An Evolution in the Exchange of Learning.

Fast and Secure Transactions

Quickly send AEM on the reliable Atheneum network.


Provide additional privacy and security.


Earn rewards for validating and processing Atheneum Blockchain transactions and blocks.

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A decentralized method to determine how to best allocate funds for development on an ongoing basis.

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Atheneum’s Blockchain features a sophisticated platform capable of producing Decentralized Applications (dApps).

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A medium through which content can be bought and sold, giving $AEM real-world utility.

Recent News

EmberCoin Wallet Update – v1.1.5.6

Although this patch may seem to be a smaller one, it can arguably be one of the most important. In a previous release, our team attempted to reengage Proof-of-Work in order to provide a smooth swapping process. Unfortunately, that…

(757) 897-2512

Buckle in with our latest project update. First, we’ll be discussing the swap, hurdles with the Ember Blockchain, and our Atheneum wallet progress. These 3 topics are affected by the timing and completion of the others. Further, our team also continued conversation about…

AEM Social Media

Follow us and join the Atheneum community on social media. Easily stay up to date via platforms you use on a daily basis, conveniently share our project and news on your feeds, plus you can join the conversation and have your say, too. These days, social media is a powerful tool…


About Atheneum


ATHENEUM is building a Knowledge Exchange where teachers and students can connect through innovative educational experiences that prepare learners to participate in the workplaces of the future. Read more


ATHENEUM is a community full of talented and passionate coders, developers, marketers, researchers and investors with a vision of what education should be. Read more


ATHENEUM’s masternode holders will be our board of trustees. They will vote on funding for improvements to the educational platform and incentives for content creators. These investments will strengthen the community and bring enhanced value to all holders of $AEM. 2155407289


ATHENEUM is the world’s first DALO, or Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization. We will put the power of the DAO model to work to help solve problems. Read More


A masternode is like a regular node, but one that has increased capabilities and are utilized to perform unique functions regular nodes can’t. These privileged functions include execution of instant and private transactions, increased safety to the network, and creation of a decentralized governance with proposal and voting systems. You can own a masternode by using $AEM as collateral, and in return, you will receive block rewards for helping provide these services to the network.

Improved Network Security

Each Masternode increases privacy protection, improves network reliability, and provides instant transactions.

Decentralized Governance

Masternode operators have the ability to vote on various budget and development proposals.

Passive Income

Earn AEM for confirming transactions and processing blocks .

Atheneum Blockchain Wallet

Download the latest AEM wallet client

Learn more about the AEM wallet by visiting our 214-953-2237

Development Progress

How our development is coming along

  • Wallet development 80% 80%
  • Atheneum development 25% 25%
  • Blockchain 80% 80%
  • Exchange implementation 20% 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atheneum?

Atheneum is a cryptocurrency developed by the community that brings an educational content platform to the blockchain.

What makes Atheneum unique?

Atheneum is driven by a community that came together to disrupt a massive industry by providing immutable security and storage for conventional and unconventional education. The Atheneum blockchain creates a decentralized marketplace where educators are encouraged to contribute content while retaining control over that content both in ownership and revenue with no third-party leeches.

How can I buy Atheneum?

We are working torwards listing Atheneum on cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as possible.

Where can I store Atheneum?

You can store your Atheneum in the Atheneum wallet or on the exchanges in which Atheneum is sold. We recommend to store Atheneum in your own Atheneum encrypted wallet on a personal and secured computer.

What is staking?

You are rewarded for keeping some of your coins at the same address for a period of time because leaving your wallet online supports the blockchain and helps the network.

Exchange Information

We are working torwards listing Atheneum on cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as possible.

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