Can Tatoeba help minority languages?

These are two pictures with a nice frame.


I brought you some cookies.

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I'm the one who rescued Josip.

I promise that I'll take care of Part.

Jochen told Oliver to clean her room.

Damn, my wheat pillow is sprouting.

Kim and I are the same age.

Jack can't afford a new bicycle.

Nobody knows that.

We will keep the peace at all costs.

You're drunk, Raul.


She seldom, if ever, goes to movies by herself.

Which of them can sing better?

To all appearances, he is a man of learning.

I feel kind of hungry.

Only after a century and a half of confusion was the royal authority restored.


She made me a cake.


Michael didn't stay there very long.

Mom wasn't a good mother.

That's what you think.

Samuel says he's going to beat you up.

Tomorrow's my day off.

I have a message for you.

I forgot who said that.

I disposed of all the books.

The settlers accepted the Indians' help.


I parked my car by the gate.


Jarvis hasn't talked to her mother yet.

What is in this box?

It's too painful.

Is everything all right?

We know the city well.

This was quite primitive compared to that.

You learned English from Miss Long, didn't you?

We never forget.

It's not your problem, anyway.

It's as clean as a whistle.

Ned wants us back at the office.

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Peace-keeping troops moved in to restore calm after the battle.

Conrad didn't like living in the city.

I like to take a hot bath every night before bed.

The glory of New York is its museums.

He continued to walk in the rain without putting up his umbrella.

Are you domineering?

The giant plane screamed down in an almost vertical dive.


He refuses to accept that he is old.

The readers cannot ascertain whether the news is true or not.

You speak fluent English.

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What should we say?

This battery is rechargeable.

You should come back to Boston.

He didn't buy it.

He was scared you would shoot him.

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"Why are you duct-taping that cheeseburger to the wall?" "It's a form of art."

The set of prime numbers is countable.

The artifact discovered at the archaeological site should be treated with utmost care.

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Isn't it enough for you?

It's very likely that the bus will be late. Why don't we call a taxi?

I'll discuss the matter with Hunter.

My parents used to read me stories when I was a little boy.

This here sentence consists of seven words.

Carole has no friends to play with.

Please bring me a big glass of water!

My friend died from an injury.

You're not dogs.

We're going to be here all afternoon.

The sun is larger than the moon.


Would you mind paying this time?

I don't understand how Scot could do this.

Can you give motivation to people using the carrot and the stick?

Wife and children are hostages given to fortune.

Can you make a copy for me?


We ordered some new books from abroad.

The train was seen to come into the station by me.

I told Hirotoshi how talented you were.


I thought Christophe would stop by.


You're more beautiful than ever.


None of the boys paid any attention to Jean-Pierre.

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Corsica.

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He heard a very small voice.

Do these books belong to you or to me?

"May I use your telephone?" "By all means."

They had been defeated in battle.

It is agonizing for America to lose our young men and women.

Max made a very big mistake, didn't he?

I saw her for a moment, but then lost sight of her in the crowd.

Les got a job.

I have seen the picture before.


I left my briefcase in the bus.

Is Edmund ready?

What have you concluded?

It happened on Halloween night.

I don't plan on being a waiter all my life.

This is the first time I've baked a cake.

Translators are responsible people who interpret.


Don't look at me that way.

In Japan you can always catch a cab, day or night.

No, I do not watch CNN.

Are you using that?

The man is sitting on on the other side of the stream.

I'd like to know more about Sehyo.

I haven't eaten anything today.

We live by the sea.

I'm not saying this to hurt you, but it's the truth.


I might ask the same question again.

She lost her handbag.

A man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry.

There's been quite a series of accidents lately.

Can you imagine the world without money?

We discussed the topic at length.

These apartments are designed specifically for young families.

I had a difficult time in Mexico because I couldn't understand all of the Spanish.

At the dinner party he insisted on my making a speech.

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Dick looks pretty drunk.

I won't let them escape.

Ro needed three stitches.

We couldn't open the door because it was locked from within.

We were undefeated.

You're a good girl.

You need new clothes.

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Am I included in the team?

I don't scare that easily.

She had never kissed a boy before.


We've got a witness.

Christophe's girlfriend's name is Maria.

The economic situation is very bleak.

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These shoes belong to him.

Herbert has tried everything.

She was making tea.


You can't blame a guy for trying.

She's great in bed.

Mosur grabbed his guitar and headed for the door.


Come what may, I shall never change my mind.


Please have patience.

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My father thinks that he's always right.


Don't get mixed up in that.


He has been struck by lightning three times.

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It is wrong to think that men are superior to women.


Sjaak heard Marguerite scream.

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Jingbai turned the TV off.


I want to be there when you tell Ed that.


I am ashamed to say that the job is not finished.

My mom makes me some coffee and then I leave in time to catch the bus.

This is a flamethrower. It throws flames.


Tell me all about it.

She felt so bad for the old lady.

This is the 10 o'clock news.

You must really be proud of yourself.

Is Soohong well?

Norman felt something was wrong.

Be ambitious, children.

I think it's a good investment.

I'll never overlook your mistakes again.

This is very impressive.

I told him I got fired.

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The Senate drafted a resolution.

Rolf looked miserable.

Jerrie demanded a refund.


You need to see a shrink.