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What is a Remote Recruitment Agency?

An innovative service based on a new recruitment model focused on finding you the best individual for the job, not limiting ourselves to any geographic area.

This individual essentially works directly under your management, communicating in real time and working by the same processes and core values as all your company’s local employees.


We deliver the world’s top talent.

Expand your development team without red tape relocation expenses, or additional overhead.

More Focused than an Outsourcing Service

Better Candidates than a Freelance Bidding Site

Faster, Less Expensive Solution than Local Recruiters


Working with DistantJob made everything about recruiting a highly technical employee easier and cost-effective. We had a candidate within a week, and a really streamlined onboarding process. DistantJob offers incredible value for boot-strapped companies looking for highly skilled developers. Their remote employees are seamlessly integrated with the rest of your team, faster than you’d think possible.

We needed 4 highly-skilled developers. I tried the usual online developer job sites and conventional recruitment agencies, reviewing some 30 – 40 applicants. I really couldn’t find proper candidates with the right technical qualifications and skills, nor the right company culture fit. During that same time I met Sharon from DistantJob. Initially I was skeptical about remote workers, but decided to give his remote solution a try. The end result was that, not only did we hire 3 full-time remote developers for the cost of one, but more importantly, they delivered a caliber of quality, skill and technical expertise, beyond even my best expectations, far exceeding even our local team members.

We used DistantJob to find Jesse, one of our top perl developers. He’s brought a really unique skill set to the team, something we weren’t able to find elsewhere, and thanks to Sharon we were able to find and recruit him. He’s been with us for almost 2 years now, and we are very fortunate to have him. He was a new hire for a new position we couldn’t otherwise have filled. DistantJob is great for helping you find technical folks especially when your local area doesn’t have the right pool of talent for the job.

No matter my recruiting needs and requirements, I know that Sharon and DistantJob will always provide quality people, effectively and quickly. I feel extremely confident and secure in choosing and relying on DistantJob to understand my needs and respond to all my remote recruitment requests with top-notch IT specialists — Carlos Triana, Commercial Director at ExPretio

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