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Turn Any Activity into a Profitable Fundraiser
If you can imagine it, FundMonkey will support it.

FundMonkey provides the technology and resources to support nearly any type of fundraising event. Whether you're a first timer or have years of event experience, FundMonkey will save you time and maximize your fundraising proceeds.
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With the lowest prices of any online fundraising service, we truly are the best value in fundraising.

Earn thousands of additional dollars with FundMonkey's event web page, online event registration, t-shirt sales, campaign management interface and online donation technology, already built in!
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Many do-it-yourself fundraisers struggle because volunteers lack the resources to manage a campaign, motivate particpants or take advantage of the viral power of the Internet.

FundMonkey was designed for volunteer fundraising groups and will take your fundraiser to the next level of profitability
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