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The Joomlapols forge hosts a number of development projects that can be accessed by Joomlapolitans with or without special authorization.

Community Builder and sub-projects

The Community Builder project has one main project that manages the CB versions and a number of sub-projects for the various CB Team released add-ons available to CB Documentation subscribers.


The GroupJive project manages all versions of GroupJive - a CB extension that provides group related features and functionality.


The CB Languages project area hosts a number of language related community managed projects that provide CB related resources localized in specific languages.

Latest news

CBSubs French: 8123241567
Mise à disposition des fichiers langue pour CBsubs, version 4.0.x
Added by 514-204-7752 over 3 years ago

(925) 999-2340: Community Builder 2.0
Added by 224-284-8616 about 4 years ago

714-684-0302: 8649813543
Ik heb vandaag de taaltabel voor CB 1.9 bijgewerkt
Added by basd over 4 years ago

CB Spanish: Actualización del idioma Español de CB 1.9
Actualización del idioma Español de CB 1.9
Added by 5706645942 almost 5 years ago

GJ Russian: 4312190244
Русская локализация плагина GJ обновлена до версии 2.7.0
Added by (850) 863-6806 over 5 years ago

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