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She hurried to the station only to miss the train.

Starting next week, I'll be working the late shift.

This forum is a free service, and one gets edutainment out of it.

She cried and cried, but no one came to comfort her.

Stanislaw ought to have been here a long time ago.


This is not your problem, it is mine.


I arrived home, thoroughly worn out, after getting lost in the mountain paths.


Maybe we should try harder.


I never get to do anything by myself.

I spent the entire morning filling out these forms.

Kyu and Stan must be very busy.

I don't want you seeing Ann anymore.

I realized that cats can see in the dark.

She got first prize in the eating contest.

Mahesh began to work for our company three years ago.

Why did your father beat you?

I can't lift the sack either.

I've never seen a real cow.

They visited me occasionally.

I don't have a cent.

You told him that he should have a reward.

All Jack does is sleep.

I'm rather shy.

He fired at point blank range.

Life in prison is worse than the life of an animal.

I thank you for your sympathy.

Do you need to lie down?

You've got some balls coming here like this.

Manny works for a big advertising firm in Boston.

According to today's paper, there was a big earthquake in Chile yesterday.

My mother prepared breakfast.

You can't blame this on me.

Lyndon didn't have to go.

Until when shall you tell us off?

Herb doesn't like having to admit that he can't read.

I don't want a present. I want a future.

The house gets painted every five years.

I saw them kissing.

I'm busy with the work all the time.


His homework is going to take a long time.


I was framed.

I'll be sure to do that.

That is the funniest joke that I have ever heard.


What a lovely garden!

Let's settle accounts.

You had better take an umbrella with you today.

Do you have any special exhibits?

I would like to have lunch.

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I want to be famous.

Things aren't easy.

Marco was an ambulance driver in the war.


As long as you do what you've been told, we'll have absolutely no problem.


Can a trip during which one can't talk directly with the residents of the visited locations give anything valuable to the traveler?

I've arranged transportation for us back to Boston.

They live across the river.


We may never know what happened to flight MH370.

Even you would have helped us.

This desk is used by me.

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Do you want to tell me what happened?

Some women longed to have the right to vote.

Not driving himself, he isn't familiar with cars.


You need to do this first.

How did you get into Harvard?

Magnus wants to become a fireman.


Benjamin's going commando today.

It was not conclusive.

Please don't make me eat that.

Meet me at the hotel bar.

"Shut the fecking music up and read the book." "I see my censor spell still works!"

Akiko has several friends in France.

We'll find them.

A nightingale will not sing in a cage.

I had the word on the tip of my tongue.

Do you guys need anything else?

If we don't make it we need to prolong the period of time.

Do you know a good place to have lunch?

Jane says he witnessed the whole thing.

Do you want to continue living like this?

We are the backing group.

We're releasing all the sentences we collect under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

I never had any reason to hurt Leila.


Gregge is putting her face on.

How long do horses live?

What time is your train?

You have to tell him.

Let's make it a fair trade.

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I'm inclined to believe them.

Mann did warn you.

My children are twins.

He left on an expedition to the North Pole.

The wedding is less than three months away.

I'm not working tonight.

Your gift will go far towards helping to build the children's hospital.

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This is a small village.


You CAN do it.

I played football and my sister played tennis.

Todd and Sanford met in 2013.

Moore is a cool guy.

I slept just two hours.

The loud noise gave me a terrible fright.

Raja doesn't think he can win.

There are many houses destroyed by the earthquake.

Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.

Our team could win.

Randy is holding a lit candle in his right hand.


What time did you get home last night?

You've got better things to do.

Americans voted on November 2, 2004.


Take it upstairs.

You need to start getting ready.

Do you have any concerns?

How can you do this to me?

The boy begged for a new bike.

He clearly lied.

I've never been to Hokkaido.

The phones aren't working.

The last of us.

I'll call after going home tomorrow.

Clem is healthy, isn't he?

Sergio wanted a pedicure.

It is not a watch.

I don't even care anymore.

You should've told me this before.

In September 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced proposed carbon pollution standards for new power plants.

Anderson needs a new car.

The company's managers had a very lackadaisical attitude towards the safety of their workers.

Liyuan lived next door to us when I was a kid.

I am telling a story.

Happiness is so much more enjoyable when it's based on the misery of others.

You can believe it.

Bea had to mind his P's and Q's when he met Rodger's parents for the first time.

I hear music.

We have quite a lot of work planned.

Can we call her now?

Our TV is out of order.

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His car looks as good as new.

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It's better to have a car to arrive at the hostel.

Men's things are sold on the third floor.

He interrupted his work to answer the phone.

Revised has to go now.

I'll be sure to let him know.

Don't you want something to eat?

Did you see the new commercial?

I know Root was disappointed.

I made a doll for Ann.

Laurianne was very calm.

I understand how much you want to go to the party, but I can't let you go.


It's worthwhile to visit both places.

Mom, where is the toilet paper roll?

He lives in this lonely place by himself.

It looks like Barbra has broken a couple of ribs.

Franklin likes mystery.

"Dang Me" wasn't the first song Roger Miller had written, but it was his first huge hit record.

We're not going to catch him.

Jianyun lacks discipline.

You must excuse me now.

I really like this book.

Any bed is better than no bed.

The room is ready for us to move into.

I'd like to pay with my credit card instead.


Did you know Tricia was dealing drugs?

You do run.

There was nobody else to protect and love Penny.


Is this the reason you didn't want me to come?

Tao wears a fake Rolex.

I'll come tomorrow night.


I'm teaching my cat to relieve itself in the sandbox.

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I lost my key.

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Let's go and find him.

Mother is cooking in the kitchen.

He got four dolls, of which three were made in China.