Parallel lines do not intersect each other.

Can I pay later?

Roberta was thrown from his horse.

If only she could see you now.


Sigurd is frustrated with her life.

We found that everyone was asleep.

Alison tested the bath's temperature with her big toe.

She died childless.

Just because Merton provoked you doesn't give you a right to attack him.

My pen won't work. What did you do to it?

I want to work in a hospital.

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Two persons were killed when an elevated bike path collapsed in Rio.

How are you going to help them?

The sound roused her from sleep.

You should all continue until you finish your course of study.

My throat is a little dry.


We looked for the boy and his bicycle that had disappeared.

A hypochondriac imagines maladies where none exist.

I'd be happy to tell her.

They won.

Heidi doesn't seem to hear so well.


Izzy has a family.


The dictionary is small.

Their job is to read the news clearly and carefully.

This dog will protect us.

Nils deserves a vacation.

Do you wanna play?


Is that my mug?


It'll be hard work.


Leadership calls for tough choices and, at times, tough language.

Hitoshi's eyes are red, and he looks very tired.

You hate your job, don't you?

I'm not usually this busy on Mondays.

Collin is really conservative, isn't he?


Try to find it.

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Be quiet!

I only smoke when I drink.

Are you ready to hear the bad news?

Tammy could be out of town.

I think you should take a look.

Praise be to Buddha.

He lives in that house over there.

We are different people.

The boat was tied with a short line.

He seems a kind man.

Mason took a bath last night.

That is the girl who waited on me in the shop yesterday.

I am sorry for his mistake.

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Jerrie stuffed his hands in his pockets.


Where would you suggest we go?

We are all meant to do good things.

The day is warmer than the night.

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I can't tell her from her twin sister.


You're not trying to trick me, are you?

There's somewhere else I need to be right now.

Why can't you get one?


What are your symptoms?

Who did Celia vote for?

I slipped up badly, didn't I?

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I have practiced piano every day for fifteen years.


I'll show you around town.


Takao apologized and left.

Shane said he wants to buy either flowers or candy for Irfan.

Months went past without any news from him.

Are you going to buy that dress you were looking at yesterday?

How did Irving offend Juri?


I want to know where Pratap is now.

Judging from his expression, he is in a bad mood.

I can bring in some more sophisticated equipment if you think we need it.

Young people nowadays are fools.

Liyuan can learn anything.

Claudia sat at his desk going over paperwork.

It would rain just when I wanted to go out.

The results were inconclusive.

Kerry found out his dad wasn't his real dad.

Come with me, please.

Don't leave the door open.

I know I can do it.

But have you received the messages?


Life is not short, contrary to public opinion.

There are none of us who do not respect his honesty.

Save your ammunition.


The loss of childhood spontaneity has caused widespread concern, as well as calls for review of the nation's educational and social structures.

It seems like just yesterday that we first met.

What on earth makes you think you can fool me?

Thank you for the offer.

Hume reached for a book on the top shelf.

I'd better talk to him.

There was moonlight yesterday evening.

They are a peace-loving people.

How could there be unbroken eggs under a toppled nest?

They had a spat yesterday.

Would you like another cup of coffee?

I know you're very brave.

I fully understand your feelings.

Thank you very much for your present.

I felt kind of awestruck.


I'd like to talk with you.

Can you tell what's wrong?

It may be expensive.

Leigh and I've been very happy together.

Judge him by what he does, not by his appearance.

Johnnie gave Gregor something cold to drink.

You're going to love it.


Let Malcolm know we've got a problem.

Collin took a bite of Nadeem's donut.

Your brother needs help.

With respect to this question, there are three problems.

He has a bad fashion sense.

I still have them.

Emil worked with Konstantinos.


It's quite large.


I slept.

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Does he work?

The play was so popular that the theater was almost full.

Our earnings are in proportion to our real ability.


He reported having seen the stolen car.

'Ppreciate it!

The country is in crisis.

I urinate more often than usual.

Why does this slice exist?

We all can't be as strong as you.

Faint grew the sound of the train.

What's the value of that?

The membership of the Boy Scout troop swelled.


Would you move your car, please?

We failed to bring him to agree to our plan.

That was pretty cool.

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There are tough penalties for motorists who choose to ignore speed restrictions in school zones.


I'll be raising my prices by three percent next month.


He sits up studying till late at night.

When did you return?

I'll bear it in mind.

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He's getting used to the situation.

I closed my door.

Professor Suzuki is an expert historian.

You'll have to get a permit to visit that factory.

We'll talk in my office.


I came as soon as I found out.


She has been ill since about summer.

We've got a chance.

It is wrong to divide language into "living" and "dead".

She praised him for his honesty.

You'll be in time for the train if you start at once.


That's just crazy.

Don't get angry. It won't help you.

I'm quite content with my life.

Hey, I wasn't finished with that.

Do good and cast it into the sea.


Everyone is gone now.

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Was it a dream?

Perhaps you should reconsider their offer.

I was wondering if you would talk to Daren.


Margot has been living in Boston since he was a kid.


Geoffrey should be home now.

It saddens me to hear you say that.

The letter was addressed to me.

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Dean took a moment to consider the consequences.

Russell wanted to be an astronaut when he was young.

Am I interrupting something?