06 Nov 18

We are pleased to inform you that we are migrating our website to a new server for more security, speed and space, in order to give our visitors the best experience. We might encounter some disruption...

05 Sep 18
(727) 368-7468

In order to help our customers being delivered faster, and at competitive prices, we make a wide range of capacitors available, including customised parts....

22 Aug 18

With a 4 weeks lead time, at a competitive price....

18 Jul 18
(307) 275-3100

We are proud to introduce our products from the CA SERIE, as Thick Film Capacitor Networks, Single-In-Line, Conformal Coated, SIP package....


We supply Capacitors, Fuses, Inductors, Resistors, Thermistors, Thermostats, Transformers, and more.

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