They've finally been reunited.

We felt sorry for the error.

Cathrin's uncle keeps a lot of sheep.


He can't stop me.


I have an idea where to find Pete.

Can we talk in private?

He is none the happier for his beautiful wife.

I want you guys to meet him.

He was not able to open the box.


The dogs chased Teresa through the woods.

I never thought they would accept me.

We have to turn in our reports by the end of this month.

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"Do you think we should go to the beach?" "Of course, the answer is yes."

You're a better cook than I am.

Her warm personality adds charm to her beauty.


Take this book. It's about Peru's Native Americans.

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Roman promised not to tell any more lies.

I farted in class and the teacher threw me out.

We are in a phase of dramatic change.


I should've called you.


Japan plays a key role in the world economy.

You can't park around here.

How do you feel about that?

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She had the kindness to pick me up at my house.

What time was she born?

It will not be long before the world runs short of food.

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I thought that working in a Japanese company would improve my Japanese, but it has only served to show me how far I still have to go.

Victor is walking down the street slowly.

I've always wanted to learn how to swim.

There's something that I've been wanting to say to you for a long time.

I'm glad I came.

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She is a real beauty.

Eric missed the green.

Guess how tall I am.

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I admit I'm wrong.


That's something we've never talked about.


I've not seen him often at school.


I can't do it without a hammer.


I'll try to never be late again.

I was fascinated with him.

I have to go meet Takayuki at the mall.

I need to go in.

Claude brought his.


If for some reason I don't make it, go alone.


I'm not in love with Mike anymore.

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Wherein lies the question.

No passengers were killed in the accident.

I made Ann a doll.

That was unacceptable.

Nobody has to know.

Can I go with you?

The budget is extremely small.

You'd be amazed how long it takes Sanjeev to get ready in the morning.

You asked me a question. Now, let me answer it.

Look, I can't explain it.

Sandip is a couple of inches taller than Jay.

Both of us and our other three children had prayed for another child just weeks earlier.

Jos is in want of common sense.


Just stand up.

All is not milk and honey in Canada.

That song reminds me of a famous movie actor.

We'll get it this time.

I'm not courageous.

I ran into her by chance.

You've made a good many mistakes.

I am a dog person.

The dream of world war may be linked to a linear religion.

It's roasting in this room.

That team has strong players.

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He picked out some important idioms.


The forest was dark.

I am a Christian woman.

He revised his opinion.


Participants in a seance try to contact the dead.

Be prepared for the worst.

The phone stopped ringing.

In this country, everyone spies on everyone else.

Spencer saw a half-eaten pizza on the table.

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While having breakfast, we made a plan for the day.


Go ahead and try it.

We all want what's best for this country.

She wished me good night.

I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Am I intruding?

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Stanislaw was Sugih's first love.

He watches for an opportunity to intrigue against his rival.

I think Juliane probably knows about it already.

The more I studied computers, the more interesting I came to find it.

Vladimir bought this camera for himself, not for his wife.

This is a letter from Canada.

You can't walk around with all that money.

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What's Miek got you doing this time?


I haven't eaten any meat since I was fifteen years old.

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I hate holidays, because I ought to be merry and happy on holidays, and can't.

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I can't make out what he says.

I intended to have become a teacher.

We can't be sure of the total cost yet.

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I knew you'd come after me.

What's your third wish?

As expected, the price of imported goods rose.


It's incredibly boring.


I think that's everything.

Who that believes in God would do such a thing?

We don't belong in here.

She displayed excellent behavior.

Here's one I forgot.

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There was nothing left over.

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She doesn't like fish.

You're not a kid anymore, you can take care of yourself.

In case there is an accident, report it to me at once.


Is something else going on here?

Sue and I have always got on well.

She looks just like her mother.


There are many examples of the Fibonacci sequence in nature.

It is also recommended that you should be careful to only translate from sentences "owned" by native speakers. This helps to avoid problems.

Have you ever been to Nikko?

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He pressed his lips against mine.

I don't want to leave you alone with Jean-Pierre.

We climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji.


Andrea and Lee both looked sad.

Except for the weather, it was a fun picnic.

By the way, Klaudia is in town.

I'll speak to her.

I had enough to keep up with him.

Bill wasn't at school the day we had our class picture taken.

Phill took notes during class.


"Yes, I did," he said.

Our boss organized today's clean-up.

You knew it was wrong.

I'll never forget my first experience.

He was covered with bruises.

A cloud of hornets set at the children.

Can you go faster?


Tim is now professor of Italian literature at the University of Florence.

The tourist information center gave a city map to whoever asked it.

Go home and change.

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I've read about a hundred books so far.

Expect me when you see me.

I need a girlfriend.


Julia and Audrey won't be back for a day or two.


Joe doesn't regret that decision.

Roy gave Everett a doll.

I told them to wait over there.

Good day! You are our new neighbor, if I am not mistaken?

He got up and left.


Is it really that hard to speak French?

It doesn't matter who says that, it's not true.

Who does she think that she is?

I'm surprised you called.

This is the only kimono that my mother bought me.


Lenora is a very charismatic man.

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I'll let you know in a day or so.