Animals are not lifeless objects.

Romain is extremely temperamental.

Why did you call us here?

Doyle closed all the windows.

A Mr. Smith came to see you while you were out.

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I don't want to marry her.


I keep a diary every day.

Raman and Paul talked about the war.

He was a good friend of mine.

You bore me.

Bobby McFerrin and Yo-yo Ma played some famous duets.

I never trusted Tait.

Tomorrow, I'll return the money you lent me.

Let's get down to business.

I think that she has not lied yet.

Don't put off the work till tomorrow.

My father likes strong coffee.


Piete is going to replace me.


Ken doesn't like the way Brandon treats him.

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Audrey is a terrible coach.

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We're making a big mistake, you know.

I don't know when I will return.

She is a native speaker of Serbian.

The Yamada family lives in the apartment below this one.

The daily newspaper brings the world's problems to the breakfast table.


He proposed an alternate plan.


Takeuchi went out for lunch.

I told Sjaak that I agreed with him.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not I make money doing this.

Can you trust Steen?

You tortured a prisoner.

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We had to walk.


Isaac was a leader of the Jewish people.

I told you I could do it.

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

She comes from the South, as I knew from her accent.

Don't ask her any questions about her marriage.

How much did the tickets cost?

Are you sure you've never met Travis?

I've been a ski instructor for three years.

We have a lot more work to do.

It is already lunch time, let's head to the cafeteria!

We can't move.

You may sit wherever you like.

I thought that you could speak French.

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He's a cardiologist.

I thought for sure you'd be wearing your new dress today.

I forget, do they have a panda at the Ueno Zoo?

Please bring me a clean knife.

Tao only eats raw food.

Violence increased soon afterward.

Let's leave tomorrow morning.


Francisco hasn't said anything.

I'm flabbergasted to hear that my best friend died last night in a car accident.

Sehyo took off on his motorcycle.


Do I owe you something?

Do you think I should buy one of these?

Kristen dyed her hair blue.

What a rascal!

The flies around here are terrible.

You endeavored to do your duty.

I was going to tell Judy what we expect him to do.

There is nothing funny about him.

Hostilities resumed between the two powers.

There's no one here who can translate these documents.

Lindsey knew he'd never see Manny again.

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We can work on that right now.

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Ray isn't sure where to go.

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

Are there any bananas?

I'm a good student.

Can I help you with that?

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Next to Taro, Jiro is the tallest boy.

I love to be in nature.

How much is this hat?

I wish you hadn't told me.

It's a cruel world.

Valeria's terrific.

I was really proud of Ned.

We didn't really have that much to drink.

To be always logical may be sometimes hated by others.

They laid down a scheme for extracting salt from seawater.

No one will miss me.

No student in our class is as smart as Kate.

Their trip has been cancelled due to rain.


They will ask you why you want to become a teacher.


You're going to need a push.

First France, then Iraq.

Please allow me to measure you.

Is everything all right between you and Naren?

Linda wore expensive jewellery.


What does it involve?

I'll be waiting for you at 2:30 in front of the school.

It's not enough to just say you're going to vote. You need to vote.

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You may as well begin at once.

Criminals are deprived of social rights.

I'm still in Boston, but I'll be back home tomorrow.

Let's talk to them.

They stressed protection of the environment.


We can't get her on the phone.

He's suffering from the effects of overwork.

This year's good harvest will make up for last year's bad one.

Don't completely prepare the ground for your children, otherwise they might run their head against a wall.

I should give Russ a chance.

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Here are a few interesting facts.

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Does nothing go well for him?

He is at the head of the class.

I'll be in my office.

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My friend studies in the aircraft engineering.


I was annoyed with the boy for being lazy.

Takao washes the kitchen curtains twice a year.

She forgot to stop next to my house.


Sorry, we are closed.

Your plan must fit in with mine.

I have never seen any reason to be frightened of the dark.

Why did you ask for it?

Dawson prefers to stay.


You are much too kind to me.

I've been looking forward to visiting Boston.

Saad gave Tyler his notebook.

Penny told his children it was wrong to steal.

I told him it was urgent.

I can't remember ever doing that.

All the furniture was covered with dust.


All you have to do is make a choice.

He should have been more careful.

I almost believed what Dannie said.

"Would you mind shutting the door?" "No, not at all."

I could hardly refuse Johan's challenge.


That is a good idea.


Muslims bury their dead in graves.

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I'm looking for one of my brothers.


You noticed that, didn't you?


In your thesis, you could at least replace a few German words with their English equivalents, so that it's not so obvious that it is plagiarised.

Get yourself a decent suit.

Two are fighting - a third is profiting.

Yesterday I went to the park.

My father's room is very big.

Matthew has been avoiding me like the plague ever since he broke my glasses.

She needs assistants.

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Keep your dog chained up to the tree.


I try to not eat too much junk food.


Beth was so angry that he couldn't speak.

He took her aside and told her the news.

How did you get into that line of work?


For you who love adventure, this kind of hiking will meet your need.

Is Bret always like this?

Gene always gets lost if he doesn't carry a map.

We'll do it right away.

I can't decide what to eat for lunch.

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When did you have your last physical examination?

I don't want to go on an adventure. I want to watch TV.

To be appropriately dressed in business attire, a man would wear a dark suit with a conservative tie.

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It kept me from reading.

Come any closer, and I'll shoot you.

Elliot lives in North Carolina.


He's not a man to waste time.

The prisoner was set at liberty.

The city is planning to extend the boardwalk.