I suppose that's all I can do.

Jurevis says he can fix anything.

Winston lives with Terrance like a dog and a cat.

You're not dogs.

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That will be better for you.

I have one sister.

The Constitution gives certain rights to the states.


I should've told Shuvra that I wasn't planning to be there.

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I can't do this job.


Don't lose your sense of humor.


Everything is going according to plan.


Hsi lost a contact lens.

What's your goal here?

You'll never be able to forget me.

I filled in my name on the form.

Myron's baby is less than a month old.

Syed doesn't know the difference between a Roma and a Hungarian.

Johan's death may not have been an accident.


Please take us with you.

No, you need not go right now.

Who cared for the dog when you were away?

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Nigel makes Ellen happy.

Claire is doing nothing wrong.

Sofoklis once worked with me.


I hear from him every now and then.

Monty stomped her foot angrily.

I'm not happy about your results. That's what I wanted to tell you.

A banker's life is difficult.

I know quite a few people who don't eat meat.

It was so cold that I stayed at home all day.

Alvin tried to tell Arnold how he felt.

I don't know what's going on around here, but I intend to find out.

They will not be beholden to special interests.

Have you told Karen about your back pain?

I will bring back a lot of food.

Michelle is quick-tempered, isn't he?

Why haven't you told her?

Shyam and I are the same age.

The contract was signed.


Andries often blames others for his own failures.

It's all the same.

You won't find very many of these in Boston.

Land prices are very high in Japan.

Ronald sat silently.

What do we live for ?

I called him, but the line was busy.


I'm cutting up an onion.

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The only flight available is a red eye flight next week.


Does this please you, or do you want something else?

Playing cards is a popular pastime.

You can't always get the one you want.


I have high hopes for Brad.

Now pay attention, children.

She knows many bigwigs.

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The answer to your question is no.

Here is a new magazine for you to read.

Give your argument against going.


He earned his living as a teacher.

I asked her to wait a moment.

June doesn't usually walk anywhere.

Florian wanted to open the box right away, but I suggested we wait until June got here.

Sheila is saving money so she can go to Japan.


I couldn't find out anything.

I have got two telephones: one is a mobile phone, another is a landline.

I don't have this book.


Can I interest you in a drink?

You shouldn't worry about his eccentricities.

I think it's unreasonable.

We never had much in common, you and me.

We're going out for lunch. Why don't you come along?

I don't like to plan too much.

He has no authority over his staff members.

Matthias is going to help me.

You need to buy them presents.

Thank you for submitting your work to this journal.

Will this really make all our problems go away?


Where do you go to school?

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I sang one.

Somebody missed the dog.

He's wimpish.

Your privacy is important to us.

She could not come because of her illness.

He just missed the bus.

It's not necessary.


I can't wait until Monday.

The boss outlined a three-pronged approach to turn the fortune of the company around.

What do you guys have?

I think that's where Jason is.

I am sure the condition will turn for the better.

She talks as if she knew everything.

I think this is the best place to eat in town.

The first time Hsi ever saw Giles, he was wearing a beanie, strumming a ukulele, and singing an Irish ditty.

We arrived at the airport three hours before our flight.


Tim wouldn't let me do that.

I'll be waiting right here for you.

I don't have anything to throw.


Jock will turn thirty on October twentieth.

Whenever I hear that song, I think of my younger days.

There were no knives.

This will give you an approximate idea of the situation.

The many oil fences that were used in the Gulf of Mexico got recycled for parts that are now used in electric cars.

Let's get back to the party.

I could use some advice.


I'm worthless.


A Mr. Tanaka came to see you yesterday.


Marco was going to shoot me.

Brett was worn out.

Tanaka fell asleep during the show at the Planetarium.


I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Japan.

The water is clear to the bottom.

So characteristic of what a pious Christian would say, this courteous phrase.

William is being very uncooperative.

Rodger takes his job seriously.

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Please write with a pencil.

The soup is too salty.

Wendell scored five runs.

This data supports the hypothesis.

The auction ends Monday.

Everyone wants to be loved.

I've got to learn some new songs.

Juanito has four sisters.

I had a good time yesterday.

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I think I know who might've done this.


Did you save money by shopping there?

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I need you to understand what really happened to Charlene.

The back door is open.

Sir is struggling with this concept.

The first gasoline powered automobile was invented in 1886 by Karl Benz.

I think I agree with what Lenora said.

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Casualties were inevitable.


It's out of the question.

Robbin said that he didn't want to go to Mariou's party.

Someone should buy a round of drinks.


Sorry, I was dining and I didn't see the message.

The Bon Festival is near at hand.

This plan is being discussed right now.


Betsy was so careless as to leave his camera in the bus.

Is this a public or private company?

Brent was calm and collected.


He has Ukrainian citizenship.


She looks sorrowful and forlorn.

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That's all you need to know.

Benson won't be back for a few hours.

Just ask Brett.

But every man had to give five years of service to the government.

We felt sympathy for her.

John has already come to the station.

If cheese is good, but the cake is a lie, what is a cheesecake? A good lie.

Japan's shame, the result of the Pacific War, has not yet faded.

Riga is the capital of Latvia.

Edgar was asked by Santa to mow the lawn.

How wonderful were the good old days.

The sun sank below the horizon that evening in a blaze of ruby and gold.

There are many long words in the German language.


I will shoot anyone who questions my mercy.


I can handle it.


They hugged us.

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My father used to read me stories when I was a little boy.