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A 100 % sustainable ecological rural and social environment rebuilding and development project. Our vision is based on a industrial grade carmin cultivation plan for the southern Afghanistan, followed by big scale export to China, Pakistan and Indian textile industry,
all in great demand for sustainable, ecological color products.This vision is based on 100% Afghan owned programs.

Back in 1998

The war against ussr had ended, the turmoil and interior conflicts had peaked and the taleban rules had taken over. The peoples situation was locked. There had to be a sustainable solution, acceptable to the protecters of what was left in the total wartorn country. A way out of the limbo, into a bright future, for the suffering population! Another war involved Afghanistan to its breaking point, and the suffering continued for the afghan survivers!

Before that – on a trip through Chile in 1996

The idea for Carmin production as big size reconstruction project for the troubled Afghanistan, occurred in 1996,  in mind of the Afghan peoples great need of support to move forward. After the Russian capitulation and exit from the country, Afghanistan was in total ruin, and without the much needed help, the situation was in no prospect of peace and reconstruction.

We visited the area in the northern part of Chile where a similar giga carminproject, was in full production. This inspired further studies on the sustainability and options, as this possibly could be a new crop for the troubled Afghanistan, to get implimented and transform out of the Taliban times. Get a sustainabel economy to recover the country and unite  the people.
Opuntia cactus, the motherplant of the cochinille/carmin,  is a well known species in south Afghanistan, where former small productions of cochinille took place, for coloring yarn (carpet weaving).

Since this projects first presentation in 1998, in Afghanistan, is the understanding and support for a transformation like this, for the benefit of the whole country, totally the idea people will trust in, it has only been met with great enthusiasm in more than 15 visits I have made to Afghanistan in the periode from 98-06.

20130531_121525The larger landowners, and all with opium cultivated areas in the southern part of the country, 150.000 hectar, who might take part in this project are all in great distress and dilemma with their cultural responsibility and compassionate care for the rural population, and they will with this program become financially able to meet all needs and demands for better conditions for the rural living people and themselves.
The state will with its tax rate be in a position to address social boost in other parts of the country.

We hope the time is with us now, and the economy from the international community and the Afghan government will be made available for the start of the peace. It should be emphasized that this project has been met favorably in its idea in the former Taliban reign times, and as such  therefore should not meet resistance from that part.
Hopefully further presentation and outlay of the program to Afghan government and landowners will be the next step to strive on the way to implementing this Peace program, by and for the Afghan people on the way to reconnect, to a more sustainable minded rest of the world, in peace and good will by and for all of us.

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