She straightened her skirt.

There's no guard.

He had a lot of things to do.

Janos always seems to be unhappy about something.

There's nothing to do, so I may as well watch television.

It isn't easy.

Evenings by candle-light in Wroclaw.

With a microwave oven like this, it's always New Year's Eve!

I will call on you tomorrow.

Antonella emptied the waste basket.

Water shortage is caused by the loss of forests.

Here is a pan without handles.

He remembers Mr Black's car.

OK, you win.

We didn't go so far as Boston.

My mouth is numb.


We never do that.

I lived there three years ago.

We're still too far away.

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A reason to avoid cars and public transports is, considering the costs said above, that some of you could not afford all the expenses, so there is the need to reduce these expenses when possible.

Esperanto is pretty much of a non-language.

This is just.

I hope they do it.

He gave me an example.

Thank you for helping me clean out the garage.

The stars are too far away.

Surya was the one who actually wrote the letter.

I was deceived by the blue sky and brought no umbrella.


I decided to leave the school.


Troy has enough money to buy anything he wants.

Would you have a suggestion?

This is scary.

Give yourself enough time.

I was born the year the war ended.


Why do you come here?

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Would you tell me what's going on here?

Try not to use too many filler words.

Is eating raw pumpkin safe?

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I'd like an earnest word with you.


Gabriel doesn't do it.


That was somebody else's idea.


I wonder what I should get you for your birthday.

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I thought it'd be fun to sing a few songs together.

I believe that both of you are pretty handsome.

Do you have a better idea?

We've been waiting for your instructions.

I thought Kolkka would stay overnight in Boston.

He is living apart from his wife.

My sister will be thirteen years old next summer.

I'm pretty sure Ritalynne is the only one who can tell us what we need to know.

In total there are 9 people in my family.

This car will soon have to go for scrap.

Josh looks inquisitive.

The police followed her all the way to Paris.

We didn't even discuss it.


I'm very lucky.


It was an extraordinary year.

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Your coughing is a result from having smoked.

Do you believe that elephants can contemplate life after death?

He missed the train by one minute.


Germany is like my second home.

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Hank was not badly injured.


It's such a beautiful morning.

Gil is the one that doesn't like me.

She tried not to think about what she had just done.

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Look into the matter more carefully.

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Clyde takes piano lessons.

Everyone's looking for you.

Our teacher dwelt on the importance of punctuality.

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If you want to become ambidextrous, try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. It'll be hard at first, but you'll get used to it in no time.

He looks like Johnny Depp.

Why do you lie for her?

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Asked about her job, she said, "My job is too complicated to sum up in a word."


What a pity you can't dance!


Metin made himself known to me.

How long have you two been out here?

I've been very patient with you.

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The loss of her husband was a great blow for Siping.


I know that you are in love with me.

He has finally jumped the shark.

Do you feel seedy?


Len and I are both teachers.


Before Jennifer became Old's chauffeur, he was John's chauffeur.


This disease is caused by a rare genetic mutation.


He is what we call an honour student.

We don't have another choice.

I don't know what you heard about her.


Someone gave Nou the wrong directions.

He seemed disappointed at the results.

China has Chinese characteristics.

You're feeling better, aren't you?

This is all new to me.


How can you afford another suit?

Ariel says that he doesn't want to eat anything.

She looked at him with hatred.

He has great influence over the medical world.

Did you have to do that?

Did you find anything in the room?

He's just a politician.


Perry doesn't seem very happy today.

I can't precisely tell you how long that will continue.

I was thinking about the planes.

Spike is said to have murdered his commanding officer.

You eat more food than I do.

He's not much as a singer.

He showed me the way to the store.


It must be here somewhere.


Do you have small change?

By no means do I dislike farming.

Marion and I've been very happy together.

Why would I fire you?

Rupert can operate a forklift.

Omar promised to write every day.

A shy male student wanted to be excused from a class because he was too shy to be the only guy in the class.

We had our reasons.

They canceled the festival.

Pierce is the best candidate for the job.

My parents objected to my going there alone.

It's in the closet.

We followed Briggs.

This speed is insane.

You can't let us suffer.

Where should we eat tonight?

Did you know there were a few foxes living on this mountain?

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The results he has got are, in the main, satisfactory.


Yes, you need glasses.

Tareq took another bite of his sandwich.

Do you have pictures with your wife?

If you have something to say, say it now or pipe down.

The money is due to him.

Mike can't get the bottle open. Could you help him?

It worked for me.

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Let's go there.


He regrets having wasted his time.


When refined, crude oil yields many products.

Niall said that he had been busy.

Don doesn't mind walking.

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You came here because you wanted to know the truth.


It snowed as was forecast.

Sorrel bought a second hand Toyota.

How much longer do you think it'll be until Myron gets here?


Please return one set to us with your signature.

Nobody lives there.

Don't forget to take along the camera.

I'm contributing.

She got what he said.


Don't change horses in midstream.


Now I'll give you an orientation course.

So, are you going to tell me who you are?

I take a nap almost every day.


I thought he might come.

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Did you know that ...?


He is well acquainted with history as a whole.