You could say the team lost because of their bad services.

I assumed Kolkka had paid the bill.

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Five pitchers are to take the mound in rotation.

You don't have to stay to the end.

Both kangaroos and opossums are marsupial animals.


Has Dick been here long?


Give him an inch and he will take a yard.

"I want to buy things," the boy said.

Byron isn't afraid of death.


Please turn off your cellphone.


I want us all under one roof again.

Eat your broccoli or you won't get any dessert!

I wish you'd called first.

I am so lonely I think I'm going to cry.

Walt has origins from Poland.

Your Honor, while this case is marked for trial, in fact, the defendant would like to accept a plea.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

My father objected to our marriage.

Let's sit somewhere else.

Alexander wants to kill himself.

Edmund lacks experience, doesn't he?


I suspect it was Joachim who broke the window.

Can you make him smile?

Where is your new tablecloth?

You'd better run.

Miek isn't very good at sports.


Jack decided to cancel the reservations.

I don't believe the two of you.

He made many grammatical mistakes in his composition.

He had fun with it.

I am delighted to have met you today.

I knew they would suspect her.

Ufa was built on the orders of Ivan IV (more commonly known as Ivan the Terrible) in 1547.


Who designed the sets for the play?

Give her another chance.

Is there any possible to recharge our mobile free of cost?

We're freezing.

Orville answered all the questions on the list.


We foresaw the war.

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There's not much more to add.

We can record the past and present.

I like dogs best of all animals.

There's a moat around the castle.

They extended a rope from tree to tree.

I'd suggest you buy it.

Are you going to wait?

Don't hurt anybody.

He got a T.R.O.

The goods were advertised on TV.

There's not a lot of time left until the meeting starts. Let's go inside and have a look at who's there.

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Harmon loves skiing.


I hear that you are going to the United States.

Can you get them?

The state is going to reform its drug policies.

Rolfe needed training.

She likes being looked at by boys.

Who picked you for this job?

I think he could be the one who took the stolen money.


I saw Suyog talking with Aimee in front of the library.

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Pratapwant doesn't need to bring a lunch. I'll make something for him to eat.


How does Kate fit into this?


Jack will wait for it.

Minors can't come in here.

Larry was expelled from the Senate.

We can fix anything.

At present they're living in Campinas.

Harris puts milk in his coffee.

I have a reservation.

It depends on the person, but using "sir" for women (a title of honour for men) is very rude.

I have already told her.

A boy having sold a cow at the fair at Hereford, was way-laid by a highwayman, who at a convenient place demanded the money; on this the boy took to his heels and ran away but being overtaken by the highwayman, who dismounted, he pulled the money out of his pocket and strewed it about, and while the highwayman was picking it up, the boy jumped upon the horse and rode home.

I study Esperanto.

I must have a car.

Betty's Esperanto is really great.

That'd be the last thing I want to do.

Vaccinations help prevent childhood diseases.


What is inside the box?

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That was my goal.


I should've gone camping with you guys last weekend.

You're nothing but a coward.

I don't know all their names.

My watch needs to be fixed.

He resigned from the post.

They usually say that women live longer than men.

I'll save it.

Shit is happening.

I stopped it.


His house could be seen from the top of the hill.


I hope Andy wasn't offended.


Murray's trapped.

I can get you in.

I don't see any way of doing that.


I've got to get to him.


Teriann thinks about Jacques all the time.


People always complain about the weather.

Would it make you happy to live the life that you're now living for all eternity?

I'm not really your friend. I was just pretending.


We were trying to protect Allan.

I read this news yesterday and it seemed so impossible to me.

It took only a 1000 yen to convince him.

Away up in the fourth-story of his grand house, where his wife never goes, St. Nicholas has a little workshop, and there he sits whenever he gets a chance, making the most wonderful dolls, and gorgeous soldiers, and miraculous jumping-jacks, and tin horns.

We're here to see Krzysztof.

I've heard of you.

She hasn't got glasses.

She is the cutest girl.

Remember the days of the old schoolyards.

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Bea stared out the passenger window.

Luis has my support.

I'm so glad Knute won the race.

What kind of logic is this: if it is not yours, it must be mine?

I have a book to finish.

We wandered aimlessly around the shopping district.

I know that it is highly unlikely that you'd ever want to go out with me, but I still need to ask at least once.

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That's exactly what's happening now.


Burma is called "Myanmar" in Burmese.

It ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

I miss him.

I'll take him to dinner.

The Canadian health care system is paid for by tax revenue.


The press has been hounding the president nonstop about reneging on his promise not to raise taxes.

I tried to find them.

It occurred to me that he must have lost the money.

Pantelis has confessed.

Judge gave Murray a book.

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I think Tareq is absent-minded.

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It was just bad timing.

If we have money problems we can always dip into our savings.

There were plenty of other people there.

I don't know whether he's a college student or not.

Seen from the moon, the earth looks like a ball.

He saw brightly-colored birds, flowers and leaves.

A square is a shape with four sides of equal length and ninety degree corners.


Food is food.

My strong point is my philosophy - nothing ventured nothing gained.

My father and my older brother work in this factory.

Look at your clothes!

We have had difficulty reaching you by phone.

Let's take a closer look at it.

There are so many interesting things going on.


He did it at his leisure.

Akira is a good tennis player.

It's going to get rough.

I have a life.

Kirsten is the lead singer.


We believe Joni.

I feel her pain.

The World Football Championship will take place in Kazan.


I have something to say to you.

I don't know if it's important or not.

I'm afraid I have to go now.


Joel majored in psychology.


I was amazed at his abrupt resignation.

I can't wait to tell you.

I didn't ask you to do this.

All guests have gone.

A fish out of water.


It is generally assumed that fundamental constants such as c have the same value throughout spacetime, meaning that they do not depend on location and do not vary with time.

Rajendra is truthful.

We finally got rid of our old car.

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It's all they talk about.