The drunk driver took the turn too fast, lost control of his car, and sideswiped six parked cars.

Earnie insisted on his innocence.

No one's going to be hurt.

I'll take the chance.

Her penmanship is horrible.

Barbra nodded thoughtfully.

I don't know why they hate each other so much.

Take this!


I've had some concerns.

We need to teach him a lesson.

Shame on you, Albert.

How is Cristian doing?

It took a load off my mind when our team won the championship.

Not all of us were satisfied with the system.

Russ wanted to drive, but since he was drunk, Ravi wouldn't let him.


A stone is dead matter.

I talk to young people all day long.

She felt insecure about her children's future.

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I want to introduce you to my parents next Saturday.

John sits by Jack.

He picked up something white on the street.

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Why don't we go out?

I want to make a pie.

"What would happen if I touched a painting?" "I think an alarm would sound off."


I'm going to shoot him dead.

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It's Pria and Kelvin's anniversary.

The employees treat everything the company president says as a golden rule.

It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.

The doctor told Suu that he had to wear a cast for three weeks.

Why did you give up?

Saumya suddenly understood what Michel was getting at.

Dwight didn't even notice I was there.

It will be rather difficult for him.

He was curious to see the inside.

I didn't want to waste so much time.

If our last batter had not finally hit a home run, our team would have lost the game.


I haven't had anything to eat for three days other than a stale sandwich, a rotten apple, and some spoiled yogurt.

He is not coming to the birthday party, because he is ill.

This rose smells so sweet.

The boy looks like his father.

Chet doesn't have any friends to play with.


The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991.

I think this is a good choice.

Thank you for the dinner, it's so delicious.

Mohammad says he thinks it's a waste of time to vote.

Read this passage.


The bus burst into flames.


What time did you see them?


I heard Ranjit gasp.

I assume you've heard from Jeanne.

Well you're always putting on a show, and you're always on guard.

Could you page someone for me?

What have these poor people done that they must be punished in this way?

It took us three hours to get to Boston.

This gift is for you.


Sergei is a great first baseman.

This is difficult for him.

Who sings the best of all the boys in your class?

Vadim was surprised that Miriamne showed up.

Do you hear it?

Ssi is a little taller than I am.

I think the only problem I have now is being shut in at home.

I don't remember giving Antonella a key.

Soak this sponge in water.

Those men are strange.

You made Ramesh cry.

Don't disappoint me.

I notice the sale prices are written in red ink.


I was tempted to skip class and go home early.

Try thinking about something else.

Give us a hand.

I think she's out looking for a job.

They went to the park the next morning.

Nathaniel took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

It'll be ready.


I actually enjoy school. It's just the getting out of bed and getting here part that's the issue.


I keep science for Life.


I understand Jeffie's position.

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This motion picture is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries throughout the world.


At last, I found out the answer to the question.

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Who controls the internet?

I have more than enough time.

Every one of them went to see that movie.

I'm not thinking about it.

Now this is your problem, not mine.

I won't leave without Renu.

Don't be too alarmed.

He likes adventure.

I hold you ever dearer.

I'd like to spend the whole weekend sleeping.

Florian doesn't like people who don't show up on time.

Can you see me?

Work fast, eat slow.

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Come out and enjoy the cool breeze.


Hurf went without lunch because he didn't have enough time to eat.


Blair was unable to conceal his surprise.

Please turn the music down a bit.

Why isn't Hsi on the team?

Fish is expensive.

Sangho has waited for three hours.


He seldom breaks his promise.

Her sweater is purple.

He pursued his career at the expense of his family.

Long after you've become inactive, your mistakes, if not corrected, will live on to mislead future users.

We picked apples so as to make a pie.

I can't give those to you.

Our denomination practices exclusive psalmody in worship.

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I wanted to ask you some questions about Sandeep.


Kay never was successful.

Will you tell me the truth?

Forgive them.

Who should I call to fix my plumbing?

Do you really think they'll attack?

I wish Ric were here with me now.

Cookie was a very gentle dog.

Promise me you won't stay out all night.

You are to blame.

As for the air, there is always some moisture in the atmosphere, but when the amount increases a great deal, it affects the light waves.

Earl exhaled sharply.


I love your top.

All Gaul is divided into three parts.

There was no malice in what he did.


As far as modern writing is concerned, it is rarely rewarding to translate it, although it might be easy. Translation is very much like copying paintings.


Will he come home soon?

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Could you lend me some sugar?

No one else noticed that Kamiya had snuck into the room.

Are you sure, Amarth?

Send Vincent down.

I was trying to help her.

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Your journey starts here.

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We planted rice.

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German is a synthetic language.

We haven't yet decided what to do.

Naoto has too many things to worry about.

She doesn't seem to care.

You hardly ever work, do you?

I have confidence in your ability to win.

I don't know why you have a problem with me.


You can start anytime.

I should've gotten a ticket.

"I was just wondering, are you the boss of this place?" "Well, sort of. Now, intruder detected! That means I have to kill you." "...I shouldn't have asked that really, should I?"

Give that to him.

He's looking for a leather belt.


He had no coat on.


So, should we get going?


This plan is good in some ways.

Victory may seem impossible, but actually it is not.

You're fashionable.


Someone stole my bicycle.

Did you really expect me to help you?

I was scared of them.


We've had a few casualties.

It was a scary moment.

It'll turn up.

In other words, he doesn't want to do it.

Don't talk to me because I'm no longer talking to you.

Shall we meet tomorrow?

No, you need not.

She always studies listening to music.

We'd like to know more about it.

Do you take American Express?

She advised him not to spend all his money on his girlfriend.