Rainer pointed to his chest.

A lot of policemen guarded the hall.

He is not a man to tell a lie.

Doesn't anyone care?

I'd like to have some more mashed potatoes.

Charlie's father advised him to become a teacher.

He shouts a lot.

The countryside is beautiful in the spring.

Would you lend me your pencil?

There was a traffic accident in front of the house yesterday.

Do you have time tomorrow?

Vicky had a lot of friends and was very talented.


Mr Fujimori is famous all over the world.


I took two cups of coffee.

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Samuel and Juliet arrived at 2:30.

Overpopulation is the problem.

Why not just say no to her?


It has been five years, I still remember it.

I don't really know Tanya.

I saw Jim and Jared taking a walk hand in hand in the park.

Let me cook something for you.

I hate this apartment.

I played soccer yesterday.

I don't know if it is true.

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Does he want to look at it?

Ski jumping is a sport in which skiers go down a ramp, jump and try to land as far as possible.

I was ready for her.

Mother is busy cooking and washing all day long.

The wholesalers might try to back out of the deal.

You're going to be in trouble and it's my fault.

I love her, but she loves someone else.

Here's a list of everything you need to do.

It's about time you told Alexander anyway.

He put up the notice on the suggestion board with a pin.

You should try reading the articles and not just the headlines.

They are my brothers.

I can't speak another language.

Have you made up your mind to become a teacher?

Donn always wanted to be a teacher.

I wish summer break would hurry up and get here.

Something is wrong with my typewriter.

I have a test tomorrow.

This isn't drinking water.

Louiqa said he saw that movie with Carol.

Tell me who else knows about this.

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There is a slight chill on the party.

I don't know what to do with that guy. No matter how mad I get at him he just takes it in stride and pays no attention.

Have you ever mended your carpets?

Kristian wished he hadn't eaten so much pie.

Why don't you give your seat to that old gentleman?

My mother is outdoors.

I was a stranger.

Four armed men held up the bank and escaped with $4 million.

His friends traveled to the town with me.


I can take care of myself. I'm not stupid.


It's very hard to get rid of bad habits.


I put my fate in your beautiful hands.


The dentist told me to open my mouth.

We don't even know what these are.

That was a month ago.


"Oh, I'm tired of always being a Marionette!" cried Pinocchio disgustedly. "It's about time for me to grow into a man as everyone else does."

She was born at six a.m. on July 17, 1990.

We've got to get them to bed.

I want to live as long as I can stay in good health.

I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. King.


You were really cute when you were a kid.

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I met a friend of mine at the airport.

All were silent.

Olivier tore the letter to pieces.

Tell them why.

Uri certainly seems happy.

Did you know Nguyen was in there?

No other contestant has obtained such a remarkable achievement.


Metin complimented Shyam on how nice she looked.

Bertrand didn't say what time he'd be home.

Revelation cannot be applied to the relating of facts by the persons who saw them done, nor to the relating or recording of any discourse or conversation by those who heard it.


This is a private meeting.

I can't put up with his insults any longer.

My dad doesn't let me go to the cinema alone.

She went out without even asking me to have a seat.

Gilles is working on a new plan.

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I feel that Tatoeba has become a very warm and cozy place for us language lovers; especially for all those of us who can grasp and learn languages relatively easily and quickly.

It was very special.

I often play volleyball.

Problems don't usually go away by themselves.

Those was thirteen when he died.

Do you really think you can do that?

This is a robbery!

Don't forget us.

That sounds fishy to me.

That's not for me to decide.

Maria used this table.

I took my degree in biology.

Mr. Oh came to Japan to study Japanese.

I can only gape at such perfection.

He knows how to clean his rifle.

It won't be that hard.

Where will you stay?

Gretchen looked relaxed and rested.

Miles realized Rajendra was deliberately avoiding him.

This is not a joke.

A lonely man is lonely because he is afraid of others.

I'm on holiday for four weeks.

Allen was the talk of the town.

I was watching TV when Yumi came.

Ann was at the bottom of the class. Now she's at the top.

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It's actually not that difficult.

This road connects the two cities.

I lied.


Heavy smoking impaired his health.

The coffee shop is haunted by aspiring artists.

He referred to your illness.

I had stuff to do.

Can I say something?


We're not likely to use this anymore.

It is an ancient, popular and traditional festival.

I think we'll have to help him.

He's not breaking the law.

This book is really old!


What kind of person am I?

I must find her.

I don't doubt you.

He dreaded having to spend Christmas in the hospital.

Jeannie must've told us the truth.

Sri slammed her purse on the table.

Renu put some sugar and milk in his tea.

As is often the case, the boy ran away from home.

Who's that lame boy?


Charlie lived in a convent for a few months.

Here's a tomato, that grew while listening to Mozart.

He won first prize as a result of his great effort.

I hate insincere organisations like UN and the European Parliament.

Giovanni didn't know who it was.

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That's an incredible story.

A lot of snow fell on the Kanto region last week.

What happened here yesterday?

No one had slept on that bed.

Who allowed her in?


I will be glad, if I can be of any service to you.

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The Antilles Sea is often stirred up by hurricanes.

What have these poor people done that they must be punished in this way?

This is well good.

I cannot dance with Taninna. I'm too shy.

You need some more practice.

The institution of marriage appears to be on the decline.

So what is it going to be?

I'd like to return this.

What advances have there been in preventing and treating anthrax infection?

What do you think they'll do this afternoon?

Where can I put these boxes?

Let's hope you haven't made a mistake.

He was sentenced to death by firing squad.


I'm so sorry about this.

One should take care of oneself.

The magazines were sold out.

I don't even know how to dance.

She got kicked by a horse.

I don't recycle them.

Do you want to go somewhere? Daren's coming, too.

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I hope that John will come.

How fast she swims!

Are you free right now?

His words were heartfelt.

I tried to keep my teacher at a distance.

I will grow many trees here.

The day when we will arrive falls on Sunday.

All the police cars were equipped with bulletproof glass.

The gray sweater I like more than the purple.

Kamel was knighted by Queen Jacob.

Stop meddling.

He waits on an old lady.

For the first time in my life, I felt a pang of conscience, but there was no other way out.

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I'll let you know when I've decided what to do.