• The WeRun Effect

    How do elderly users of WeChat and their family members experience fitness data sharing and discussing fitness data with each other?

  • App- Eater

    We interviewed 50 stakeholders, anlyzed 345 reviews, and conducted app content analysis to explore the principles of mobile apps for speech therapy and how stakeholders collaborate to design, develop, and use these mobile apps.

  • 438-240-8859

    We developed a chatbot prototype which helped collaboration among players of LoL in a constructive and user-friendly way, and increased self-reported satisfaction by 10%-25%.

  • (757) 768-6308

    This is an experimental interactive intermedia performance linked with music, dance, and theatre, which inspired by The Tempest, Shakespeare's mystical masterwork. I helped three groups to expand their artworks into multimedia forms, as well as developed the event website.

  • 8105248336

    This project studied travel patterns of the local and non-local population in two Metropolises by mining, analyzing, and visualizing 9,854,450 sign-in data from Weibo.

  • Whu

    We redesigned and reconstructed the map navigation section of the official website of Wuhan University, and helped 100,000 visiters and 20,000 students every year.

  • Bright Night

    In this project, we collected light polution in the urban area by UAV, produced a light pollution map, and provided a solution to define light pollution levels.

  • GIS
    of Case

    Our goal was to minning useful information beneath 2400 independent hepatitis cases in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Province, find patterns or unexpected results and demonstrate them as concise graphs.