He had his sore arm dressed.

Danny says that he can't sleep unless it's completely dark.


We didn't need them for that.

What made you think that?

The house was surrounded by fields.

Jeffie is planning to study abroad next year.

He took it for granted that I knew the answer.

"Mahesh, do you still love me?" "Of course, I do."

No one will be caught by his flattery.

You don't need to be there.

Louiqa is always itching for a fight.


Think it over and tell me what you decide.

Bryce said he wanted to get out of town for a while.

You don't speak English.

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I've seen him naked.


Did you get a reply from Tracy?

Keith has a dentist appointment at 2:30.

Appearances are deceiving.

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They are eating just now.

She is terrified of hospitals.

This girl I wouldn't take to the altar, at best to the hotel...


The development of the country is falling behind that of Japan.


Real is calling from his cellphone.

It is war's prize to take all vantages, and ten to one is no impeach of valour.

I'll come by tomorrow morning.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake with the most saline water on earth.

They assessed the land at nine million yen.

What kind of person would do that kind of thing?

Leila couldn't touch me.

What is the price of peace?

I really need to get a haircut.

Wolf did that already.

She's shorter than I am.

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Is the manager a manager?

Do not try to live for ever. You will not succeed.

The Roman Catholic Church, which owned a large part of the most desirable land in France, also imposed heavy taxes on the poor and hungry among the French.

Robin writes to me once a week.

Both of the children started crying.


Ramiro rented a car at the airport and drove it to Barbara's house.

I suspect that Fritz cheated on the test.

The movie "Pretty Woman" is one of the all-time classics.

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Another problem is safety.

I wonder how it would be to have wings!

He was passing by on his bicycle when he heard a cry for help.

Do not fancy yourselves to be special, for you are not so.

Just tell us what you want to tell us, then leave.

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The soul animates the body.

Why don't you just do it anyway?

I have an allergy to pollen.

Aren't you being very rude?

We haven't any lid for a box that big.

Opinion against the direct tax was dominant.

I had never been so scared before.


Dave is an above-average student.

I can hardly see without my glasses.

Jerald was the last to enter.

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The use of new technology is attracting more costumers.

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Allow me to introduce you to Mr. White.


Miss Kanda can swim well.

Amedeo got out of bed.

Could you come and get me?


He has a very strong Bahian accent.

Today, more and more people are changing jobs in order to get a better salary and higher social status.

Is there a free spot?

Jorge has some matters to take care of.

Tell us what you heard.

Price wants Murph to stay away from John.

We painted the walls white.


"They left for New York, didn't they?" "Exactly."

Ssi loves talking about music.

Sridhar just looked at Gill and smiled.

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We need you to work late tonight.

The owls foretell the death.

The bedroom is upstairs.

Let's get cracking!

Barrett lived in Boston for three years.

You've never done this before, have you?

My father waters the flowers.

Can we see them now?

I'm not going to fight with you anymore.

It's hard to tell whether Uri is laughing or crying.

Dan said he could sleep in the basement.

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We're going to rebuild.


Dion has good taste in art.


Why don't we call it a day?


I'm supposed to be helping Casper.


How can it affect them?


It's a little farther ahead.

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They work five days a week in Italy.

Who's it for?

They've seen Page.


You liked chocolate.

Nathan realized he had been unreasonable.

That's all I can say.

Welcome to Canada!

Leigh didn't quite understand what Mat wanted.

I'm not happy with this.

You are tallest.


Now, it's your turn.

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Their punishment was harsh, but just.

How much are you willing to pay?

If you don't stop, I'll tell Mom.

Don't lose your temper.

You can't be here right now.

Everybody likes money.

You should have seen what Sekar did.

I want to improve my Greek.

It's not allowed to be quiet here.

What kind of fruit juice do you have?

Did I get anything wrong?

Don't go there alone.

Do we have to help them?


Are they going to kill him?

Do you like pirate movies?

You should have seen her.

The incumbent's rival is taking issue with the claim that crime was reduced by 50% under the current administration.

Let's make believe that we are cowboys.

My father will recover soon.

Please show me the meaning of word.


Little did Christopher Columbus know that future pirates are mostly internet pirates: The closest they will ever get to surfing the sea is being in a bathtub.


I've paid parking fines a number of times myself.

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Manolis usually won't speak French.

No matter how I try, I can't forget that kiss.

Fate brings us what we don't often wait for.

Steve lit a match.

Olivier's family is rich.

The statesman barely coped with the intricate issue.

He came quickly.

The tree isn't ready yet.

Everything is going horribly wrong from Eugene.

Let's go somewhere quiet.

Tai knew me.


After high school, he went to college and studied to be a minister, like his father.


How much do you earn per week?

Where's the up-escalator?

I want to be with my family.

I'm not sure how they could have confused the two men since one is tall and skinny and the other is short and fat.

I don't want to cause anyone any more trouble.

Kiki is the only guy I've ever loved.

Syd has to make a decision.

Why didn't you listen to Maarten?

Imagine what it would be like if you had a time machine.

Tell me where you think you left your umbrella.

She tightened the bolts.

How soundly he is sleeping!

Claude is a danger to society.

The truck driver wasn't injured.

Saul didn't steal anything from me.


Do you want Roxane punished for what he did?


We need to go to the bank.

Just take it easy, OK?

"Would you like to work for me, Tony?" asked Mr Wood.


I feel like I've become someone else.

How about a rematch?

Karl often helps Mosur.


What's taking him so long? He's been in there forever.

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They're painting the fence tomorrow.

I just want the situation resolved.

Everyone would like to believe that dreams can come true.

How do you go there? By car?

Nobody was able to suggest a solution.