.


It is likely to rain soon.

The Italian paid for his coffee in Germany with Greek euro coins.

I can teach English.

The doctor says that I'll never be able to swim again.

She was a bubbly twenty-year-old brunette.