I took it for granted that you would attend the meeting.


There's no point in dwelling on details.

Blood is thicker than water.

I was wondering if you were going to show up today.

Plastic kills countless seabirds and sea turtles each year.

We can't just let her leave.

The room was bathed in sunshine.

You'll be late for work.

Tell me what you want. Do you want me to pass or you want to save fuel, like a duck?

They won that game.

This is the last time I'll ask you to do anything.

Water is indispensable to plants.

When Gary was spoken to by a stranger, she was at a loss for words.

You must stay here.


You owe him the truth.


It may seem like an awful lot of money, but it'll be money well spent.

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I hope they all have fun.

I have a stuffed-up nose.

This is a sign.

It will not be long before the cherry blossoms on our campus come out.

I know you're not like Marion.

Life is often compared to a journey.

How does the painter get that effect?

They knocked the box to pieces.

Harnessing the power of the tides could be very helpful to coastal communities.


I lost my ticket. What should I do?

The Earth orbits around the Sun. It takes one year to go around the Sun one complete time.

He could be found at 6 o'clock every morning in the barn, milking the cows.

There is still half an hour for the train to start.

Prohibition is hereby officially prohibited.

The soldiers left for the front.

After the earthquake, people stared into the deep hole in the ground in surprise.

The cat lay hidden in the bushes.

Did Granville kiss you?

Don't cut in when others are talking.

I can reach higher with my voice than you with your feet.

I am talking to my sister.

I talked him out of the idea.


Leon wasn't at school yesterday, was he?


What's up with that?


I think it's natural.

Narendra can help you as well.

Harmon has already convinced me not to leave.


Lincoln died in 1865.


He threw me to the dogs, the wretch!

If there were no books, life would no doubt be very dull.

They hit the target.

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He was scared green.


The level of the lake dropped.

He taunted me, but I didn't take the bait.

He has big influence to fix the plan which the committee executes.

Did I ever tell you about Gideon?

We need stricter gun laws.

Many languages borrow from English words.

I've finally got some vacation coming as of the end of this week.

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Now, tell me something about yourself.

I have the tickets.

Ofer is following us.

Many restaurants are closed today.

Isn't it true?


Are you currently using any medication?


Does their father work for the canton?

I'm hoping that Carsten never does that again.

I read a lot in my diary yesterday.

I think Jennie is adventurous.

Act like a man!

Dinner is usually not ready until six o'clock.

Dorothy and her friends continued their journey heading for Emerald city.

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Raymond certainly understands that we all need to attend today's meeting.

They did a good deed in helping refugees.

Whose house is across from yours?

That incident put his courage to the test.

Miek dove into the swimming pool.

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It's THAT good?!

I suggest you get back in there and do your job.

He is blinded by love.


She set him to chopping wood.


She collected stamps.

I can't take it any more.

We can get over the problem without difficulty.

Something like pus comes out when I pass urine.

You're a very bad person.

I love games.

I may owe you an apology.

I get drunk at least once a month.

The typhoon struck the city, causing great damage.

Did you ask after her? What did she say?

That galloping inflation has been lasting for three years now. People are frustrated and angry.

That's fine.

This page contains technical information that might be useful when you're trying to solve a problem.

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They will go there with me.


It wasn't worth as much as they were charging for it.

They delayed buying a new car.

I had retinal detachment five years ago.

Maybe I can reason with him.

Our city has one third as many people as Tokyo.


Ahmed's savings will soon run out.

It sounds good to me.

He injured himself playing rugby.

I'm sorry, we're all out of manti.

Push this button in case of fire!

Trey sat next to Nadeem in class.

They had no idea what needed to be done.

Linder told me to stay here.

We somehow managed to swim across the river.


The tragedy of love is indifference.

Are you an elitist?

They should pay me for doing this.

Tax and gratuity aren't included.

You'll want to look your best tomorrow.

It's done.

Do you know whether or not Jack likes cream in his coffee?

Boyce swims well.

She took care of his wound.

She told her troubles to him.

I don't like silence.


Don't try to keep her to yourself.


I am about to take my last voyage, a great leap in the dark.


I can't smile without you.

We're flirting with disaster.

Before exiting through the door, the man had whispered a word which no one managed to understand.

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I'd better say goodbye.

French isn't a difficult language.

Ramanan doesn't have to pay me anything.

Hugh talked about killing his father.

I've enjoyed myself here.

There's something else you need to do before you go home.

We'll never get across the river without a boat.


He gave me 10,000 yen.

The river was muddy after the heavy rain.

I hope to marry her.

Teriann deserved everything he got.

I hope that you will continue to favor us with your support.

Their only son has been dead for three years.

"I don't understand that at all," said little Gerda.

It'll be difficult to convince Anna to help us clean the garage.

The teacher was really upset and threw Johnny out of class.

I think this isn't going to be enough.

We walked for about 6 kilometers.

Here is note from him. He must have come here.

Measure the length of the stick with a ruler.

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Medicine is a treatment for illness.


I've hired a private tutor to help me practice my German conversation.

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May you have a lovely day.

Rafael is a ski bum.

I gave Ginny no choice.

There will be additional students to my class sooner or later.

Olof often wears tie-dyed T-shirts.


It will be frightening.


Paul jumped everywhere, delighted to have won.


Susie wasn't very feminine.

You heard what your father said.

I can call Granville.


I wanted Kirsten to try harder.


Jack is obsessed with animals, and especially squirrels.

She is getting better by slow degrees.

I truly value my friends and will never have "enough" or too many.


I don't anticipate a problem.

Did you know her well?

Up to last week, I hadn't received a reply.

You're free.

I don't understand why people idolize criminals.