I have to answer his letter.

Mother told me not to keep company with him.

Victoria wanted to stick around for a few more days.

Fritz isn't Shutoku's father, but her uncle.


Apart from a few minor mistakes, your composition was excellent.

Tell him I'll do it.

Are you prepared?

In December I'm going on vacation in America.

Roman didn't stay in Boston very long.


Money is needed.


I am good at languages.

Hughes became a billionaire when his company sold shares in an initial public offering.

I don't think Belinda would make a very good husband.

Pam and Jennie just celebrated their silver anniversary.

He visited Japan while he was President.

Tigger was arrested trying to board a ferry to France.

The presiding judge sentenced the defendant to death.

Listen and choose the best answer.

You're pretty calm cool and collected for somebody who has a major presentation tomorrow.

How was the math test?

Chris has a cast iron stomach. He can eat just about anything.

"How will you keep Debi from going to the police?" "I'll offer him money."

Americans simply had no desire to fight.

There's no need for you to come in to work tomorrow.

I am eating dinner with my husband.


ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

They supplied the villagers with food.

I was very reluctant.

The girls laughed loudly.

Some people think that lychees taste like grapes.

He followed my advice.

I met them at the airport.


Peter lost his drone.

The doctor says that I'll never be able to swim again.

Your problem's not with me.

Nobody can solve the issues facing the middle class and working class of this country unless we put together a strong politically active grassroots movement.

Stacey never showed up again.


Tracy was partly right.

Taro has a strong sense of responsibility.

You might want to discuss it with Jan.

Jogging is out in California.

I have to find out what that music is.

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Ram is an acupuncturist.

We got our roof blown off in the gale.

Carole probably didn't think it was likely that Jeanette would fall in love with John.

My father won't allow that.

What kind of fool do you think I am?

Is this really real?

Spike tugged on the rope.


Will he fail the examination?

Mats unrolled his sleeping bag.

I know Portuguese, English, and Russian.

It's quite likely that he'll come.

"Hold your tongue!" Dion cried, and Liisa said no more.

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He is thrifty, not to say stingy.

Yes! I agree.

Don't interfere.

His opposition was more violent than he had bargained for.

Keiko and Ichiro parted with mutual consent.

Why aren't you dancing?

Bradford and Mac looked into each other's eyes and kissed.

She didn't allow him to control her.

I want Dean to tell me what he meant by that.

I think Cathryn is obese.

This way we can evaluate if the sound quality is good enough.

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The pupils of her eyes had the blackness of a deep abyss.


They live in a house close to ours.


"Okay, Kimi, we need to keep working all four tyres please, keep working all four tyres." "Yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm doing that all the time. You don't have to remind me every ten seconds."

It stings.

If a high hill stood between A and B, it was important to decide whether the line should climb over it, pierce it with a tunnel, or make a detour to avoid it.

I've always believed in you.

Surely he'll phone me tonight.

We're certain.

Jelske didn't say a word all afternoon.

We live on the third floor.

If the tree is bad, the fruits are bad.

I recommend that you don't do that anymore.

He attributed the accident to the bad weather.

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Turkish is a difficult language.

Is it your food or your language or your genetic makeup that makes you more feminine?

The car gave a jolt.


I dare say you're right about that.


I think we should help him.

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He went red in the face with rage.

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Raphael and Phil would make a perfect couple.

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She's hot.

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I usually pay my bills on time.

This is just like the one I used to have.

The question was too difficult to answer.

I only left Wes one message.

I'll be taking it from here.

We must think about recycling energy.

My tongue slipped.

I haven't forgotten him.

Don't let him play piano.


We'll come by tonight.

Ethan is a viable candidate.

Root wouldn't even talk to me today.


Bill replaced Jim as captain.

Gerald never speaks about that.

What are the charges in this hotel?


Is Murph more intelligent than you are?


One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

The police started to look into the murder case.

The number of people who die in traffic accidents is surprising.

Shai loves her pony and her pony loves her.

To find an address can be difficult because so much of the city looks the same.


He doesn't want to admit that he has a drinking problem.

We often express our emotions nonverbally.

I want to stick around, but I have a previous engagement.

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He craned his neck to see the procession.

Rudolph bent down to look under the table.

What do you want such an old car for?


I've got problems of my own.

Curt will be back in less than thirty minutes.

Spam used to be questionable food in a can. Now questionable sentences on a computer are called "Spam".

When a woman's angry, four little kisses are all you need to comfort her.

Mr Jones is sick and Mr Brown will teach in his place today.

He's standing on his head.

You know that we don't have much time right now.

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One cannot embrace the unembraceable.


The newly-opened jewelry shop took away some of my best customers.

Dorian stopped rowing.

He came across her at the station.

I think we impressed King.

A part of our own military has become involved with the enemy.

I'm only happy on payday.

We all want answers.

We need to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

Raisins are shrivelled grapes.


What would I say to Spock?


Understanding is essential.

She isn't a good cook.

Hubert took the blame for their mistake.

That only happens occasionally.

I'm sure Starbuck will return my calls eventually.

Teri poured himself a glass of whisky.

He relented.

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I've always wanted to learn to play the oboe.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

Would you mind if I walk with you?

No one is listening to us.

I am an 11-year-old girl.

I'm talking to you, my peers.

I can speak it a little.

My ex-boyfriend is obsessed with me.

People who drive cars should wear seat belts.


Manny and John were in the army together.

Am I forgetting anyone?

We're learning French.

You can't put two saddles on the same horse.

There's a dog barking there.

Recently the condition of the body is not so good.

The full moon is beautiful.

I knew that something was wrong.

I told them the truth.

Vincent never told me he had been in the army.

Why go to all this trouble?

This decision was hard to make.

I'll come back for you.


I feel the want of money.

I'll be thirty years old in October.

Nobita is someone who can bestow happiness upon others and shoulder their misfortunes. That is, for a human, an extremely valuable trait. He'll probably make you happy, too.

Not everything is pleasant in life.

She was terribly disappointed with me.

That helps us a lot.

I wanted to study French.