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Welcome to our Law Firm, Richard Grogan & Associates.

We are a specialist boutique law firm providing legal services in Employment Law & Personal Injury* Litigation.  We are not a full service law firm. We only provide legal services in the areas of law where we can provide best practice, expertise and experience to our clients.  Giving honest & unbiased advice in a simple & straightforward fashion without legal jargon is our trademark. This sometimes means telling clients what they need to hear and not want they want to hear.  If you want a straight talking legal team, we are the firm for you.


Practice Areas


We provide an award-winning advisory service to employers on all aspects of the employer and employee relationship.

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We are an award winning Employment Law firm offering a broad range of legal services to employees on both contentious and non contentious employment law issues.

Executive Employees

Richard Grogan & Associates have a particular expertise in providing a bespoke legal service to executive and senior employees.



“I thought I would just send you a quick note to say that I enjoyed looking at your website and the various available documents which can be downloaded. I particularly like your approach in relation to fees and costs – straight talking and nice with it.”


“Excellent News Richard”

Shane DempseyMediator

“Well done on being so proactive”

SolicitorMid West

“Great resource”

Mark EiffeLegal Counsel at SOS-ventures Investments

“Your insights are brilliant to read. I have some expertise in the employment field but I must say that I have often read your information before I make a judgement myself. You have a great way of assessing information. Moreover, it is very helpful and altruistic of you to provide such expert information in order to assist and help others. That is very much appreciated.”

Sinead Ni TreabhairCitizens Information

“I have been using your site for updates on employment law for some time and it has been extremely useful for me in executing my role as “legal guru” in a HR function. I find the site very reliable.”

In house HR Consultant

“Just wanted to say you helped me greatly over the last year with your updates and information.”


“I admire the valuable information that you share here.”

VAT Officer Revenue Commissioners

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