Could you please copy this report?

Greenland's meltwater rivers flow down into giant holes in the ice, called moulins, which drain through tunnels in the ice sheet and out into the ocean.

The second victim was identified as Dan Anderson.

The best-known compositions by Franz Liszt are his nineteen Hungarian Rhapsodies, but he also created beautiful sonatas, symphonies, concerti, Lieder, and religious compositions.

Anatoly'll need to improve his mapreading skills if he wants to compete in the upcoming orienteering competition.

That could change.

Sergio was a wonderful person.

Look, I'm not an expert.

GPS means "Global Positionning System".

You always like to trip me up, don't you?

She is American.

I'll do whatever I can to encourage Soohong to stay in school.

They worked each day from the time the sun rose until it set.

Jose and I became good friends.

Everyone's pretty shaken up.

We still haven't Known what is the flower's name we saw at that day.

He is like his father.

We'll never work for them.

I never expected such a nice hotel in a place like this.

Blair is in a ton of trouble.

Reinhard and Hirofumi are planning to move to Boston.

I know her sister.

Can I make you a proposal?

We are going to the mountains.

I was hungry.

The company overstated its profits.


Earl paid me back all the money he owed me.


I believe Anne did mean that.

We shouldn't let the problem rest here.

You're imagining it.

We reached the top of the hills at dawn.

I wasn't in the office then, so I don't know what happened.

How long have you been working for us?

People come and go as they want.

It's awfully dangerous.

I'll determine how we proceed.


Debbie knows I usually go there on Mondays.


You'll get used to it soon.


Wayne has done a great job.

I want to file a complaint.

They switched places with each other.

We had a short vacation in February.

Do not interrupt when another is speaking.

I speak French almost every day.

He used to come here on Mondays.


How does Damone fit into this?

Just let go.

This is all I know.

That sounded weird.

Flower arrangement is a part of Japanese culture.

Ricardo probably thought I could play tennis.

What's the point of not eating?


Is it an animal? Is it a plant? Is it a mineral? Is it a thing? Is it something immaterial?

If she finds out, I'm screwed!

Olivier doesn't speak French as well as he speaks English.

Maybe you're in love.

I always liked that sweater.

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He will find her.

I haven't seen them since.

He has a hunger for kindness after fame.

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To tell the truth, it does not always pay to tell the truth.

I think Malbork castle is wonderful.

Vishal took Kristi's arm and they started walking.


She was leading her grandmother by the hand.

I'm offering you the chance to be happy.

I spent Saturday afternoon watching entirely too much TV.


Algeria is situated in North Africa.

We rented out a canoe.

He is incapable of telling a lie.

I know how to ski.

I go to sleep at ten almost every day.

Len can swim, can't he?

We've only got three weeks left.

In Esperanto there is only a single declension. One can learn it in less than 15 minutes.

The population of China has already exceeded 1.3 billion.

Suresh is teaching me how to swim.

Get me something to eat.

You need not be afraid of making mistakes.

How long does it take to go to the beach?

Dative spells the death of the genitive.

Can I pay online?

But what has this to do with birds!

We have to cancel our trip to Japan.


She never told anyone about her secret longings.

We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.

We spent too much for the Christmas presents.

I don't know how I'll get home.

That made Deborah smile.

The motel can accommodate as many as 400 guests.

She was the last person I expected to see in such a place.

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He has written several criticisms of that play.

I'd like to dedicate this song to my mom.

Tell us all the gossip.

That is not why I am here.

Hers was a nervous disease, and a change of air was an urgent need.


Something attracted Gregg's attention.

The team were quite nervous before the game.

His failure to tell me the truth caused an accident.

Give me a little.

I used to like Rakhal.

George scared the wolves away.

There is one difference.

The problem is that it's too far away.

I managed to get out of the crowd.

My glasses are on my nightstand.

Do you always run?


I hated him.


Markus is interested in politics.

I've just picked up a fault in the line.

I love Mexican food.

There is a foul odor in the air.

The fun didn't last long.

Jessie gave orders that Alex was to be treated well.

I have no desire to understand what goes on inside your head.

We forgave them.

I need to protect myself.

You could get hurt.

We've never even seen anything like this before.

Hey, look at me.

Annard dropped us off in front of the station.

Let William finish his sentence.

Alison looked Renu in the eyes.

It's going to be OK.

The cat hid among the branches.

Do you have any objections?

You don't have to go with them.

The snake is swallowing an egg.

He is very good at playing violin.

You're organized.

Money won't be a problem.

Something bit her.

She leaves tonight, but she still haven't started packing up the bags.

Tell Shirley thanks.

Have you ever seen God?

Since Raghu is an honest person, I like him.

I didn't let them know.

That's good to hear.

I don't get along with my neighbors.


Your argument is not any more convincing than that of my stubborn father.

I need to know who helped them.

Should I ask him out?

Were there any survivors?

As strange as it may be, he met with somebody who is said to be dead.

If you tell me what needs to be done, I can help.

If someone invited you to a white tie event, would you know what to wear?

Will you please lend me a stapler?

Philip bought a gift for his daughter.


One learns grammar from language, not language from grammar.

The sheriff beat the suspect until he was almost dead.

All those tricks he's got up his sleeve make him a formidable client.

I heard her come in.

Is there anything important?

It's a gimmick.

I wonder what Tiefenthal is scared of.

How many home runs has Josip hit?

Who planted the tree?


He called for beer.

While we hate force, we recognize the need for law and order.

His picture was accepted for the Nika Exhibition.

She always says the same thing.

The thin man took a rest in the shade of a shrine.

I don't think you've ever met Hector.

We have no complaints.

Which cup do you see?

I'm sure it wasn't me who broke this.

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I told you not to give up.

I suggest you don't let Serdar see you.

In some cases, emeralds can be worth more than diamonds.

I saw you snickering.

There are some nice apples on sale in that shop.

Why do we have to take it away?

Any war is a conflict of interests where the most affected are the poor.

I would not have known him.

They're good.


The Sphinx howled with rage.

It cost us a pretty penny to fix the car.

The watch is manufactured in Switzerland.


Why do you guys always ask me that?