You must not be jealous of others' success.

I felt awkward around them.

I'll never stop loving you.

The language of that tribe is as complex as any other human language.

My wristwatch keeps good time.

Good. Everyone's here.

They telegraphed that everything was all right.

When she heard the news, she turned pale.

It's my call, Pilar.

The meeting isn't over.


Phill found the test difficult.

Good health is more valuable than anything else.

Florian isn't satisfied with the result.

We have to do something for the dead.

Which is your luggage?

Lack of sleep is telling me.

This mystery is solved.

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Sorry, I can't tell you my name. It's too indecent.

Let's go to my place. There's something I'd like to show you.

I told you I don't know how to do that.

He came late as usual.

She gave us something to eat.

Greg is still on probation.

Louis already has plans for this weekend.


Sugih isn't going.


The baseball game got more exciting with each inning.

We sell shoes.

It seems that the computer was infected by a virus.

I hoped that I would marry while my mother was still alive.

Is it really worth it?

A general election will be held in May.

I would do it again.

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The whole family is enjoying good health.

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We'll face that problem when we come to it.


It seems that nobody takes any notice of his opinions.


I definitely was shocked.

This won't help.

What I want to say is this.

Do you know what this word's equivalent is?

I have to give back the book before Saturday.

He was afraid to go there.

I'm living in a small town.

We've got it figured out.

I don't think it will rain, but I'll take an umbrella in case.

An old man spoke to me suddenly.

Take the train that's going to Moncloa.

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She hasn't made it yet.

You're damn right.

The climate in the south of France is ideal.

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Moore didn't have permission to do what he did.

Do you think she can handle her staff?

A foolish idea came into my mind.

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I've got a pretty good idea.


That sounds painful.

When I reached the classroom, she was no longer there.

We might have something else.


He failed to follow our advice.

There was an army of ants at the cake.

It made me forget about my problems.

We have to pay in advance.

He seemed sure of himself.


He is fond of wandering about.

Bret went back downstairs.

The little boy is crafty.

Dan wrote many letters to Linda's mother.

Many things frighten people these days.

Stop making a fuss over nothing.

He fired Antonio.


It rained yesterday after it had been dry for many months.


Could I have some more coffee?

When do you think I can talk to Kenton?

Good work!


He married a fellow immigrant.


Something is wrong here.

Who is the group leader?

Give me some more milk!


Lindsey hasn't been missing for very long.

I'll pay the money for your lunch today.

I don't blame him for that.

And as for you (how are you)?

I wouldn't want to show you up.


Eliot is napping on the sofa.

I am too exhausted to walk any more.

He played an important role on the committee.

Many people died because there weren't enough lifeboats on the ship.

Timo wants to eat with us.

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Jitendra came to see you.

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The number of murders is increasing even in a country like Japan.


Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

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Hey, it's my job.

Annard is due back this afternoon.

Nicolette goes fishing every weekend like I used to.

Lloyd can't do anything about that right now.

Shuvra told everyone I was adopted.

She gave birth to twin girls.

I am not a bird, but I'd like to be.

The fitting thing was that you should foresee it.

Who would notice?


The Chinese are a friendly people.

I feel safer here.

Johnson is a recluse; he prefers to isolate himself from the rest of the students in our class.

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Mesut Ozil is one of the best midfielders in the world.

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Archie has a weak stomach.

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Give up!

Your suggestion seems reasonable.

Do you have any alternatives to the plan?

Please deal the card.

If you read this message, write to me.

They are always at each other's throats.

He always says the same thing.

I wish Russ didn't already have a boyfriend.

What do you think were the year's ten biggest items of news?


Haven't I told you not to call me "Merril"?

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Kamel got mercury poisoning from eating canned tuna every day.


I think Norbert might be displeased.

This news is too good to be true.

He's done his homework.

I was studying.

Straka was a janitor.

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I couldn't afford to buy everything I needed.

Phiroze was lucky.

There's just one day left.


I didn't even get an invitation.

The report made much of that fact.

The success animated him with hope.

I'm over it.

I would like to retract my previous statement.

Carol knew I'd be asleep at 2:30 in the morning, but he called anyway.

It was then I became occupied in liquidating members of the opposite sex.

You asked too many questions.

I suggest a correction to this sentence.

Indeed, Noemi claimed that Maria had made no spelling mistakes, however he simply hadn't spotted them, since he himself has not mastered perfect spelling.

I haven't seen you for a long time.

Honzo clicked his fingers.

Olson would've helped you.

Scholarly as he is, he can't be relied on.

Sehyo can do it all.


My parents died when I was very young.

I can't approve the plan.

Torsten wondered if Marlena had been playing games all afternoon.

It's just a bird.

Having asked Jordan to watch after the house, I went out.

The car crashed into the guard-rail and rolled down the hill.

If Don is still inside the house, then he's probably safe.

You guys can't scare me.

If you behave like a flunkey, you're treated like a flunkey.

That's a tree.

Is it true that you chewed tobacco?

Mr Wilson is proud of his house.

Laurianne is Blayne's younger sister.


What's your favorite lipstick color?

I'm suffering from pecuniary embarrassment.

Please sum up your idea.

We chose her a nice birthday present.

You mean the world to me.

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Just watch this.

Have you read your mail yet?

As usual, Mike turned up on time. He's very punctual.

Promises are things that must be kept.

Brett told me how he got his nickname.

Be kind to all animals.

The Julian calendar was in force in Russia.


Make that a shared folder.