There's a man at the door who wants to see you at all costs.

Which way is the nearest?

How careless you are to forget such an important thing!

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I don't like camping. Do you like camping?


Whoever thinks: "These days, everyone speaks English" or "The entire world speaks English" without asking what portion of the global population it is that speaks English, and how well they can speak it, is someone who does not want to see the reality in front of their eyes.

I never really understood it myself.

I've got to call them.


Tell her I'll call back.


Jimmy and Nora are considering divorce.


I've been trying to live up to my father's expectations.

Scott learned French while living in Quebec.

It is easy to answer the question.

He is a good boy, and he is strong.

I might be able to convince Elisabeth to do that.

He has great influence in his country.

Where did you improve them?

I'll talk to them.

As far as I know, he won't come.

I apologize if I offended you.

No one of us can cut himself off from the body of the community to which he belongs.

Shuvra was a devout Christian who believed in miracles.

Get to work, Angus.

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I still need to mow the lawn.

It is a nice initiative.

Kayvan found the watch he'd lost.

No one pays attention to anything Tiefenthal says anymore.

I'm sure you can manage on your own.

Who made the decision?

How do I get to NHK?

Can I quote you on that?

This afternoon I feel very tired.


We would like a kitchen with plenty of storage area.

This is the very camera I've wanted for a long time.

I think Starbuck has calmed down.


This conversation is over. Bye.

Jinny tried to sneak into the movie theater.

Kim likes seafood.

I can't hear anything because of the noise.

We're plastered.

The school looks like a prison.

You must be new here.


I used to use Twitter, but then found it a bit boring, so I stopped using it.

He called out loudly, but nobody heard him.

Meg is the double of her mother.

I want to reserve a room.

Brenda and I are both wrong.

Men cry too.

He closed his mouth for a moment.

Christina was happy that everybody had enough to eat.

I have no idea where I left my keys.


This school has no heating.

Somebody must've followed us here.

Irfan had no idea where Thomas had graduated from high school.

Mandarin is spoken by more people than any other language.

Organic kiwi fruit. Feel free to help yourself.


Yesterday I met Marie.

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What did you eat?

What are you going to do next Sunday?

I'll go out after having dinner.

Let's get together again next year.

They were on duty by turns.


She stood waiting for me for a long time.

We know nothing.

We planted rice.

Kathleen was badly injured in a traffic accident.

She's not among the regular employees of this company.

We'll find the truth.

I've been practising my serve for weeks.

So fuckin' what.

I want to be with Gregory on his birthday.


I hope this isn't a mistake.

Where's your baggage?

I understand you were the last one to see Lenny.

What can we do for him?

Ken stopped talking and began to eat.


Teriann nearly died tonight.

This is a valid point of view.

You're supposed to be dead.


Can you use a lift?

I know it was him.

They caught me with my pants down.

Thierry uncorked a bottle of wine.

Did he really do that?


That's what Diana would've done.

Such a plan can hardly succeed.

What are you doing in Boston?

We tend to forget this fact.

Please tell Heidi to stop smoking.

Would you like me to get you something from the supermarket?

I'll never ask you for anything else.

It really doesn't affect you, does it?

Perry burst out crying.

There's been a lot of rain this summer.

Kee was just amazing.

He was named Horatio after his uncle.

I was zoned out because I was tired.

They were not permitted to cross into Canada.

Nate continued to live a simple life in Boston.


He thought me very tired.

I'll spend a very fun, stressful and exhausting Saturday evening!

Is this paper white?


I feel very strongly about it.

Gregor is from here.

I had to help with the housework.

Jarmo doesn't even know Frank.

There was a financial crisis in 2009.

The ocean was calm.

Do you play a musical instrument?


When it comes to snoring, no one can top Mr Snore.

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I wonder who the man over there may be.

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Wealth, as such, does not bring happiness.

Rie has erroneous ideas.

Fear and panic overwhelmed me.

In my opinion, this is a freshwater fish.

Joon put on rubber gloves.

Saumya saw three young boys looking at his car.

As long as I live, you shall want for nothing.

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Someone at work ate my lunch.

At a hilarious party, one frequently finds a wet blanket sitting next to the life of the party.

Could you please show me how it's done?

Get a room.

Jingbai handed Sumitro a book.

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We wanted to do more.

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The first mention of Bobruisk is dated 1387.


Jeannie trusted you.

The slugger was easily put out.

The paper was blotted with ink.


She got her nose pierced.

Pilot stabbed Noemi in the neck with his ballpoint pen.

I told my best friend.

I would like to sit in the non-smoking section.

He worked all the harder because his master praised him.

A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.

I don't like surprises.

She has a cold and is absent from school.

You should hand in your report to me Monday.

There are a lot of breweries in Bavaria.

I could tell that Neal wasn't happy.

It costs money to borrow money!

Wendy had nothing else to say to Bill.


Happily, everyone rescued from the sea are alive and well.


I thought Jason would be asleep by now.


Tell Roxane I still have his umbrella.


Ramesh isn't competent.


Let Marcel do that by himself.


We're going to have so much fun today.

I feel a sense of duty.

Tomas realized that Maria was miserable.


For the past 10 years, I've fed my dog dry dog food.

The outlook for planning the defense is grim.

He has read the book outside.

My family live in that house.

I'm sure I've seen it here somewhere.

When I told him that, he was very much embarrassed.

How many cities are there in the world?


It doesn't have to happen again.

I made the trip for nothing.

I'm very worried about my weight.

Please don't tell Antonella about this.

You ran back here.


I almost felt sorry for Jianyun.

Loukas is a business consultant.

I'm not even sure if that would help or not.