Gail told Nichael that he was tired.

Let's drop in for a drink.

What's our situation?

I finally got a job.


We still have time.

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Are you alright with this?


Nothing more is needed.


Monica has been on the wanted list for three years.

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We live in the nuclear era.


Hey, wait a minute.

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A cabinet is a cupboard used for displaying things.

I miss talking with Shankar.

It was a tough game.

We won.

I'm not suggesting that.


"How does Jim go to school?" "He goes by bus."

Can I have some hot chocolate?

I check my mailbox almost every day.

Celeste didn't even have the decency to admit that he'd made a mistake.

We have different ways of thinking with regard to this issue.


If they lied about that, we've got a much bigger problem.

Oskar said he found his keys.

Am I going the right way?

My sister fixed me with an angry stare.

All the hotels are sold out.


He must do it now.

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I can't contact her.

I'm still sleepy.

Once you've started something, don't give it up.


That's not really necessary.


Why would they do this to me?

Don't be such a fool.

Soon, we'll be able to send you to prison.

He may have lowbrow tastes but at least he's not snooty and conceited.

Is Swamy going to go skating tomorrow?

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This dictionary is not useful at all.

Just don't go outside.

Malcolm has been told what to do.

Vinod twirled her hair around her fingers.

For a short time, Lord lived in Boston.

The nurse took his temperature.

The door shut of its own accord.


You are deeply involved with this.

Today, my classmate saw you guys shopping at Auchan.

To my great sorrow, my father died young.

Jarmo didn't say whether he went to Mikael's party or not.

I flunked out of school.

It was this fountain pen that I bought in Paris.

I think you want this more than you want to admit.

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The road's in bad condition.

Don't cut in while others are talking.

There is eloquence in screaming.


Dorothy listens.

I am five feet, two inches tall.

I carelessly allowed the door to stand open.

It would be perfect.

The rich are apt to look down on people.

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Morton was wearing an expensive suit.

Why don't you just apologize?

I heard there's a lot of MILFs in China.

A child is missing.

I don't cry when I am happy.


Tahsin didn't ask.


Judy has gone mad.


You'd best be home before midnight.


You have to acquire real skills, not just superficial knowledge.

The work was done with great haste.

She rewrote it.

Perhaps Rudolf knows more than he's telling us.

Here is their photo album.

Do you like tortellini?

Example sentences are the future.

What time does the train arrive?

There's your wife.

I wish I had a dog.

I'll find you.

Back away from her.

The garden was covered with fallen leaves.

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Harry scared the children.

People hailed him as king.

Jinchao got owned.

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Both my grandfather and grandmother are dead.

Don't squirm, the doctor told patient before sticking a scary-looking needle into his arm.

Look at all those people.


Kenya became independent in 1963.

Don't forget your passports.

He almost died.


They stepped on board the airplane.

I can't open it!

I have attached for your convenience the FTP instructions to access our site.

Is she sleeping?

Ti had nothing left to drink.


Who lost it?

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I need someone who I can feel safe with.


Chad is called "Tchad" in French.

Takeo felt in his pocket for the ticket.

I want you both to get them.

I'll follow your instructions.

Tammy understands what it takes to succeed.


How long was I in there?

Glenn was hit by a car.

I'm from the FBI.


Good morning!

He alters the altar while chipping away the stone.

All she does is gossip.

You two look great!

He is my go-to guy.

They offered assistance.

It's about time for him to get here.


Why didn't you warn us?

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Juergen is clumsy with words.

I'm not fat!

Beijing has started to get colder.


I know how much you like Takeuchi.

Axel probably does this every year.

I wish to gain time.

I've never been on a ship before.

I'll come back for Socorrito.

Please get into the car.

I bought a book and he a ruler.

Wait. Don't shoot yet.

His voting record is riddled with contradictions.


It's going to be all right.


Do you have any news for me?

This is the best fake ID I've ever seen.

We think it was him.


Can I talk to him for a minute?


I can't decide what to order.


The baby started to cry.


Why don't you ask for a day off?

I don't know how this could've happened.

He is an archeologist's assistant.


I'm in charge until Elliott gets here.

The situation was unbearable.

We can compare our country to China.

He was made fun of by his classmates.

Mark can't tell the difference between melancholy and depression.

he acceded to my request in short

You'd better find them.


I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.


I found his house easily.

I've got to run to the bank.

We'll begin immediately.


I'm almost certain that Sundar will ask Alf to the prom.

This penthouse is spacious.

If you don't want to do it, you don't have to.

The smell of dirty socks makes me want to throw up.

You should take advantage of the good weather to paint the fence.

He enjoys considerable standing among his peers.

This music is popular with young people.


Don't let her eat this.

I don't know how much longer I can stand this.

He must have said so without giving it much thought.

His name is Belinda.

I want you to work harder.