Let's offer it to him.

It's the law.


Give me some credit.


Elijah is always late for class.

Ah, snow!

You should stop doing that.

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The dashboard of this car is completely electronic.

Operator, I'm trying to get through to Boston.

Tomorrow I'm going to Shanghai.

I can call him.

You're wanted on the telephone.

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I can't believe I was so stupid.

Victor always seems to be working.

This isn't my umbrella. It's someone else's.

Raja and Pia kept their relationship hidden from their parents.

Due to the fog, traffic is temporarily suspended.

Myrick showed Huashi where to put the boxes.

Do you think I was too mean to Mariou?

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I washed the car.

Why is eating too much salt bad for you?

He became very elated at the news.

Is Pilar an American too?

The problems are inherent in this system.

This is a small tribute to all my teachers.

He gets angry at the slightest thing.


Mrs. Harris is very doubtful about her son's future.

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What time did Randolph tell you he was arriving?

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Get in the front seat.


You know that eventually everybody's going to know about this.

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I'd like to live in that house.

A meteorite can make a hole, or crater, in the ground when it hits it. The larger the meteorite, the bigger the hole.

When did you go to sleep?

Write down your name here.

George has been my best friend ever since I was a kid.

We'd like to help them prove it.

Did Vinod tell you what his plans are?


I have a dog which can run fast.

Greetings from Cornwall!

Their bags were checked by security guards at the gate.


I can tell by his accent that he is German.

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How are you doing?

Annie needs a raise.

They are trees that bear fruit, those who suffer from being hit with stones.


I read many foreign languages, but speak none.

I cannot inflate all these balloons.

She doesn't love me.


It seemed to work.


I think Naoto is selfish.

The hotel is full of foreigners.

I'd like to express my gratitude.

Half of the Japanese people lead stressful lives.

We don't get as many customers as we used to.


Where have we gone wrong?

Seldom do I forget my keys.

They call it "Gold-going Week".


The book is missing chapters 2, 5, and 13.


Imported cars are in strong demand.

He had to pawn his watch.

How can you be such an idiot?

He would never lie to me.

Spudboy and Sugih couldn't help looking at each other.


Do you want to go out for a drink?

Yamanaka looks young for his age.

Kee said no such thing.

He is raising tropical fishes.

Bob felt embarrassed when he was treated in front of some girls.

Gale didn't help wash the dishes.

Few girls can even speak to him.

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Shane was angry at Fred because she parked in his space.

Who is your best friend?

His money was all gone.

Why did you kiss her?

All of his later paintings were considered masterpiece.

We are free!

Have you told Saumya what time the meeting is?

This is so bad, it's good.

I'm glad you're safe.

That means a lot to me.

Thor is not always here.

Kristian told Loukas all about his childhood.

Why did it have to be Jeanette?

It's time for bed.

That's how he escaped being hurt in the accident.

I am far from happy.

Tal was afraid he'd be late.

There could be traffic.

Could you write that down, please?

It looks like you have bigger problems.

Enough for one day.

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What does he see?


Don't hate me for that.

I am proud of having accomplished such a task.

All righty.

We're not involved.

He went for the doctor.


Edward Everett did not agree with Lincoln.


He was advanced to a managerial post.

You've gotten used to having Kylo around, haven't you?

The birds are red.

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I've lost confidence in Sigurd.

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Samir parties too much.

Glynn told Alan about what happened.

I'm just trying to consider all possibilities.

Research on the causes of cancer is very expensive.

I parted with my old car, though I hated to do so.

Kerry was tried for murder.

He was not just a father to me.

Do your own work.

We can say that there's not a clear winner in terms of a policy to curtail medical expenses and benefits.


He hid his friend from the police.

Marco will be a centenarian next year.

He didn't need to bring an umbrella.


Why not just tell us?

I know exactly what you were going to do.

Look at the sleeping baby.

Finally I have contributed 10,000 sentences, in various languages, to Tatoeba.

I don't like square dancing.


I saw him beaten yesterday.

She quit school for health reasons.

Everybody knew Pandora was dying.

Theodore retired at the age of 65.

Sergio drank the whole bottle of wine all by himself.


As soon as she entered the room, I rose to my feet and made a deep bow.

Kathleen is now looking for a bigger house to live in.

I wasn't at my best today.


Julianto seems to be getting angry.

The traitor betrayed his country to the enemy.

Shutoku and Cindy were also there.

The group was silent.

There is evidence to the contrary.

Reid hadn't washed clothes in a long time, so he searched through his dirty clothes to see if there was something clean enough to wear.

My dog is always barking.

Ned does that extremely well.

Why haven't you gone to the police?

If you allow your dog to go free in the park, you will receive a fine.

I managed to escape.


Let's try to get along.


I was most grateful to Nick for his kindness.


That's the number one priority.


Please don't say anything.

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Saul finished far behind, in last place.

I know more than her.

He's a bank officer.

Joseph lives with his family.

An important function of policemen is to catch thieves.

Where did you deafen them?

Louis said, "I'll give you a book."

Do the glasses fit you well?

This is our fault.

What is literature?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

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She is now in a low frame of mind.

I had no idea you were so good at French.

She looks at me but I'm too shy to look at her.

Who gave you permission?

I haven't been there yet.

We just want to help Jennifer.

They speak English and French in Canada.


I used to fish for hours on holidays.

Eating habits differ from country to country.

That's just as bad.