When the bomb exploded, I happened to be there.

Piercarlo announced her engagement to Becky.

In the matter of food and clothing, we are pretty well off.

Tie your shoelaces.


That's where the problem lies.

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The hotel was first class.


You need not write in ink.

The understanding of the present is impossible without a good understanding of the past.

You are still so beautiful.

Every good restaurant has vegetarian options.

Brr, it's cold.

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He washes my lettuce.

That's his one and only concern.

Andy hung his shirt up in the closet.

A distinct idea is defined as one which contains nothing which is not clear.

There's nowhere to go.

The garden at Jamie's house was heavily overgrown. For over a year no one had bothered to look after it anymore.

I think she will come.

Could you lend me your sociology notes?

Tell me what Lynne wanted.

The shoppers stood in a line.

Do you always obey orders?

When I accidentally stood on the cat's tail, she hissed at me and raced out of the room.

Among the refugees there are many children.

Farmers today use technology not available to their forebears, to maximise yields from their crops and livestock.

I can't speak Tok Pisin well.

I read anger in her face.

Just take your pick.

Do they know it well?

I wish you hadn't tried to help.

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His personal servants hated him.

Attention centered on the singer.

I just saw Pratt three hours ago.


You can't address me like that.

I could do that for you.

She shut the door and went upstairs.

Are you from the future?

Lynnette will eat cake.

I've got a message for her.

Don't hang out with him.

I've been waiting for this for so long.

Herman has tested positive for Ebola.

He regularly trains with bodybuilding equipment.

Children are the true teachers of life.

It affects all of us.

His argument was logical.

It was one of the best nights I've had.

They abandoned the sinking ship.

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Goodness is abstract, a kind act is concrete.

He took advantage of the fine weather to paint the wall.

Affluence leads to chagrin.


Murph is a Harvard graduate.

My cellphone beeps if the battery is running low.

Are you doctors?

She is not animal-loving.

This has been a good day, right?

I'm right here.

I want to know where you were last night.


I wasn't hungry.

He will come to you tomorrow.

Out of a hundred soldiers, ten returned unharmed, the rest died.


The question is which to choose.


It just might work.

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My time is expensive because time is the most precious thing we have. But for learning languages, I always have the time. Because with each new word we learn, our world becomes a tad more interesting.

He went straight to a place where good food was served.

You're lucky Mechael lent you some money.

I understand her, but on the other hand I don't think she's right.

I saved you.

There was a modest rise in prices last year.

Mongo thought that Ram didn't like him.

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Please tell me where Timo is.

I knew you had a boyfriend!

I thought I was going to get into that bar, but they wouldn't let me in.

Her voice was sweeter than the lark's.

I'm in trouble here.

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Triton is thought to be a combination of rock and ice. Its surface temperature is -245 degrees Celsius, and it has a thin atmosphere of nitrogen and methane.

Brett tried to kiss me.

The song always reminds me of my childhood.

Page said it was no concern of his.

You gonna see me change.


People there decorate their homes with potted flowers to add to the festival atmosphere.

He's a pediatrician.

A blush came over her face.


I think what Moe is doing is amazing.

When you cross the bridge, don't look down.

With his lace and embroideries, and his crown of blue ribbon and whalebone, he looked like the king of babies.

Don't worry, I will protect her.

The building is one hundred meters high.


Why don't you speak Berber with Berbers?


Good day, lords. In what way can I refine upon my adroitness in aural comprehension?

Why didn't you tell him that?

Francisco told me to be there by 2:30.

It wouldn't hurt a fly.

The door won't open.

I'm worried about my future.

He took her hand and sat down beside her.

She crossed my name off the list but not yours.

Never in my life have I heard such a terrible story!

The more mistakes I make in translation, the more I learn, hopefully.

We need time to mourn.

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Six months ago I had an operation for the cataract in my right eye.


The man entered the next room.


A minute has sixty seconds.

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It's dangerous to fool around with electricity.

Thomas regrets not doing what his father recommended.

Three babies crying incessantly gave me a headache.

He is such a good English speaker.

How long have you worked for Patty?

We often hear it said that an earthquake may occur at any moment.

The forum looks lethargic; maybe it's your diet.


This is the first time I've ever sworn in the presence of my children.

There are a lot of rats.

Why are you helping him?


I'll tell you what I think.

Ritchey loves architecture more than anything else in the world.

Well, we're neighbours. I'll be popping over all the time.


Heather told me that he wanted to stay single.

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We ate some Swedish meatballs with gravy, potatoes, and lingonberry jam.

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Did you find her?

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When did you start studying Latin?

We can't get caught drinking. My parents would kill me.

Can I buy only the lenses?

It's better for you not to see my grandpa.

Where are my books?

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This problem is beyond my powers.

I owe her thirty thousand.

John lives above his means.

Who notified him?

Please write in a way that concretely conveys the question.

I'd like to say "goodbye" and "thank you" in Esperanto. Can you help me out?

I wonder if Helge knows where Old's umbrella is.

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Have you ever read the Koran?

Les wasn't able to solve the problem.

Can we just go home?

Alfred wants to trade.

Your eyesight's gonna be ruined if all you do is play games.


Erik relaxed on the couch.

Thank you for the suggestion.

He was in agony.

Ned divorced her husband several years ago.

The dog barked at the mailman.


Emmett isn't an artist.

Go tell him to get ready.

Go straight ahead and you will see the bank.


He invested two hundred dollars in a promising business.

You've never seen a genuine diamond.

The mailman is between postboxes.

Come on, set the tone.

She liked him right from the beginning.


Glenn stayed at a hotel not far from our house for a few days.

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Today, I finally came to terms with myself; I accepted myself.


You seem a little sore.

Sal thought Mason's joke was hilarious.

We are gray.

If you would succeed in life, you must work hard.

The war lasted nearly ten years.

Why is Hubert following me?

Tomorrow I will go to Paris by car.

How often did you visit Kyoto?

Liz is a true leader.

She attributed her success to good luck.

Gretchen did a cartwheel.


What's that thing supposed to do?