To support Cantonian people in their noble struggle against Han Chinese racists is what all the honest people should do.

Emma is speaking in Dutch! I didn't know he knew this language.

It's a Labrador retriever.

He began to cry loudly.

Come a bit closer.

I'm a fairly fast swimmer.


Did you get to meet her?

Mayuko appears wise.

He was deeply agitated by the news.

I suppose we could do that.

It can be a little confusing.


We could say that both of those balls are the same weight.

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One of the two has to leave.

Why are they teaching this in schools?

The color went beautifully with her hair.


It's no use trying to persuade Gunnar.

He may be a genius.

Ernst usually wears sunglasses even when it's not so bright.

We never stood a chance.

He got up and went away.

The publisher gave my proposal a chance.

Sixty-five, and that's my final offer.

I'd like to sail around the world.

When it comes to disco dance, I can't hold a candle to Susan.

We still have a chance.

We've been trying to contact you all week.


We can discuss this later.

You should have said yes.

I love both of them.


It's time for bed.

How did you get your job?

I want you to go to your rooms and lock the doors.

Before taking a journey, I got a haircut.

Freedom is a state of mind.

I did something wrong.

A dolphin is a mammal species.

You put things well.

Dennis's dying wish was that his son should inherit everything.

My cat doesn't like to get wet.

Trey wondered how many more people could fit into the elevator.

Peter arrived too late.

Don't want you to hurry, but let's take the next bus.

One day, while I was playing with my cat, I finally bit his ear.

No matter what, don't tell Marguerite.

Be quiet and listen to me.

I let Gordon sleep until noon.

It's just like Meg to act that way.

I think I can sing fairly well.

Andries led the way out of the cave.

After it was all over, Manjeri lived quietly in a small apartment overlooking the Mediterranean.

Don't try to pretend you're innocent.

Did you carry out your plan?

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Lana doesn't have a landline.

I had it made after my own plan.

They'd like sandwiches, salad, and juice, also.

The sun scorched the land and withered the crops.

I can't believe we've never done this before.

Page will stop us.

I told him not to tell you.

If you want your sentences to be translated, your best option is to write them in English.

It is not in the immediate vicinity, but not far away either.


Give him a second.

There's no reason why I should become a physician because my father is one.

Two beers please.

We make a great couple.

I refuse to answer such a stupid question.

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I found the book by accident.

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Let's find out who stole our money.

I'll come with them.

I see son's mother.


Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.

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Dan bought a new computer.

The crew is busy preparing for the voyage into outer space.

Wow, Daniel has put on a lot of weight since the last time I saw him.

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I'll call Kris up in a few minutes.

The game ended in a draw, and the final score was 2-2.

She was annoyed to be kept waiting.

Walter almost never gets scared.

I agree with everything you've said.

If I had known his address, I would have written to him.

Does this come in any other colour?

Tell Kamiya what Carisa asked you to tell him.

After the concert, the crowd made for the nearest door.

Manuel took out a business card and handed it to Curt.

Thad didn't give Carisa a choice.

I learned it in school.

May I have the menu and the wine list?


He is no longer full of activity.


You must promise to keep your promise.

There was a savour of bitterness in his voice.

Are you offering to help?

England is the home of the English language.

It doesn't take long to get to his house.

You handled that well.

Jos caused this mess.


Tuna drove to the store and bought three cans of insect spray.


Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams sang "shlemiel, schlemazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated" in the theme song "Making our Dreams Come True" for the television show "Laverne and Shirley," a popular American sitcom in the 1970s.

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I told Mongo to swim a little every day for exercise.


Tandy didn't have a brother.

I have no wish to see the man again.

When my old man kicked the bucket last month, he left me only enough money to pay my debt with.

There is no access to the building from this direction.

Skip reached for a pen.

Ricardo and Edith are playing 500 Rum.

I've got a queen of hearts.

I'm seeing her this afternoon.

He makes wine from grapes.


We were dead tired from the five-hour trip.

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That's against the law.

Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.

I'm not telling you anything.

The furniture was covered in dust.

You rewrote it, didn't you?


You should apply to Microsoft for the IT job.

Its origin and purpose is still a total mystery.

What Shakil ate almost killed him.


A tall building was built next to my house.

It's very easy to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, but reading fluently texts written in Cyrillic characters is quite difficult for those who are just starting to learn Russian.

We are here just for a spell and then pass on. So get a few laughs and do the best you can. Live your life so that whenever you lose it, you are ahead.

He really turns me on.

I took a trip to Tokyo.

Pamela doesn't plan to go to Lee's concert.

I was forced to sign my name.

Many people would like to be motivated, innovative, thinking beings if they only get the opportunity.

His family moved into a new house in the suburbs.

Kylo can carry his own weight.

We consider him to be honest.

Let him go hungry.

You have got it.

Come on, I'll give you a ride home.

Phill spent a lot of time trying to learn how to play the French horn.

Take it down a notch, Bob.

They can vouch for Jackye.

Mah is an old acquaintance of mine.

How do I explain that to him?

Mayuko came directly home.

We need to find out what's wrong with Tollefsen.


What part of "Be patient" don't you understand?

Brooke is anxious to know the result.

Stevan agreed to hand over his gun to the police.

Chemistry isn't the only thing that stinks.

You're the only one who can save Hartmann.

Walk every day.

He became world famous.

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The time will come when she will regret what she has said.

The boy was always reckless of danger.

This is my idea.

Hein wasn't expecting any of this.

Betty is my older brother.

The thunderstorm produced a lot of lightning.

The rain prevented us from finishing our game of tennis.


Where would you like us to put these supplies?

You can't come in.

I can hardly hold my own against his daring.

My companions were all asleep.

My father is to arrive in Honolulu at 4:30 p.m.

Seth is already up.

At the end of the sentence one should put a period.

Yumi's hobby is singing popular songs.

Some people don't know how to respect others.

Joshua is almost as old as I am.

Jitendra is working on it now.

He received a sizable advance for his book.

We're going to come again.

Terrence felt around the floor on his hands and knees, trying to find Dion's earring.

What did this Melinda say?


She uncovers the little plastic tortilla holder so gracefully. It's little things like that that are so cute about people.


I just realized that I'm quite ignorant about the world.

People don't say that anymore.

You have to do what you think's right.

We've brought you a surprise.

I have some things I have to do.