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Moderate exercise invigorates the blood circulation.


We all deserve to go.


But for exams, our school life would be more fun.

It's not raining hard. It's just a sprinkle.

I told Gregory I didn't want his help.

I can't permit this to continue.

The plants suffered damage from the frost.


I'm sure Rajesh's having a great time.

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Aren't they wonderful?


I really wish you'd call me.


A fox was caught in the snare.

He became ever more famous as a critic.

I need political asylum.

I'm sorry to hear Ilya is sick.

The goats are in the pen.

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I gave him a ride home.

The team's best striker scored twenty-three goals last season.

The gamble paid off.

He held forth for more than an hour on the evils of nuclear power.

A convict has escaped from prison.

Alex shouldn't go by himself.

I usually translate from English into Spanish.

Joni drank a beer.

Niels spoke to Helen quietly.

I thought you loved Grace.

Tyler played with his dog.


I'm the only one who survived.

I was trespassing.

He has worked throughout the whole day.

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Herman means well.

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The blackbird whistles.

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Have you wondered why Vicky is always late?


It's a little dated.


I cannot switch the lamp on. The baby is sleeping.

Toby is sneaky.

You've become old and stubborn.


Wolf is all done.


Did Dick say how he was able to do it?


Did you hear about what happened?

She's never been in love before.

Bernard called to say he can't come to help.

Hand me that box of pins.

We hurried to the airport, but we missed the plane.

Irwin is busy this afternoon.

Let him go home.

We are engaged in a difficult task.

You look awfully familiar.

The miners work in dangerous conditions.

These gatherings always get rowdy after hours, when the boss breaks out the single-malt scotch.

We climbed right up to the top.

Tell us where you work.

It's OK to be scared, Ernie.

Luckily, Part was wearing his seat belt.

Don't let me die here.

Man should smell like a man.

There are people who say that the politeness of Englishmen is essentially a sense of fear.

Something similar once happened to me.

Renu kept good notes.

You loved Spencer, didn't you?


If you want to have an attractive personality, you need to have a good head on your shoulders.

Mrs. Smith is actively engaged in volunteer work.

I don't understand what's happened to you, Earnie. You're not the man I married.

Let's clean the garden, shall we?

I'm the one who has the key.

Cynthia was the last one to get here today.

Tanya is in pain.

Italians eat a big meal twice a day.

Judge saw how upset Aimee was and decided not to say anything more.

I'm not talking about Olson.

Many of Kuldip's clients are millionaires.

I was going to do that.

Stop screaming! You're giving me a headache.


There's something I've got to say.

Dima is one badass dude.

The prisoners fought one another like so many mad people.

Have you talked to her?

The company gave him a gold watch in acknowledgement of his services.

Let's make believe we are ninja.

What's the trouble?

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Magdalena and Lech are thirteen.

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I wonder how Ramon put up with Helen for so many years.

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I want him to call every day.

The political centre has increasingly lost direction.

You're better than them.

Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus.

At the tone it will be one hour, fifty eight minutes and forty seconds.

I straighten my hair every morning.

"Whose letters are these?" "They are Linda's."

It was a strange chance that we met there again.

Pradeep is often late for school.

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Let's hope Sherri can do better next time.

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It wasn't that good.


Jenine and I work together.

Do you know where Laurent and your friends went?

Sanand turned on the water.


Either Knapper, Curt, or neither of them goes to the market.

He looked about.

Matthias said he didn't want to think about it.


Tobias doesn't talk to his neighbors.

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Greg wasn't surprised that Trevor was there.

That's why I'm giving it to you.

You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Please don't mind me.

They ski.

Our plane is flying toward the south.

From an ethical point of view, the great principle of technology is "responsibility to the present" but the new way of thinking, "responsibility to the future" has emerged.

I can't blame her.

Eugene and Lila spent a lot of time together when they were kids.

Do you know what happens next?

I have a big black dog.

Paris is a very ancient and beautiful city.

Karl unclenched his fist.

It doesn't matter to them.

We had better not remain here.

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I didn't say this was heaven.


Some of the information is very important.

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I'm doing what I have to do.

Thirteen passengers were hospitalized.

He is a good violinist.


Everything in this store is overpriced.

Who said you were going to die?

Our throats are becoming dry, standing beneath the sun like this, without even a tree for shade.

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Shane is an orphan.

It's just that I don't like it.

Kate's new song is amazing.


My father died a peaceful death last night.


He has a girlfriend but he's flirting with me.

Are you going to tell Daren that he can't come with us, or are you going to make me tell him?

Cross the street.


Stevan came in carrying three cups of espresso.


Do you guys want these?


It really doesn't matter to me where the water flows, as long as it is not in my wine.

When they gave her the piggy bank, the first thing Laura did was put in a couple of coins and shake it to hear it tinkle.

He bears the title of Sir.

Dad gave me a watch, but I lost it.

That's so cool.

I am joining the piano competition this February.

The assembly consisted of people concerned about human rights.

They are loyal to their master.

Spock doesn't know what he's doing.


If you don't believe me, go and see it for yourself.


Call 1-800 TATOEBA now for a free sentence.

We're going to check it right away.

I'm teaching Basque.

Everyone knows Alan.

I study French.

Why do I need to do that?

You're making her nervous.

Are there still men yet who don't drink?

Bobbie wrote a note to Mott.


I can't believe you remembered.

Triantaphyllos has a drug problem.

Keep your hands off my daughter!


What have you been up to, Erin?

Les couldn't lift Julian's suitcase.

The lake supplies the city with water.


I have a bruise.