He will accept any money he can get.

She is her friend.

Let's meet in front of the station.

I think she can't answer.

She used to address me as Moe.

We aren't competitive.

"The castle is haunted," he said with a shiver.

An atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not mercy, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

Lighten up, guys.

He seemed to be in a very deep thought.


I never said no.

Vince made me swear not to tell Andries.

I know better than to do a thing like that.

Last summer I had a chance to visit London.

Mifune has named his dog Maggy May.


Harry put on his robe and wizard hat.

Takeshi promised to help me with my homework, but at the last minute he let me down.

Absolute truth does not exist.

I'm pretty sure that isn't what Carter meant.

Have you told Galen about what happened yesterday at school?


You may leave when you have finished the work.


I'm travelling to Paris tomorrow.

Bush respects all religions.

He smiled at me and got on the train.

I don't know where I belong.

Almost everything has gotten better.

Rudolf is safe, isn't he?

My sister can swim very fast.

Your income is three times larger than mine.

I don't do it.

Clem has had the same girlfriend for the last three years.

I think we should all go together.

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No matter what, I need to finish the article today.


I prefer warmer weather.


All is calm tonight.


Do you feel unbeatable?

Mechanical devices are more reliable than electronic ones.

We had some.

He succeeded in the examination.

Eddie has been going with Jane for almost a year now.


Here is your key.

Wolves travel in packs.

He asks for your opinion.


When Jorge told Chris he didn't like her scarf, she got rid of it.


I was accosted by a complete stranger at the bus stop.


Leads wondered how Dean could be so sure that it was going to snow.

Look what can happen.

Naim asked Butler to do something for him.

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This is Anatole's school.

Having been brought up in America, my father speaks English fluently.

It's impossible to make a generalization with such poorly obtained data.

Mother made a new piece of clothing.

Come, sit by me.

Will she be back home at five?

We must investigate social abuses.


She scorns liars.

He was surprised to find his stolen bag.

Lewis returned the book that she had borrowed from the library.

Take it down.

Do you remember where Francisco lives?

You seemed really upset.

He said they would never be able to work together.

How do you like your boss's plan?

Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.

I like being with Brandy.

There are different expectations by the public.

Chet wants to know when you're coming.

I didn't even notice when Joel left.

Ric thanked me for the gift.

Tad seems to be daydreaming.

Peggy is used to the work.

The author, in his work, must be like God in the Universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere.

Don't play innocent.

Should he be given another chance, he would do his best.


The car is easy for me to drive.

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That disagreement resulted in a complete break between them.

After the earthquake, the land value in this area went down a lot.

I really am sorry.

Hector doesn't think it'll rain, but he plans to carry an umbrella just in case.

Corey looks healthy.

What're you planning to do after you graduate from high school?

Gregge ate breakfast while his wife read the newspaper.

I've got to be in Boston by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe Julian didn't use the right kind of bait.

I did speak, but no one listened to me.

The road is more like an ice rink.

Is the festival free?

This ought to cheer you up.

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I've had to make some tough choices.

He made friends with Margot.

I gather you were unsuccessful.

My uncle is an amateur cricket player.

My spoon is bigger!


Harry has got more restraint than I do.

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We have to come to some agreement.

The red lamp lights up in case of danger.

She will pay for everything.

Darci is not attracted to Asian men.

I know you've seen some awful things.

I didn't want to see Avery's face.

My sister was whistling merrily.


We were sorry to hear the news.


The government tried to suppress all opposition parties.


Do you want to see me do cartwheels?

We've seen worse.

The wheat crop bears a good harvest every year.

I'm sorry, we're all out.

We haven't been able to find Murat.

Bacon comes from pigs.

He started at the noise.

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I certainly had no idea Dawn would be coming over tonight.

I suppose it's feasible.

She's there already?

Don't grow up. It's a trap!

There was nothing secret about it.

Don't act like you don't know how to dance.

Am I going to run into Jennie tonight?

Bill is always putting on airs.

One must do one's best in everything.


My neck does hurt a little.


Brian's all muddy. He played football.

Are your parents still in Boston?

I can't afford to buy a used car.

Her story took me back to my childhood.

How long do we have before Hurf gets here?

I fucking don't know how to translate this sentence, translate it yourself, everybody deal with their own shit.

Give me a hoist.

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Given your level, you may consider atoms as being the fundamental building blocks of the matter all around us, you included.

Why don't we ask them to help?

Together, anything is possible.

As soon as she saw me, she greeted me with a smile.

I travel frequently.

It doesn't bother me if you stay.

Bea is ready to leave.

They moved to a new house.

What am I supposed to do with that?

She is gaining in weight.

The old man wrote a letter to his son.


The cancer needed to be removed immediately.

Eric switched the wine glasses without my knowing.

I'm still waiting for the prices to drop.

Tai told me he lived on Park Street.

It wasn't true.

"Advise and Consent" is a book about the US Senate.

You will look for me, but you will not find me; and where I am, you cannot come.


Where was Duane last Monday?

Benson told me Tricia baked a cake for him.

Emily spent long hours in the woods.

Mr. Ford is all right now.

I can make you a legend.

Murray was abducted in public.

Cherry blossoms last only for a few days, a week at the most.

I need your dating advice.

I think that the Harry Potter series is longer than the Bible.


You're very attractive.

I can't be late today.

His business has gone from bad to worse.

I've been told that.

"What kind of book are you reading?" "A novel."


How can you benefit by being so unpleasant?

All colours will agree in the dark.

The Quran was translated into many languages.

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He called my name.

If you have any problems, call.

Poor as he was, he couldn't go to college.

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That's the maximum.