The TEAL Task Force is a fast responsive service to deliver unique, high quality hot water hand washing facilities on a next working day basis.

Portable sinks to buy
Hand washing saves lives! TEAL’s groundbreaking range of portable sinks enable healthcare professionals and patients to access a high quality hot water hand wash wherever and whenever it’s needed!

Portable sinks for hire
Hand wash units for non emergency situations such as during refurbishment or building work.

Announcing the new Hygienius MediWash
Completely self contained – no plumbing or drainage connections are required.

Hygienius MediWash

£1,540.00 + vat

Discover the elegant solution to effective hand hygiene at point of need.

The synchronised display takes you through the automatic Hygienius MediWash programme which is designed to match the World Health Organization Guidelines “Clean hands protect against infection”.

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£732.00 + vat

Portable hot water hand washing for healthcare professionals – the Hygienius ProWash is entirely self contained and needs no mains water service or drainage connections.

The Hygienius ProWash wash / rinse cycle is designed to match the World Health Organization Guidelines 6605256702, resulting in highly efficient use of water.

Download the Hygienius ProWash fact sheet (540 KB pdf) »

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£732.00 + vat

Hand washing saves lives – and the TEAL Hygienius is the most effective mobile solution to the problem of cross contamination infection. It comes complete with paper towel bracket and liquid soap dispenser.

The innovative and award-winning TEAL Hygienius is highly portable needing no plumbing, requiring only a 13 amp power socket for operation.


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£575.00 + vat

Being entirely self-contained, the Super Stallette portable basin can be sited anywhere as it needs only a 13 amp socket outlet for operation. No plumbing or drainage is required.

Portable, practical and cost-effective – the Super Stallette is ideal for providing cutting edge hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed.

(985) 726-6538

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(910) 785-3260

£830.00£918.00 + vat

A mains powered portable free standing hot and cold water arm washing unit, the BigSynk from TEAL is designed to meet mandatory building services requirements and enable healthcare staff and contractors to conform to hand hygiene guidelines during, for example, a temporary loss of mains water or building work.

The BigSynk is easy to move or relocate; its fold away stand being lightweight yet rugged and easily carried straight to where hand washing is needed.

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£315.00 + vat

The TEAL WashStand portable hot water hand wash unit has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the home care situation.

Featuring low friction wheels and convenient handle, it can quickly and easily be guided straight to where a hot water hand wash is needed – wherever the bedridden or incapacitated patient may be.


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£156.00 + vat

Our most portable and lightweight medical hot water hand wash unit to date!

The new PatientWash Xtra is entirely self-contained and will keep water warm for up to 5 hours.

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(734) 829-4957

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