His failure is not to be ascribed to want of diligence.

I sent an email to them.

Are you busy tomorrow morning?

Which do you like best, apples, oranges or grapes?

Please knock before entering.

What did he say to Svante?

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Yoko went shopping yesterday.


I'll see her next week.

The candidates thoroughly argued the point.

Juergen is very likely to be late.


There's something I think I should tell you.

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"Professor, what's happened?" - "Guys, my orange was trying to seize the world with his black... moustache!" - "You're crazy, right?" - "Right."

It's important to take good care of your teeth so you'll be able to eat properly when you get older.

Chocolate makes Monday a little bit bearable.

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We can definitely find a cab to take us to the station.

After six hours' climbing, we finally succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain.

I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy.

You eat too much junk food.

He actually hurt himself.

Farther on, we came upon a house.

On a bus or a train one must pay a fare.


They accredit him with the secret charity.


He used to come here for a talk on Sundays.

I guess we were happy back then.

You're not helping very much.

Have you spoken to your parents about this?

I somehow misplaced my glasses.

I lived in Sanda City last year.

He will get well very soon.

I'm glad you're here today.

That must be the city hall.


There is no doubt as to her innocence.

Sandra I like, but her children I can't stand.

This is the best ink.

I can't answer for his dishonesty.

Why doesn't she give me presents anymore?

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It wasn't my idea.


Her father is a middle-class English man.

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She gave me a look at her new car.


I left him in charge.

I presume this will meet with your approval.

You went out to eat, didn't you?

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We are short of money.

He bought a straw hat to protect himself from the sun.

We will eventually meet today.

Pete has denied using steroids.

It all comes down to a question of time.

Knudsen said he didn't want to go drinking with us.

You stole my hat.

I just thought you might want to eat something.

Rob looked confused.

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I want to get these things done as quickly as possible.

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"Has anybody phoned the police?" "I have."

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Stephen doesn't speak French at home.

Eduardo ate all of it.

What a small television set! Does it really work?

I never thought June would run away.

I still bear her name in mind.


Kikki is mentally handicapped.

I don't understand what's going on.

Bigger is not always better.


I get tired of hearing Horst talking about Tomas.

You should be talking to us.

We haven't been able to reach Rolfe yet.

I'm busy right now.

Nicolette was my roommate last year.

Heinrich didn't laugh.

Keith looked at Jerry and smiled.

What's your favorite Anime?

The woman promised to go on a diet, to stop smoking, and to do physical exercises.

She is in a very good mood.

The child was hot with fever.

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I was never in love with her.


I think that's what it is.

I wish I would've been more aware of what was going to happen.

Was there anybody else besides Sylvan?


I'm going to hide somewhere near here.

She is very biased against abstract painting.

Emily goes to school.

Can you wait until I make up my face?

Sorrel told us that he knew the risks.


Where did you first meet him?


Nobody can do this better than Duane.


I want to know all about you.

He set out his reasons clearly.

Pradeep waited thirty minutes.

He doled out the waffle batter with a large soup spoon.

His heart is sick.


Ask her to call me.

I told you to finish your homework.

I left my watch at home.

How many plates and cups are there?

Astronomy deals with the stars and planets.


God?! I won't let my life be ruled by a working hypothesis!

Reflections could be seen in the puddles.

It wasn't that difficult.

Gigi will make a good doctor.

She seems to take immense pleasure in playing with children.

No one wants to fight.

Arnold is a client.

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You have to let me go.

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No matter how I try, I can't forget that kiss.


They are homosexual.

I needed to eat.

Let's begin!


I wonder how I can distinguish a coldly smiling smiley from an honestly smiling one.

How serious are you?

Did you use my camera?

It's almost too late.

It seems like I'm the only one here who knows how to speak French.


We had a bad day.

He sang with his voice strained.

He can't do it.

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I'll go and ask Susumu.

You'll get half the money now, and the other half on completion of the job.

What's the difference between a violin and a piano? A piano burns longer.

I'd like a word with you if I may.

Irwin does nothing but watch TV all day.

I never drink at home.

Okay. Drive safely.


Passengers became nervous when the plane began to vibrate.

Monica told me he thought this was a good idea.

No one voted for you.

It is essentially a question of time.

I'll be back tonight.

It can't possibly work.

It is necessary for you to stop smoking.

For a moment he stood motionless, as if turned to stone.

What a happy surprise!

It's so cute.

Did you buy a nice bicycle?


The dog snapped up the meat.

Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.

Aren't you going to ask?


Cities are more densely populated than rural areas.

Brandon is very handsome, isn't he?

Methadone is commonly prescribed as a pain killer.

I want to remind you that you have 2:30 appointment.

You're not my girlfriend.

And why is that topic of interest?

Over seven years ago, the United States pursued al Qaeda and the Taliban with broad international support. We did not go by choice, we went because of necessity.

A single room with bath, please.

I put away the report card in the drawer for fear that Mother should see it.


When will you leave for Tokyo?

Should we force it upon you?

If you don't put on hand cream, your hands will get dry.


He had a strange dream.

I need you to tell me what's going on.

At any rate, it's all the same to me.

I dedicate this book to my daughter.

I usually walk.

You weren't kidding.

Nobody had the courage to say it to him.

I'm pretty sure Po's happy.

Damone is standing in the corner.

My cake fell while it was baking.

He is nearly 40.

She cries continously.

Last month, they had to lay off several hundred employees in the factory.

He's such a whiner - he's still ranting about how his job is too difficult and how his wife is mean to him.

I got promoted.


Is Boyce still mad at me?