Cloud Service

The latest image recognition technologies based on mahcine learning that allow the most accurate image recognition in a secure cloud.

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Data Extraction

Providing with information obtained from OCR'ed documents in accordance with customer requirements.

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Image Processing

Image duplicates detection, page orientation change, sequence of pages check, page type recognition, page type categorization etc.

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  • OCR Cloud Service

    Providing the latest image recognition technologies that will help you to get data from scanned images and convert it into convenient text file formats.

  • Image Processing

    Detect page/image duplicates (full, partial overlap), change page orientation, revealing images unsuitable for recognition, getting additional information about a document, identification of a document type, a text angle and more.

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    This concept allows you to extract data from scanned documents with incredible precision and provides information obtained from OCR'ed documents in accordance with customer requirements (birth date, name, phone number, email, etc.).

Why choose us?

  • OCR, correct, store and analyze your documents

  • Correction of original images

  • Duplicate detection

  • Manual correction of a recognized text after OCR

  • Get additional information about a document(orientation, type, layout, etc.)
  • Data Extraction Service
  • Document type identification (invoice, medical record, fax etc.)


We are using three ways of information processing simultaneously: preprocessing of a scanned image, the neural network and natural language processing to recognize and correct the text properly. This symbiosis allows to achieve an excellent recognized text quality. In addition, we are one of the first companies on the market that provide data extraction specifically from OCR'ed documents.