Talking Black River Sports

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 17:50 -- Patrick

Okemo Valley TV and Black River Academy Museum (BRAM) have been collaborating on "Ludlow Memories", a series of shows through which longtime local residents offer their reflections of how life was in Ludlow. Each episode, or, in some cases, set of episodes, focuses on a specific topic. The  latest incarnation of Ludlow Memories is a mini-series focusing on the history Black River High School sports, from the opening of the new school in 1939 through the present day, Hosted by former basketball coach Earl Washburn, coach So far there have been 2 episodes in this mini-series: the first one covers the period from 1939 through the early 1960s, featuring guests Stew Schmidt & Sue Pollender. The 2nd episode covers the period from the mid-1960s through the 1980s; guests on that episode were Sue Pollender, Jennifer Stowell, Dave Baker, Stew Schmidt, Tony Valente, & Pat Pullinen. All episodes of Ludlow Memories can be viewed by going to /

Where Are They Now?

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 19:12 -- Patrick

Check out these recent interviews with Black River graduates who are off writing & making films:

Sean Temple (Class of 2007) & his partner (both in life and film) came into the studio to talk about filmmaking and working in the industry in L.A. We also screen their film from a few years ago, Aster & Sidney, which immediately follows the interview.

Rachel Carter & Asher Ellis, both Class of 2002, stopped by to talk about their careers as authors - in Rachel's case, as a young adult novelist, including the So Close to You series of books. And for Asher, as a writer of horror stories, essays, short stories, and short films. He wrote the screenplay for "Exit 7A", which is screened immediately following the interview. Rachel & Asher are not only former classmates, but they are lifelong friends and occasional collaborators. 

Thanks to Sean, Sarah, Rachel, & Asher for sharing their stories and letting us know where they are now.

Want to help tell the story of one of your friends, family members, or classmates? Nominate them for the "Where Are They Now?" series by sending us a quick email. 

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