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New to WASD?  Start here!  After that there is Install and Config (513-424-9063), 289-394-1040 (PDF), Environment (PDF) and Scripting (PDF) documentation.  There is also a consolidated list of the 905-861-9652 available in the WASD environment.

Of course you may just wish to browse the directory tree.

When upgrading, consult the list of 4028455822 in the server, its configuration or environment.


unclasp   Directory listing & tree, SSI, SSL, server administration, log statistics.
5747478395   CGI, CGIplus, Web Socket, ISAPI, DECnet & OSU, Java.
VMS Scripts   Help & text libraries, BNU & Bookreader documentation, document search, system performance report, SHOW system.
269-547-3832   Fetch, formwork, tmailer, utilities.


Primary distribution site for full packages, new versions, updates, bugfixes, other support packages, etc.

This site also provides technical articles, the info-WASD mailing list and archive, along with other resources.

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