It made me very sad.

A man of learning is not always a man of sense.

They're the cream of the crop.

He engaged in incest with his younger sister.

Can you spare me a few minutes of your valuable time?


We can't just let him leave.

Will he succeed or fail?

I'm sorry, but Mr Rooney is tied up at the moment.

We have a bit more work to do.

There were a lot of human remains in that place.

I forgot what someone who studies caves is called.

It was the greatest experience of my life.

Maybe we should give them a hand.

They did it a few times.


Since I had a slight fever, I stayed in bed.

He was shorter than me.

The friends kissed each other on the cheek.

I come here often.

Clearly, Mat isn't buying it.


There are many different races in the world.

I want to know more about this.

Health over wealth.

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We often went skiing in winter.

Foreign languages can be hard to learn.

King had never kissed a girl before he kissed Ragnar.


Don't make me wait!

His story thrilled me with horror.

I haven't seen you in days.


Don't worry about them. They're just jealous.


She is full of energy.

Fred doesn't know whether the concert went well or not.

I can see why that's hard to resist.

I grew up with them.

He is full of go.

What kind of job do you want?

Are you saying Leo's hiding something from us?

I've been here since July.

He's a bit energetic.

You must take off your shoes here.

Mass production lowers the cost of certain goods.


Blake knew Nick wasn't very hungry.

Curtis didn't go, and neither did I.

I didn't have time to do that today.

I wish I had listened to Benjamin.

The tornado touched down two kilometers from my school.

He that knows little often repeats it.

I saw Per on Monday.

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You should make your ideas correspond with reality.

I put three teaspoons of sugar in your tea.

Smoke rose from cottage chimneys; sabbath bells rang peacefully; old people lived and died.


We're giving up.

Please fax me the application form.

Today is her first day of school.

Japanese women are in my opinion some of the most beautiful in the world.

Isn't Herman your brother?

Right now, I'm more worried what may happen to you than what may happen to me.

I don't believe everything Piercarlo tells me.

The closing of school was due to the snow.

Kaj performed the ceremony.

For most of the past 10,000 years, global average temperature has remained relatively stable and low compared to earlier hothouse conditions in our planet's history.

I was planning on telling you today.

I had dinner ready for you.

I owe what I am today to you.

Naresh was never convicted of those charges.

The boat anchored near the shore.


Your house needs repairing.


Her silver armour and her steed dazzled the eyes of the people as she darted past.

I am rapidly losing the ability of immersing myself in activities that I love.

Why not turn the matter over in your mind?

We have to get ready.

Whilst at university, Xiaowang held the post of class monitor.

Monty boarded the ship along with his three children.

I do remember the day very well.


Win and three other crew members were injured in the accident.

I want to make a good first impression.

Derek and Karl just don't seem to communicate very well.

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Did you know Rolf was writing a novel?


Are you artistic?

Please tell us what it is.

I believe that everyone will like this picture.

Welcome to Tatoeba, my friend.

Masanao is an avid hiker and likes nothing better than getting out on the bush trails whenever he can.


Furnishing a new apartment requires large expenses.

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He likes to be mischievous.

Ping likes to cook.

Franklin crawled through the dog door.

The Marsh Woman is related to the elf maidens, who are well-known, for songs are sung and pictures painted about them.

I took your umbrella by a mistake.

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Hiroyuki is in a bad mood now.


Ahmed and Lex started screaming at each other.

He heard a cry for help.

Instead of watching television, the children played outside.

It went off with its tail between its legs.

Kee didn't ask for Brodie's help.


I wasn't able to rent a car.

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Leave now.

I don't want to look at him.

The male peacock has colorful tail feathers.


Kenn started smiling.


Lynnette saw Pratt and John holding hands.

Courtney helped fight the fire.

The ship rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the sea.


Go rot in hell!

I just don't want to do it again.

Why don't we go somewhere together?

Don't deny it.

It was a stressful day.

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she does not speak with him

Walking is nice.

I always have time for you.


We're getting there.

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Judge promised that he'd take care of Marc.


Clare isn't very obedient, is he?

Just go away.

That changed things.

She has two sisters. Both of them live in Kyoto.

Some water, please.

With a friend like you, one doesn't need enemies.

There is no school today.

We often took a walk along the seashore together in the morning.

Why aren't you eating that?

I'm always ready for what come after

One thousand buildings lay in ruins.

I have a message from Mikael for you.

I'm not a specialist.


Dan graduated second in his class.


My books sell very well.

My mother tongue is Japanese.

Don't hide your face.


The reception isn't good.

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You said your boss was a nice guy.

What did Rand just say?

Do you have younger brothers?

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The problem is that they only think about themselves.

I've narrowed it down to three different possibilities.

Matthias thought otherwise.

Do you want to see something extraordinary?

We were on the train for ten hours.


Don't scare the children.


She used to live hand to mouth.


Pardon me for being in this dress.

Don't you want to stop them?

Bonnie threatened me. He said if I didn't give him the money, he'd cut off one of my fingers.


How could you stab me in the back like that?

That problem naturally invited discussion.

I was envious of the students who had studied abroad.

He always tries to trip people up.

Loren didn't like living in Boston.


They don't make any sense.

Marsha was barely alive when we found him.

It was supposed to be a surprise.


Can we forget that this just happened?

Our earnings are in proportion to our real ability.

He is a good enough authority on jazz.


The explosion that followed killed many people.

I feel so bad.

What do I forget to write?


I'm not about to tell them that.