Duane wished he were able to visit Boston more often.

You do the kitchen.

Stop whining.

Is there a clock in either room?

I'm proud of you guys.

You'll get there in less than ten minutes.

Sit down to put your boots on.

I think they saw us.

Idle hands are the devil's tool.

It was very kind of you to lend him some money.

We are home.

It would be a huge setback for them.


I'm sure you won't enjoy it.

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Carlos Queiroz was fired by the Portuguese Football Federation.


Sir, we need your help please.

Phiroze told Vic that he couldn't allow her to do that.

I went back and checked your old records.

The exchange rates for foreign currency change daily.

The park was almost empty.

Roberto wasn't smiling when he entered the room.

He was crying.

He is learned in Russian.

Those who know won't say, and those who will don't know.

Billy is the only friend Alastair has.

It's a pity that you should leave Japan.

I feel we shall win.

It's time to come clean.

I told Amos Raj wouldn't accept the gift.

I thought I was a fairly good swimmer.


Helen is playing in the garden.

The girl was busy making tea for her friend.

I'll go and see.

Her eyes were full of tears.

I tried writing a novel.

Meeks had to stay at home all week.

I feel as though I've committed rape, although I know that that makes no sense.

The acting in that movie was very good.

Elliott was carrying a heavy backpack.

Archie glanced at Glynn out of the corner of his eye.

I sleep little.

I know her by sight, but I've never spoken to her.

Thanks for calling. I was just about to call you.

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He has a strong constitution.

That's the feeling I have.

Judge never got better.

This isn't a competition.

I just missed her.

Obviously wash your face, but you must also take care of your appearance before assembling here.

How many books do you have?

You're backing the wrong horse.

Neptune was discovered because Uranus did not follow the orbital path predicted by astronomers. Astronomers assumed that the gravitational pull of another object was affecting the orbit of Uranus. This led them to look for, and find, Neptune.

Teenagers are often embarrassed to be seen in public with their parents.

Janet was elated.

You've got to do better next time.

Here's your check.

I'm reading a book about languages.

Give me another chance.


Protecting her is my responsibility.

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I'd still like to know what happened here last Monday.

Jennie wanted to give a very special present to his girlfriend.

If you believe society hasn't made anything worthwhile, then you might believe also in mass destruction.

We may meet again in the near future.

My legs are hurting.

What about girls?

He doesn't tolerate that type of behaviour.

Today is the hottest day this year.

You go on alone.

You're the most beautiful woman in the world.

I'll catch up with you.


Can you tell the twins apart?

Cole wasn't hurt in the explosion.

Excite the mind: words.

Gypsy seemed unimpressed.

Times may change, but human nature stay the same.

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This is fantastic weather!


This morning, I saw at a glance that he was fancily dressed.

Look at all these flowers.

Isn't it time for lunch?


I ate something I wished I hadn't eaten.

Trust a woman with your secret, but cut off her tongue!

The bird with the beard drinks a beer with the bear with the beard.

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Most basketball players are tall.

I don't quite understand what you want to say.

This can't have been an accident.

The boy is yet to be found.

I thought you might want to go with us.


The concert was a great success.

Then, they spent that day with Jesus.

The sea was truly calm.


It was stupid of you to have turned down the offer.

Three were wounded.

Love must triumph.

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Don't yell at Lila.

Did Marika teach you some words of Japanese?

The birds were not shy, but let the girls take them in their hands, and stroke their gold and silver feathers.

This box is filled with apples.

He raised his hands.

Cyrus was a big inspiration for me.

Ricky is one of the world's most famous contemporary artists.

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That's easier said than done.


We're looking for it.


I thought he was your date.


Kusum and I left right away, but Gunnar stayed behind to wait for John.

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I don't have a headache.


I want to bathe in the sea.


I asked him to warm up some tea.

I've met him many times.

Amedeo will eat you alive.

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He didn't say a word.

Sir Humphry Davy - one of the greatest chemists.

I tend to agree with you.

You drink milk, don't you?

I really appreciate your offer to drive me to the station.

Cops are everywhere.

Just apologize to him.

Tell them I won't do that.

Hy's face was swollen and bruised.

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I'd like to say a few words.


We want to help them.

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The book I read yesterday was really interesting.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on Corsica.

I'd better call them first.

Tell us what you saw.

We're going on a picnic tomorrow.

Namibia is an African state.

Stop complaining and do as you're told.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

I was asked to umpire the game.

"Do you know what's going on?" - "No. What's it all about then?"

Please forgive me for not having written for a long time.


I just need you to help me.

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Gunter's credit's good.

Who did this?

I think I caught a bug over the weekend.

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I'm really scared of spiders.

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Before the ship sank, the radio operator broadcast one final message - SOS!

Japan is full of beautiful cities. Kyoto and Nara, for instance.

It works the same way in every country. Well, almost.


Does anybody here speak French?


Jordan might be able to translate this into French.

Do you have today's tickets?

He warned against violence.

He is living abroad at the moment.

Laurent is as stubborn as Mac.

Atom bombs are a danger to mankind.

Put some basil on the pizza.

Just tell her not to worry.

I am in financial difficulties.

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Where is my son?

Pierette and Kristian are both my friends.

Where are you leading us?

It's Monday.

There is a photo of Nicolas on Skeeter's desk.

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Sperm banks perform screenings on the donors to reduce the chance of their passing on genetic and infectious diseases.

He seated himself on the bench.

He gave me all the money he had on him.

If only she had been home when I called yesterday!

When do we go?

The murmur of the brook lulls me to sleep.

What're you going to do about this?


Jem plans to see Pamela on Monday.

Dan tried to cover up his crime.

Clayton crushed his enemies.


The students have to analyze an excerpt from the book.