Nancy is having a chat with her friends.

Monday is a bank holiday.

He is indifferent to worldly success.

Turn up the radio a little bit.

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I don't think about it much.

I'm proud of all of them.

I can protect her.

I knew you wouldn't be able to do that.

Every day, you show up late. That really says a lot about your work ethic, Don.

You're not going to shoot me.

It doesn't matter right now.

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I brought my son with me.

I'm not uncomfortable.

Dan distanced himself from Linda's family.


I'm glad she liked it.

You're fantastic.

You owe Joe an apology.

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Sonny didn't shoot anyone.

We've been looking in the wrong places.

How could this happen to Raif?


I made you coffee.


She showed me the poems that she had written in her youth.


Adrian wanted to learn how to read.

I won't always be around.

His carpet is completely white.

I hate Christmas.

My English is not good enough to explain my trouble.

Has somebody a good idea?

Don't spare yourself in this work.

Anatoly doesn't seem to be having any problems.

I know where Giovanni went last weekend.

We put a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Don't worry guys, I've got this.

Can't we just ask Olaf to leave?

I can teach you how to bake a pizza.

Hot and blustery conditions will exacerbate the risk of fire tomorrow.

It was a little fun.

I'm sorry to bother you, but we've got a small problem.

Where did you put our key to the house?

Vicki thought his violin was a Stradivarius because the name Stradivarius was on the label inside his violin.

When my mother was young, she was very beautiful.

Olof hasn't ever been outside of Australia.

Stacy isn't the kind of guy who gives up easily.


Molly took off his clothes and stepped into the shower.

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Can we say no to the USA?

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I'm afraid to be alone at night.

I am not looking forward to going to university abroad - I will feel intense nostalgia for my home town.

Do you think this is fun?

Who can tell the difference?

You're sleepy.

Krill like to breed in really cold water near sea ice.

Since the coat Suresh tried on was too small, the clerk gave him another one to try on.

There is an apple under the desk.

Na'vi language is used in Avatar.


Sofia will have to handle that.

The moon is beautiful in fall.

Words fail right when you need them.


I don't have all the answers.

It wasn't Will's idea.

Since Japan is the second greatest economic power in the world, many nations want to learn from her.

She will notify Adam.

Before the ship sank, the radio operator broadcast one final message - SOS!

I take my clothes to the cleaner's twice a month.

Give Bradford some time.

I wouldn't drink that if I were you.

You are responsible.


The message is clear.

I didn't know where to go, or what to do.

I'm bored with Boston.

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I wish I hadn't given Adrian my phone number.

You two are my best friends.

I won't be able to do it again.

A friend comes to play at our house tomorrow.

I know Panacea isn't in very good shape.


It was a very nice show.


None of them could understand what she was implying.

He clearly lied.

Has the bell rung?

He seems to be a typical American boy.

The strong yen is acting against Japan's export industry.

Can we talk to you a second?

She washed her dirty hands before the meal.

How many counties are there in Florida?

It's to your advantage.

Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

My parents have been married for thirty years.


We must work together.

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I'll never forgive you as long as I live.

Your name says it all.

We knew it was all over.

My best regards.

He keeps his room clean.


Two plus two equals four.


This word doesn't translate very well.

Do it again, just like before.

I learnt it from him.

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Please don't let me hear any more of that story.

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It's normal. There's nothing to be scared of.

Shouldn't Rahul go first?

I'd never leave them alone.

How much money did they offer you?

She liked it.

Tracy should've said something.

She is, indeed, a lovely girl.

Are you sure this is right?

As scientists keep insisting, there is neither good nor bad in any scientific discovery.

This caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly.

Just get in the car.

What a foolish statement!

Stan has always carried a torch for Liz.

You can't do anything.

How did a total stranger know his name?

I'd like to know where you were.

I think Tran is irresponsible.


Search your pockets again to make sure of it.

We had an earthquake last night.

He introduced his sister to me.


I'm buying writing paper, stamps and some tissues.

He slammed the door so hard that the walls shook.

To my mind, it was his mistake.


She didn't go there yesterday.

You have superb English.

Stanly thought to herself that she ought to buy a new cover for the ironing board since the old one was getting pretty tattered.

If only I had met more people in the past, today I'd be a different person. But, due to my introverted nature, I can now rely on very few friends.

I feel quite at ease when I sit in this chair.

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Why have you deceived us?

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How much could I buy this house for?

I took her for her sister. They look so much alike.

She was burning with fever.


Do you want to grab lunch?

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Are you sure you don't have enough money to buy that?

You are requested not to smoke.

It's been two years since I came here.


Almost all of Devon's friends are famous.

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We were both grinning.

Morris didn't know that Kirk was married.

What didn't you like about them?

I hate everyone in Catherine's family.

I got my right leg injured.

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I'm already starving.

I have accustomed myself to work long hours.

Just fancy!

The revenues go to a charitable foundation.

I know it's asking a lot.

Clifford is a dab hand at cooking.

Was this somebody else's idea?

Izzy made a list of potential problems that we should watch out for.

Suresh wrung out the towel and hung it up to dry.

Don't make any rash decisions.

Why don't you have a drink?

Don't forget to call us.

We were both a bit drunk.

Penny is still on the roof.

I heard that Dominick crashed the party.


Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty.

Her ideas sound crazy.

A sentence normally has a subject and a verb.

I wondered who it was.

I'll wait outside.

Who will succeed to your father's business?

Is there anything else I can help Fletcher with?

You should be careful in crossing the busy street.

We've been together for three years.

That person is not trustworthy.

People don't cry over spilled milk.

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I don't blame Damon for doing that.